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Native American students may have to change schools

READ MORE: Native American students may have to change schools
The Waccamaw-Siouan tribe community straddles the Bladen / Columbus county line. Those on the Bladen side have been allowed to go to Columbus County schools with no problem, but new school policies are changing that. A letter home to parents spells out the changes. Students who live in Bladen County will no longer be able to attend Columbus County schools. Most of the kids in question live in the Native American Waccamaw-Siouan community. "This county line not only splits our community, but divides families,” said Michael Jacobs. Michael Jacobs is the Tribal Council's chairman. He says for decades, the Waccamaw-Siouan students in the area have been allowed to cross into Columbus County to go to school. Now, the Columbus County school board has two new policies, requiring out of county students to pay a $700 one-time fee to attend school, as well as provide their own transportation. The changes are a result of school budget cuts. Columbus County Superintendent Dan Strickland says the fee will apply to students entering the county for the first time. Current students can get a waiver from the Bladen County district, and stay in their current Columbus County school. "We want to grandfather those that are already here and educate those kids just like they have been for a number of years, but new students coming in we have got to make some tough decisions to offset the funds that we are not receiving,” said Superintendent Strickland. Columbus County's transportation budget is being cut by $167,000, and the schools don't get funding from the state for those out of district students. Waccamaw-Siouan kids aren't the only ones affected. Columbus County administrators have discovered students from Brunswick, Robeson and Horry counties also attending class in county schools. Though the county doesn't get state funding for out of county students, Jacobs says it would be in the best interest for Columbus County to keep Waccamaw-Siouan students in their schools because of extra Native American funding from the federal government.

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What is up with this. What happen to Free Right to a Sound Education in North Carolina. NC has over 62% drop out rate for American Indians, Don't be fool on what the school is saying about their funding. Look on and get the info you need on monies, and drop out rate etc.. Columbus County stand up for these kids and other counties we have a concern for these kids, and they shouldn't have to pay for a FREE PUBLIC EDUCATION. the money is there you have to change who is handing it out They do get Federal funding and most of State and there are other ways this schools get money. Don't be fool "stand up for something or you will fall for anything."

I agree. The money is

I agree. The money is apparently being spent in the wrong places. I just graduated from UNCW and I am looking for a teaching job. Looks like I will have to leave NC to find one though. NC is spending the money in all of the wrong places. I am tens of thousands of dollars in debt at UNCW from getting certified to be a teacher, and now NC has no job for me. Education is the last place where budgets should be cut. Looks like I'll go to Mississippi or Alabama, aleast they're hiring there. NC will notice soon that they have made a big mistake by cutting education funding. People learn from their mistakes; but apparently the state of NC does not! I have no reason to give anything back to this state!