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National Coming Out Day aims to bring support to those still closeted


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Happening tonight: pushing gays to kill themselves. Recent deaths underscore the difficulties gays have in coming out about their sexual preferences. Tonight in the Cape Fear, gays supported one another. Tonight wraps up National Coming Out Day. Organizers call it a time to publicly display gay pride.
Many choose this day to come out to their parents, friends, co-workers and themselves. Dozens packed the riverfront in downtown Wilmington for tonight's pride rally. They say it makes a difference.

"I heard something on the news about how young people are killing themselves because they were different, they were gay, we need this more around the world so people can come to us so they have somewhere to go for comfort and support so we can be there for them," said Scooter Silva.

Gays at the rally have a message for those still in the closet. They say don't be afraid, be who you are and love who you are.

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roles reversed

Are you a lesbian ? Your post left me guessing. I've reread it several times but I still can't decipher it. I must be having a "duh" day. God Bless you.


Finally...the counterpart National Gay Day. Having just the National Straight Day is not enough.

BTW...can someone tell me what date is National Straight Day?

Everyday is National

Everyday is National Straight Day....why can't we can one day?

Straight Date

We do not have one, because we are not allowed to have one. Only the minority have a voice in this country any more.

Straight Day

Pick a date.

Everyday is National

Everyday is National Straight day, duh. Let go of the hate before it's too late!!

Wonderful turnout tonight

I just wanted to thank everyone who came out tonight to support a wonderful event whether you gay or lesbian or bi or transgender or just an ally of someone who is! With recent youth suicides being put in the light recently it's time for us to step up and support our youth and let them know they are not alone and that things will get better! PFLAG is an awesome organization for parents, families and friends of someone who is GLBT and I encourage everyone to take a moment to check out that organization. Also I want to thank the community for not bringing any negativity to the event tonight. It is so wonderful to know Wilmington is above promoting hate in the community. And the numbers were more than by the dozens tonight, there was a huge turn out beyond dozens!!!


God said "Adam and Eve" not "Adam and Steve." It is an abomination in the eyes of God. Repent while there is yet still time or you will suffer the second death. Yes, I know all you "scaredy cat" atheist are going to spout off at this, but,on judgement day don't try to tell Jesus you weren't warned and informed. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Are you 12 years old? That

Are you 12 years old? That is how your comment sounds. On judgment day you will have to atone for your own sins...not everyone else's. All people are created in the image of God and God loves EVERYONE...even when we disobey his teachings. Jesus also taught us to love one another as we love him....his love is not conditional. Instead of tossing out bible verses, judging one another, we should strive to love one another as God loves us....

get some new material

Please, cant you come up with something more witty to bash people with? What is a "scaredy cat" atheist? You do know that being atheist is not a requirement for homosexuals, don't you?