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Nakina Fire and Rescue dedicates new facility

READ MORE: Nakina Fire and Rescue dedicates new facility
In November of 2007 the Nakina Fire and Rescue building burned to the ground. No one was hurt or injured, but the building was destroyed. Saturday, the small Columbus County town dedicated their new facility. "We pulled our two fire trucks out and started putting the fire out, but the building was completely engulfed. There was no way we were going to save it," John Ward of Nakina Fire and Rescue said of the 2007 blaze that torched the building. "We were in shock. It was very hurtful. This was our home. We put a lot of time into it. There were a lot of tears," added Debbie Ward. Staring at a total loss, Gray Long, and most everyone in Nakina, had the same thought. "What are we going to do? Because we've been here so long, we didn't know what we would do without our building and our ambulances." But when the original Nakina Fire and Rescue member was asked about the current situation, Gray said, “Everything is looking good now." Looking good now is a bit of an understatement for Nakina Fire and Rescue. Saturday afternoon, most of Nakina attended an open house and dedication. In a way, it was like show and tell; remembering the building that was a total loss due to arson, and showing off the new one. John Ward described the new facility. "We built a 40’ x 130’ building. It's a nice facility. We have three bays for ambulances. We've rebounded a lot." Debbie Ward echoed his enthusiasm. "We're happy that we have a new building. We are so proud. We never thought we could have something this nice in Nakina, but we had to cry a little bit to get to this point" Sounds like something good came out of something bad. After 19 months there's still no arrest charge for arson on the Nakina fire.

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There wasn't anything wrong with the old building. The pictures of my grandfather and the other original members need 2 be put back where they belong. I use 2 play there as a child and nakina was my home. But so much has changed. I think its a slap in the face that that punk didn't pull time 4 setting fire 2 the original building and burning his own aunts house down. Justice has not been served and I think its a shame. What kind of country do we live in? Yes I'm letting my anger out and I will stand up 4 what I believe in. I'm so disgusted

Open House

I travel a lot with my job and see a lot of North Carolina and surrounding states. I attended the open house at the Nakina Fire and Rescue station and was very proud to see the Nakina area have at least one facility we can be proud of. This is a facility to service the Nakina and if needed surrounding areas. This organization is operated on volunteer basis with only 2 paid employees for weekday calls. As far as how elaborate the building or contents are one does not have to travel far (surrounding counties)to find much more elaborate buildings, furnishings and equipment. These people devoted countless hours training and responding to calls day and night while we are at work,play,traveling , sleeping,or whatever the case may be. These services to the community are seldom thought about until the need arises. These are services that Columbus County would be hard pressed to replace or even fund.

Response To Your Response

I too am a member of Nakina Rescue and I would like to add a response. This Facility contains features that were purchased "Overboard". This department does not need stainless steal appliances, fancy oak cabnets, fancy desks, high dollar chairs, etc. These items could have been purchased for less money if the basic cabnets, appliances, desks and chairs were bought in place of the elegant fixtures. Perhaps if this was done, we would not have to have taken a loan out against our new fire truck to fund these elegant items. Furthermore, I hope I don't need your services, as you stated, but if so, we will be responding from our "upscale facility" with the people and equipment needed to supply you with saftey... Stainless Steal Appliances, oak cabnets, flat screens, fancy desk and chairs have absolutely nothing to do with my or anyother citizens "Safety."

Modernization is needed to provide quality care

It's nice to see a small community like Nakina acquire the modern conveniences needed to provide quality emergency services to the people that live there. The department is mainly comprised of volunteers that unselfishly give their time to provide emergency medical and rescue services to the community. They deserve the opportunity to be trained in a facility that provides modern, up-to-date equipment and accommodations to meet the ever-changing needs of a growing community. The volunteer fire fighters and emergency medical technicians that volunteer their time and dedicate themselves to serving their community have made the best out of a bad situation. Out of the ashes of something terrible has risen something good that can only benefit the community. Let's remember the good that these selfless men and women do and not discourage them from providing an invaluable service to the community.

Nakina Fire & Rescue

I went and tour your "Brand New Upscale Facilty" on Saturday during your open house. Explain to me why you needed to furnish and build such a luxury facilty. I don't understand why the stainless appliances,leather furiture,oak cabinets,large flat screen tv and many more. Why take such a money plurge on this facilty when the building is only occupied monday thru friday 8am til 5pm and additional 9 hours of trainging time a month.The time spent on this facilty doesn't add up to the money spent at this facilty. Especially during the economy strain that we are in now.guess when the money isn't coming out of your personal account money isn't an issued. Does no one over see or check on how the tax payers money is spent? Maybe its time for the tax payers to get more involve.. Obivously they are doing as they please. Even if insurance money was used.This building was not built and furnish appropriately. Who can i speak to to reserve this building for my next business meeting? with such a nice facilty and furnished to a tee. Why book a confernce room at the beach when i can use Nakina Rescue Upscale Facilty.

I would like to respond to

I would like to respond to the person who sent the email about the "upscale facility". I am a member of Nakina Fire and Rescue. I do not feel that the facility is as upscale as you make it out to be. I think that it meets the needs of MANY diffrent options. The equipment that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars are housed in a very basic building with simple everyday appliances. I ask you this, if you were employed to serve the community for 40 hours a week(not including the time of other members) would you not like to be in a nice facility? These two people spend more time at the station then at home. They deserve a place to sit and relax and to complete their daily functions. The flat screen TV you mention is used for training and has already proved useful in the instruction of not only our members but other department members as well. I hope you never need our services but if so, we will be responding from our "upscale facility" with the people and equipment needed to supply you with saftey. Please, before you write, talk about or judge us, JOIN US and make a diffrence in the Nakina community.

The bad thing is that an

The bad thing is that an innocent family has been destroyed because of this fire and the other fires in the Nakina area. It seems that only one family has thrived because of all the suspicious fires that have suddenly stopped. I pray that God's will be done in this situation.

The fires have stop (thank

The fires have stop (thank the Lord), after all that.. A brand new Rescue Building and Brand New house>>> Just glad no one got hurt thru all that...Just take a drive thru the community and see the brand new facility and nice 2 story homes..

I Concur

What a coincidence, I noticed that too!