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NAACP leader contradicts himself on redistricting plan

READ MORE: NAACP leader contradicts himself on redistricting plan

The NAACP is speaking out about last night's school board redistricting decision. Wilmington's chapter of the civil rights group has hired a lawyer and is preparing to fight the decision of neighborhood schooling.

Wilmington NAACP president Harold Beatty says the New Hanover County School Board should have redistricted middle schools to create socioeconomic balance and not to keep students at schools close to their homes. But for some parents, their decision to buy a home in a specific area was a result of wanting their child to go to a specific school. Now a certain slice of revised map 2C households are forced to bus their children elsewhere.

A four to three majority voted Tuesday night on the neighborhood schools much to Beatty's disappointment, but he told WWAY he doesn't think busing is the best route either.

"I don't care how they do it," Beatty said. "I don't care how they get it done. They are the experts (supposedly) on this. Let's get it done."

The NAACP says it will do whatever it takes to diversify the classrooms. During our conversation, Beatty contradicted himself more than once. One moment he said black children are not getting a good education. The next he said it was not a racial issue.

Parents we spoke with said their biggest problem with busing is the long ride for the kids and the extra time moms and dads would have to take out of their schedule to be part of their child's education because of the distance from home to school.

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A Clown

Where did the NAACP find this clown ? He appears to be ill-informed and of average intelligence. The NAACP is just creating a whole lot of noise.This organization typically makes unsubstantiated claims and has very little credibility. They do the minority community a large disservice. The race card is played way too often and they cry wolf way too often. No doubt there are acts of discrimination in our society against the black community and their involvement is warranted when there are LEGITIMATE injustices. A large component of children not getting an adequate education is reflective of their home environments and how much the parents value a good education. You can not make people take an interest in the education of their children, when they probably did not place a high value on an education themselves, have little or no discipline themselves and are ill-prepared for parenthood . The majority of the people the NAACP goes to bat for could care less about where their child attends school. They would not attend school activities if the school were 1 mile from their home or 10 miles from their home. It is time for some REAL , open honest discussions.

I guess that is why I, as a

I guess that is why I, as a professional black, educated woman, DO NOT support the NAACP. I work hard and send my children to a private school so that they won't have to be exposed to stupidity like this. It angers me that this is the "view" that most of the world has a black people. My parents put a lot of value on our educations and did not accept excuses for our mistakes. I have tried to instill these values in my children as they will one day be black voting citizens (and no democrats).

Thank you!

Regardless of race, every single person who rejects the mindset of helplessness and dependence is a victory for the REAL America.

Education Comes From Teachers.

Why not just diversify the neighborhoods and tell people where to live?

If they want equal education, why don't they just spread good teachers around town, or maybe hire qualified educators. The education provided has little to do with the diversity of races in the class. Education is reflected by leadership within the school, and good teachers. Instead of spending money on transporting kids around town, use these funds as incentives to recruit good teachers for the school system. Higher pay entices a more educated person. Smart people want to make money, that's why they don't go into teaching.

God-bless the excellent, smart, and talented teachers that sacrifice their pay over wanting to make a difference in someones life. I wish you all got what you deserved. Its disgraceful that a teacher with a masters degree is only making in the 30's to 40's. That's not much incentive to get a 6 year education, or even a 4 year, but then this is our government paying these salaries, so what do you expect. They have more important things to spend our money on besides education, like bike paths across the county.

Is this guy the best the NAACP could come up with???

What a FLAKE!!!! But there again he is a reflection of what the NAACP is, a collection of selfish racial idiots.............

I don't understand why the

I don't understand why the Naacp has any say in a school board meeting or lawsuit. It just clouds up things with a bunch of crap !!

Beatty's comment

The socio-economic argument has been riddled with contradictions and inaccurate statements all along. At no point during the 7 month public comment period did a single parent stand up and say, “I want my child bused.” When it was suggested to Mr. Rhodes and Ms. Redenbaugh, two pro-busing Board members, that perhaps to help support their argument they should lead by example and offer to bus their own neighborhoods first neither accepted responsibility for their position. In the end, minutes before the vote, even Mr. Rhodes stated he felt every child should attend the school closest to his or her home. Instead of busing children to falsely prop up test scores in these schools let’s fix the schools instead!

Busing failures

Seattle is a noted busing failure with the best of intentions. The ugly and Knee jerk charge of racism is one I would gladly endure if that's what it takes to keep my children in safer more effective schools.

The NAACP is a tired, irrelevant entity and has REALLY bet the wrong dog in this fight.


Let's see

they want them to diversify schools which means you don't send your child to the school closest to your home

But then, busing is not an option.

Is there a third option? What do they propose? Perhaps the school board should hire all of the stretch limos in New Hanover County to transport?

Always part of the vocal problem. Never part of the final resolution. Guess that's what it means when all you seek is media attention.

Don't be so harsh Tom...

Let the man talk. He makes a perfect case for the NAACP and its continuing race towards irrelevance. He should have heeded the old saying....

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

Not Harsh

just making the point you made quite clearly.

But no doubt they will get some of the big gunsa down here. Here come Jesse & Al.

The education our children are getting

In response to one of the statements in this article...if any of our children are not getting a good education we should look at the school they are attending, find out what is going wrong and work towards fixing the problem. We should not bus children all over the county and expect the schools in question to perform any better. The schools need to change not the student body.

No, the lifestyles in the HOOD need to change!

The problem is not the schools, it's the many troubled issues surrounding the inter-city schools USA, that are at fault.

Novel idea

Here is a novel idea: If you are the head of the local NAACP, you should be a smart man. Instead of complaining and leaving it up to someone else to fix, why don't you come up with some ideas. How about getting these children learning and their parents involved, and stop blaming everyone else

If a school is preforming

If a school is preforming badly what is moving the students from that school to another school going to do to fix it? Fix the problem, give teachers the aids that would assist them in doing their jobs, or if the teacher is the probelm replace them. I moved close to a certain school to allow my childern to attend that school I understand that this is not always an option for many people, but the answer is not moving the childern to a good school across town. Think simple send the kids to school that requires the least amount of travel time on a bus and give the teachers the resources they need to educate the childern and remember their our childern not the states or the schools so that makes our responsiblity to educate them as well!

Teleportation over the white spaces?

Okay, so he's not in favor of busing, but he wants "socio-economic diversity." (GAG!) When asked how, he defers to the experts on how to get it done.

What a mind...and this man is the local president of the NAACP? Well, you know what they say: "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed is king."

"Ditto" to you Common!

And we all are having to deal with such incompetent CRAP... It's SAD, it's time for change!

Here's a thought

Let do away with the damn NAACP already, bunch of racist jack***es