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NAACP explains its absence at school forum


The Pender County chapter of the NAACP was noticeably absent at last night's school open forum. It was the first public platform for the group to voice its concerns about unfair hiring practices in the school system. Chapter leader Rachel Stephens, told WWAY that the group didn't need to express its concerns because the school board already know about the alleged problem.

This all stems from a January 21 allegation the NAACP made, questioning the school district's hiring practices. The civil rights group alleges minorities are not well-represented on the staff, nor are they hired as often.

In its charge against the school system, the NAACP alleges nepotism played a factor in hiring an assistant principal who was not qualified.

"We decided it was in our best interest not to be there," Rachel Stevens said, as to why the group wasn't represented.

School staff discussed hiring practices during the informational portion of the meeting. Board chair, Tom Roper, reacted last night to the allegations. He said that the school board's hiring practices are solid. Roper also said Pender County Schools have been co-operative with the group while its complaint is investigated, including providing financial documents and a racial break-down of its staff.

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I say, "If you can't walk the walk then don't talk the talk"!!!


So as long as blacks that are not qualified are hired it is ok with them but if it is a white person it suddenly is racist? Funny how they want it their way only their way. But when people stand up to the racist naacp change can happen.

MSNBC New Haven Firefighters

It seems the "Open Forum" scared them

All they've gotta do is make an allegation to get the attention they desire.

"We decided it was in our best interest not to be there," Oh yeah, I'm sure it was.

I would bet that they were afraid of the tough questions they may have had to answer that would have exposed THEIR OWN racism. When you turn the light on, rats and roaches run for darkness.


The NAACP is a group of individuals who most often stir controversy with very little facts to substantiate their claims. They have lost a lot of credibility over the years.Here in New Hanover County , we have Nick Rhodes. He would be a great candidate for a local chapter President.He has my endorsement and is more than qualified to stir controversy . Tom Roper appears to be a very competent individual and Pender County is lucky to have this man.

Their absence

not surprising. An opportunity to publicly present concerns; they chose not to. Ever wonder why?

If 95% of applicants are Caucasian and 5% are African American; and 95% of the hirees are Caucasian and 5% are African American, how is that a racial issue.

More the law of averages and statistics is it not?

In a tight budget year, apparently it is far better to divert resources to responding to these types of allegations rather than allocating the resources to education.


Because.. The NAACP is a RACIST organization....
Instead of fighting for EQUAL rights and EQUAL liberties of ALL people.. They are still under the impression that everyone owes their race something...
I say their, because they do NOT represent me as an African Amreican male.
ALL people should be treated equal.. NOT just certain groups... The attitude of the NAACP could easily be compared to the people who held my distant relatives in slavery.. It is all bias and all racist and I hope one day we see the end of such an entity, who cannot or is unable to fucus on the rights of ALL, instead of just one color.


Amen and THANK YOU for the truth.