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NAACP files complaint over Wake schools policy


RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - The North Carolina NAACP has filed a federal civil rights complaint over changes to the diversity policy in the state's largest school system.

Leaders of the group, along with other nonprofit groups, say the step is needed to prevent Wake County schools from returning to segregation.

The complaint was filed Friday with the federal Department of Education. Leaders of the coalition backing the complaint announced their decision at a Saturday news conference.

A majority of school board members voted this year to end a policy aimed at achieving socio-economic balance in county schools.

The board members say there are other ways to achieve diversity rather than busing.

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Hopefully, other schools

Hopefully, other schools will do the same. Busing to achieve racial balance, as it was called, was the first step in the downfall of the public school system.

so rather than hold parents

so rather than hold parents accountable for their own childern. instead of bringing up the lower scoring kids, lets put the higher scoring kids in the same bad places with the same bad kids and let them drop!! that way it appears that nobody is responsible for the bad kids and make everyone more equal? when is the school system going to learn they are not the parent and make the parents be responsible? hasnt the number of private and charter schools grown like crazy over the last 10 yrs? because the parent who care the most in their childs well being are doing all they can to get away from public schools. now i know not everyone can afford private. i know MANY parents who at their own personal sacrafice do everything to give their kids a better chance to succeed. second jobs, less travel, etc. its not the government of anyone elses job. its ours as the adult, the parent to teach our kids the rights and wrongs. 30-40yrs ago the NAACP was nessisary. not now!! they do way more harm than good.


so the majority of voting parents elected school board members who supported an end to busing students from schools near their homes to schools in the inner city.

In doing so, they also eased some of the financial strain placed upon the school system in a tightening economy.

So what happens? Bring out the race card.

Let's have the county spend thousands of dollars in legal fees which would be much better used in actually educating children.

I guess sooner or later, everyone wants to put a dog in the fight.

Reverse Racism

Is it not reverse racism to have to bus kids from far away just to have a certain percentage of minorities and whites? Why should my white kid have to pass by another school just because the one she the school she passes has too many white kids and not enough minorities? Why should I have to pay taxes for a school bus to go way out of its way to bus children to schools that are farther than other schools.

Things such as these are why I was forced to enroll my child into a private school, which is 93% white... So, in essence, ridiculous laws to try and keep children non segregated are causing more segregation.

Reverse racism and sideways logic

We pay taxes for school buses in the vain attempt to ease the burden of all the parents clogging the roadways in front of the schools. After all, what's the difference between spending money for school buses or a crowd of temporary classroom trailers?