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NAACP not pleased with the diversity on television

READ MORE: NAACP not pleased with the diversity on television
Many of your favorite shows have returned with new episodes this year, but the NAACP is not pleased with the way some of those shows look. The civil rights group says TV shows are not diverse enough. Marquand Ragland has dreams of becoming a big-time actor, but Ragland said there are not enough opportunities for black actors in show business. “We really don't have a fair shot,” he said. The NAACP agrees, saying diversity on television improves the public's perception of minorities. The civil rights group recently released a report to TV networks urging them to include more minorities in leading roles on both sides of the camera. According to their report, minority actors and writers still remain flat on prime-time shows. There were 333 minority actors during the 2002-03 television season. That dropped to 307 four years later. The number of minority writers also significantly dropped. The report praised CBS for making some improvements, like giving the lead role on The Unit to Dennis Haysbert, and Lawerence Fishburne who is now on CSI. UNCW Communication professor, Anita McDaniel, said it is important for networks to bring in different types of minority actors to fill non-stereotypical roles versus the more common minority actors on television. “It would be nice to see other actors, see lots of different types of actors, as opposed to the same actor in multiple things,” McDaniel said. Ragland is hoping that day will come soon. “African-Americans need to get involved in this industry. They need to really realize that this industry is here,” he said. The NAACP report also threatens to seek political action if no progress is made.

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way too much diversity since 2008

It's unbearable lately (esp since Obama election) the over-diversity on TV shows, movies, commercials, the minority and diversity percentage seen is much higher than what it should be, as America is mostly White, makes me think i'm no longer in America.

Of all the things WWAY keeps

Of all the things WWAY keeps off their website, this racist nonsense is allowed?????



This stuff will never go

This stuff will never go away. The NAACP is an association with a national office, staff, and all the expenses that come with. Their salaries rely on dues and contributions. Racial harmony is not and will never be in their best interest - racial discord is what pays the bills.

I have great news

It is with great pleasure that I would like to announce the nation-wide premiere broadcast of a new and innovative network. After years of research into the legalities of airing such a network, WET (White Entertainment Television) will be broadcasting its first show, "English Roots", on Monday, May 11th 2009 at 8pm. "English Roots" is a look into the history of the Caucasian culture and their recent struggles for religious and political freedom. Following "English Roots", get ready for an explosive look into the exciting life of teenagers with "You're So Emo," a reality-based competition showcasing a battle for the most emotional in this E-dropping hour starting at 9pm. Please join us in this exciting endeavor to promote knowledge and acceptance of another race.



Diversity on TV

Blacks make up 12% of population, and, according to a recent study, they are way over-represented on television--in shows and in advertising. Are the Asians demanding more representation? No, of course not, but they, according to the report, are under-represented and so are the Latinos. And blacks are already cast in many roles that were written for white characters. The NAACP is, as usual, making outrageous demands because they know their demands will be met. Liberal guilt will give them anything they want.

Other Groups Need to Also Complain

Television can be a dangerous place to learn about politics, society, and life in general, if you get ALL your information and opinions from TV. You can be manipulated to go against your own best interests. Take the blinders off! Moreover, many now feel that the so called "American Majority" is the most discriminated on today's airwaves, and that they also do not have a fair shot. This group could complain along with the NAACP.


Yeah, when something don't go their way, time for the NAACP to get out and cry. Give me a break. NAACP needs to stop causing trouble in America. If they would quit stirring the pot, maby everyone could try and get along.

Spend a day in court

You'd be AMAZED at the number of actors there! You see Acdemy Award winning performances, every day.

Maybe just maybe.....

many of the AA are going into the music business. As for the TV/acting industry, you DON'T see as many. But I think if you keep your eyes open Tyler Perry may have a spot for you on one of his two shows (House of Payne or Meet the Browns). Perhaps even a movie. If the NAACP finds a way to make it mandatory for the AA to be placed on TV next you'll have the Hispanics, which also have their own dedicated channel and the alternate lifestylers (BRAVO). I think the NAACP needs to step back and let these uprising actors/actresses find their own way. Just because one door of opportunity may have closed doesn't mean the next door will not open to the world of opportunity.


The NAACP has nothing to complain about now, the opportunities are there for the taking. They should bring back Sanford and Son-but then they would complain that it's a racist show!

