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NAACP embarks on pilgrimage to Raleigh

READ MORE: NAACP embarks on pilgrimage to Raleigh
Members of the North Carolina National Association for the Advancement of Colored People are embarking on a pilgrimage to the State Capitol. A group left today from Wilmington. The group is heading to the Legislative Building in Raleigh, to stand up against racism, poverty and the war. “This means an opportunity for us to have a pilgrimage to Raleigh to say we're coming, we're coming and we're coming,” said Mazie Butler, NAACP State Religious Affairs Chair. Members and supporters of the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People marched down 4th Street towards city hall, and will eventually end up in Raleigh. “This is worthwhile. We should never forget this,” said supporter Milton Branch. The walk is an effort to bring awareness to the scars left over from Wilmington’s 1898 race riot, as well as talk about the importance of social equality in schools, politics, and employment. “I think anytime that you have an opportunity to get out and have a public face to some of these important issues - it's a way to get awareness and conversations started among people,” said Anna Lee. Harold Beatty, President of the New Hanover County’s chapter of the NAACP said, “Once we leave Wilmington, we're going to be marching right up the coast and spreading the word.” The pilgrimage to Raleigh started in both Wilmington and Winston-Salem. Members and supporters will stop in towns along the way spreading their message. They will arrive in front of the State Legislative Building next Thursday. Tonight at 7:00 p.m. the State NAACP President, William Barber, will be speaking at First Baptist Church located off 5th and Campbell Street in Wilmington. The next stop of the pilgrimage is tomorrow morning, at the courthouse in Burgaw. The pilgrimage coincides with the state NAACP's 65th anniversary.

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Naacp and Milton and Barbara Branch

The riot of 1898 resulted in my grandfather walking from Wilmington to Hopewell Virginia. He became a successfull Building Contractor in Richmond Virginia and had nine daughters, all graduated High School one became a lawyer, two became college professors, one a public school teacher, one a nurse, the remainder raised families.. Now the NAACP would not support my grandfather in Richmond, VA. nor would they support an uncle who had a business of over 100 trucks. He in Raleigh when I filed a suit against the racist school system, the NAACP lied to me to get a copy of my complaints and facts to give to the school system that I was suing. This was done by local president Rev. H. B. Pickett. Milton Branch and Barbara Branch are scamming,conning,milking or just plain robbing the NAACP and other organizations out of their money. They are really two frauds as one. The IRS will investigate soon and that will be over, in the meantime dont get involved with getting fund raiser money into your pocket. They had supported Thomas Wright who is in Jail and we all know what an uncle tom he was.

NAACP's 65th anniversary

“This means an opportunity for us to have a pilgrimage to Raleigh to say we're coming, we're coming and we're coming,” Well, it's about time you got here on your 65th anniversary. 1898 riot. I don't feel personally responsible for your economic, or social problems. Maybe you should try to influence young people to be productive citizens that can hold a job, and not be a burden to society. 1898, living in the past is not an excuse to be productive now. Your time could be better spent. 65th anniversary, you have become irrelevant.


Ya'll need to GET OVER the past and stop dwelling on it. Makes you look bad in a lot of peoples eyes. Blacks are not the only people to have had a bad past. Dont see others constantly bringing it up.

For Goodness Sake

1898 was 110 years ago. There is no raelistic relevance to those long ago issues today. No one living today initiated those actions. Many living today are benefiting from those actions through all of the "entitlement" and welfare programs in today's society which gives so many a free ride. Perhaps the time could be better spent in the projects helping the new Housing Authority Director battle the crime which is so rampant. Would it be relevant, today, for those of Jewish extract to march on the German embassy? Perhaps those who lost ancestors in WWII Japaness Prisoner of War camps should consider a march on the Japanese embassy. Hasn't today's society been flogged long enough over something which occurred in 1898? Why not move into the 21st Century and fight some of today's social battles such as the war on crime in the Projects? Here's another; why not spend the time in our public schools with the youth of today who can not seem to focus on the opportunity they have before them to receive a first rate education? Why not fight the battle against juvenile pregnancy so we can one day look forward to the end of the need for the projects as each of the affected youths has the opportunity of building a productive future rather than being a teen age parent? Why not march to force "absentee" fathers to step up to the plate and accept the responsibilities of parenthood? If nothing else, why not work with today's youth on keeping their trousers up so society does not have to view their underwear clad behinds as they walk down the street? There are so many current issues which need attention; how about coming in from the past and focus on the problems of today.

