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Name released in murder of Camp Lejeune Marine

Camp Lejeune has released the name of the Marine murdered early Friday morning. Meanwhile, charges are still pending against a fellow Marine. Twenty-one-year-old Jonathan Law was released from Pitt Memorial Hospital late Saturday night, where he was treated for self-inflicted wounds. He is now in the brig at Camp Lejeune. The victim, 22-year-old Corporal Joshua Hartzell was found Friday morning in the woods near the French Creek area of Camp Lejeune. Locals and visitors were shocked by the news. “Hearing it's happening here, it does get you a little nervous because military bases you want to think they're tops,” said Helen Ryan. Officials said it is unclear if anyone else was involved and would not comment on the murder weapon, except to say it was not a gun. The murder is still under investigation.

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Why has this story evolved to so many different versions. Reports have been inconsistent, untimely, and ineffectual. Please take some time to look at this, investigate, and present. No official release from Camp Lejeune/USMC yet? The USMC needs to prove that Law is alive, because I have heard differently.

Law is alive and in the

Law is alive and in the Brig. I worked with the Marine who was murdered and I know what he was murdered with.. Law doesn't deserve to take another breath. Hopefully, he will be busting large rocks into smalls rocks very soon.

Is it true?

Is it true it was a small axe? Was it random?

is it true????

Well i cant say if its true or not i can say it was random and ur close. Law seemed normal i mean he was high all the time or so i hear but when i met him he seemed i am scared to drive on base...i made my husband break his lease and move off of midway [ark because i dnt want to be left when he deployed. Jacksonville has a high enough crime rate without ppl in the marines loseing their MINDS!!!