They Could

also bring back Amos & Andy from the 1950's. Available on DVD. Did someone forget that memorable "Good Times" Then there's "What's Happening" What about Fresh Prince of Belair? How about Benson? Did someone forget Cosby? How about I Spy with Bill Cosby? What about Sergant Rutledge? Classic 1950's western about the Buffalo Soldiers produced by John Ford? Better to criticize Ward & june for not bringing up the Beaver & Wally in a racially diverse neighborhood? I see their point??

Come on now

I spy was absolutely terrible. Completely unwatchable. Thats why im sure it will be on RTV any day now. RTV, for those classic shows you wish you had never seen again. Gotta go! I think AirWolf is on!



You are correct

It is sad the naacp is making comments like taking political action if they don't get their way. A bunch of cry babies that do nothing but set the black race back 400 years because they make it look like black people can't survive without their assistance. The naacp is a much larger group of "haters" then anybody posting here.



You are correct

AMEN BROTHER, I have traced my families history back to the 1650's and no where did we have any slaves. We had to work our asses of just like most americans had to do. Somewhere in the early 1800's we came to America as so many other races did. There has never been a slave in our familly tree black or otherwise. We don't owe the Black people a damn penny. They want to cry foul that thier ancestors were slaves and that is true. But they also have to look back to who sold them for slavery there own DAMN people. But they don't won't to mention that they just want to blame all white people for there problems. I grew up in a house that didn't have any heat , no water and no bathrooms, whose problem was that, I don't know. But I made sure that my chrildren did not have to go through what I had to. And DAMN sure didn't live off of the GOVN'T. SF Roger Fleming


I get so sick of hearing this. What exactly is "not diverse enough?" Where do you draw the line? The fact of the matter is that African-Americans are a MINORITY. Therefore their representation is most likely going to be a minority in acting, politics, etc... Not to say this is how it has to be, just how it likely will be. Who is to say when a group or organization isn't diverse enough. I'd like to know how that equation is decided and devised.

Someone had to use it

Ya know, I have been reading all these posts and I can't help but laugh. People finally speaking out against the NAACP. I was wondering how many posts I would have to read until someone used the phrase "African-American". 99.999% of black people in this country have never seen Africa and were born in this country. Their parents and grandparents were born in this country. That makes them Americans. Just like me. No different. I don't go around claiming I'm Irish-American. I am AMERICAN. Born and raised in NC and proud of it. More people should be proud Americans instead of wanting to label themselves. I think it ridiculous.

NAACP Film Industry???

"The NAACP report also threatens to seek political action if no progress is made." What are they going to do tell President elect Obama, like a spoiled child throwing a temper tamptrum when it does not get it's own way??? I am really tired of the NAACP looking for anyway to cry wolf. The blacks in the entertainment business has had many success stories. They have a whole station just for blacks, but yet that is not enough. To be a succesful actor one must have talent and audience appeal. That is not something that can be mandated from a political platform. The NAACP needs to shut up and quit pushing the race card at every opportunity. The leader of the nation is black in case they haven't noticed. That should tell them that their political cries of injustice is outdated and unfounded.

NAACP not pleased?


n double a

The naacp is nothing BUT a racist group and movement! They have legally twisted the books for a format of legal racism so intense that is is simply disgusting and immoral.


Instead of complaining about TV (that has rotted the brain of most kids) why don't they take on the real problems facing their young black males? Gee, like murdering each other, drugs, teenage pregnancy, illiteracy ?? Guess whining about TV is easier.

Its Funny

That as soon as anything negative about an African American is on here, there's so much commentary, when its caucasians, there's slim to any fanfare on here. My point is this, yes all these issues are real, but its not just the african american community where it exists but its like a secret shame that gets no light shed on it. Let's be a little more un-biased on here folks

tired of it

It is because we are tired of the race card being playing when convenient. The criminals that use it as an explanation for why there did what they did. The worker wanting to be hired but maybe isn't qualified will complain it is racist. Doesn't matter if he is incapable of doing the job, it has to be because of his race. It is an old worn out tune that needs to stop being played.


Talk about biased ?? Where is our White TV channel, Miss White USA, The White kids college fund, Where is our NAAWP?? When we get a NAAWP and they are continuously whining about white folks NOT having or getting their way we will comment on them as well.


Its been the government for hundreds of years

same government?

Is that the same government that has supported your family with WIC, food stamps, section 8 housing and medical care?


Guesty for President!