RE: For Goodness Sake

You wrote: 1898 was 110 years ago. There is no raelistic relevance to those long ago issues today. No one living today initiated those actions. Many living today are benefiting from those actions through all of the "entitlement" and welfare programs in today's society which gives so many a free ride. You are absolutely right. Many are living from the benefits of atrocities of the past. The benefits afforded to them from sweat and tears of others. A free ride through the welfare system is certainly different from a free ride into wealth inherited and passed down from one generation to another. The very wealth or freedom that afforded a different set of opportunities. They vast in the entitlement of something as innocent as education that was always available to some; fought to have by others. Please don't speak of entitlements received as a result of the past. I certainly agree with you that this organization can do more for their community outside of a march for issues that still exist today. Examples would be to address the issues of kids failing in public schools, the increasing gang wars and crime are just a few. How about the recurring stories of prisoners being found innocent by DNA testing of crimes they didn't committ after serving 25 years. There have been dozens of cases this year. How about the folks that play by the rules and work hard every day of their lives, but are still subjected to different rules, interest rates and denials when they try to obtain a loan. The organization does have alot of flaws, one being their list of priorites. The priority of issues that still exist 110 years later. There are some exceptions to the "free ride" system you plug in every comment. Unfortunately, those of us beyond the "free ride" system still pay a huge cost for the simple things in life. Trust me - its still here.

and your point is?

What is still here? Why trust you? Be specific when you state something still exists. They could march on "absentee" fathers who do not meet their financial or moral obligations. They could march to households where children are given access to guns which they bring to school loaded. They could lead the fight on unwed teenage mothers. That would be a fight to prevent the pregnancy in the first place; not a fight to ensure they get a gravy train ride and perhaps have other illegitimate children who are reared in an environment which perpetuates a new generation. They could march in the Projects and confront the gang leaders and drug dealers. Help the city Police and the Housing Authority Director bring real positive changes to the community. Live in the past and you only perpetuate the images of old. Perhaps the marches give a "warm glowing" feeling. Let's focus on the past and not the present and future. You can not fail focusing on the past. Those issues have been resolved. Focus on the Present. March in the Projects; Take back the streets and schools. Then you have something commendable which might serve as a rallying point for others in the community.


It never ceases to amaze me how the NAACP can turn anything into an issue of race. The race riots have as much weight on current issues as does the Civil War and Reparations for slavery! The 'park/memorial' that was built near the on ramp to the Isabelle Holmes Bridge is an EYESORE! Everyday I pass it and think there could have been a better use of money!!!!




The NAACP has lived up to be just like the racist organizations that they were sworn to oppose. Now, they are the liars and bigots. Dr. King is probably rolling over in his grave. Pathetic

Me too!

Let me know when I can take a week off of work to walk for Autism. And Battered Women. And the Holocaust victims. And the American Indians that we slaughtered and ran off of their land. While I acknowledge that there are still racial tensions, this march does nothing to alleviate those tensions or to cause people with "racial" issues to "face" anything. Basically, it just annoys everyone.

RE: Me too:

So, the Holocaust victims and the American Indians have been the only victims of underserving sufferage. While I agree a march in the streets may not be the best course of action, but what planet are you from?

Mamas view

you took that entire remark out of context. Not one time was anything said about that group of people mentioned being the only ones who suffered. They were adding to the list. Why are you filled with such anger and despise? It's pretty telling with your responses on here.

RE: Mama's View

Sure, you say what you want and mean what you say, then a comment follows and all of a sudden you were taken out of context. Are you a politician? If I took your comment out of context, then exactly what was the relevance of the sufferings of American Indians or the Holocaust victims to this story. Why am I bitter? FYI, I'm far from bitter. Actually, I thought after reading your post that you must be bitter. What does bother me is the implication everytime there's a story in regards to the NAACP and many other issues, the response is always the same. They're taking hand outs, they will not work, they munch off of taxpayers, they should forget about the past, etc. The discussion of the past and moments in history are always welcome with this exception. By the way, I'm speaking as a law abiding citizen and a taxpayer. I guess in your eyes - I'm one of the few.

Race Riot

Exactly what scars are left over and effecting the people of Wilmington from a riot that happened 110 years ago?? In my opinion this takes away from the worthy issues of social equality in schools, politics, and employment that should be addressed.

NAACP March on Raleigh

What is the purpose of this gathering?

If you want to stand up against poverty...

...perhaps you should be at work instead of wandering around the streets? Paychecks aren't as big as those nifty signs, but they will accomplish a lot more for you.

This one, I'm with you on

Perhaps it would be more productive to pay attention and to put in action what Bill Cosby has been lecturing........


see common they are at work. You can bet they are out carrying signs in hope of a payback for the emotional and physical scars they have to live with on a daily basis. I wonder how many of them in that group doing all that walking is getting a free ride from the taxpayers claiming they got a bad back and can't work?