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NAACP holds symposium on Race Riot

NC NAACP President Rev. Barber spoke to a filled ballroom about not only asking for recognition of what he calls terrorists riots, but legal response as well. The NAACP supports reparations for descendants of those affected by the riots. A group including scholars, lawyers, historians and others discussed the issue. Barber says you can't get the present right if you're still dealing with wrong-doing's of the past. Rev. Barber said, "Anytime three to five percent of a population were killed or thrown in the river and a political coup d'état based on race and white supremacy, that was horrific and we have to deal with it." Barber told the group he won't be satisfied until there is reparation and repair. Members of the 1898 Wilmington Race Riot Commission have offered recommendations of how to deal with the events of 1898, including reparations. Barber says he and others will continue to bring those to the attention of lawmakers.

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While on the one han

While on the one hand the book overtly works to present us with a technically flawless plan for the organisation of society, on the other, it seems simultaneously to strive to make us aware of certain dubious features of that plan, which cannot help but limit reader enthusiasm in the approach to the whole.

They ate well

They ate well, they never considered your lives. They do NOT care about you. White people can. They have sworn to do so. They have taken care of your elephants have they not? They love you. you can learn to trust again.

Reparations are you serious?

The previous comment is correct there are so much more pressing issues that need to be addressed for African-Americans. Young black kids are getting murdered on an almost weekly basis and this is what the NAACP focuses on? I'm sorry about the reparations if you can't bounce back from something terrible that happened to your gandfather's father, then a getting a reparation check is the least of your problems. My great grandfather was a drunk does Jim Beam owe me money?

Play that race card

I think the majority of people white and Black are tired of hearing the NAACP and sharpton and jackson playing the race card...get over one alive was a slave, no one alive was in this riot....quit your pity party

Why not concentrate on

Why not concentrate on today's violence of young African-American kids killing each other and stop worrying about the past?????? Do something about that!!!!!!!!!

OK folks, it's 2007, and we

OK folks, it's 2007, and we ( I am black ) are bringing up something from 1898? What!? Are we that in need to make a stand to do SOMETHING? There are OTHER issues out that we as a PEOPLE need to address. I honestly think that the NAACP has served its purpose and needs to just be dissovled. 1898 makes NO SENCE to bring back up. You guys are making me drink again.


"Barber says you can't get the present right if you're still dealing with wrong-doing's of the past." Sounds like a good enough explanation of what was going on to me. But a black man like YOU* would not even come close to understanding that, would you?

They're just following the example of our leaders

Just this past week the House Foreign Affairs Committee approved a resolution condemning Turkey for slaughtering Armenians between 1915 and 1923. Of course, it's election year, so no one in Congress will dare touch REAL issues, like Social Security's looming insolvency, or Medicare going bankrupt even sooner, but do they have to intentionally anger a Middle-Eastern NATO ally with a secular government that is already under attack from Islamic extremists....for something that happened over eighty years ago, and cannot be undone? Oh, but the twenty-seven idiots on that committee who voted for this resilution definitely locked in the oh-so-huge Armenian American vote....and that's all they care about. Rest assured, when someone keeps dragging up the past, they have parochial reasons for doing so. In the case of those congressmen, it was cheap vote-buying. In the case of the 1898 riots, it's a blatant search for financial gain.


whatever you think, but you are right, i didn't do sh*t. They can go screw themselves if they try to sue me. Or my ancest(oers). Like I give a crap. I am who I am because of what I do not what they made me out to be. The courts have already decided that a long time ago. I love ignorant fools, they entertain us so. Next! Doing the Topsail Island premium thing! Love the format!