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Navassa police chief arrested

Navassa's chief was stopped over the weekend, allegedly driving drunk. Chief Ricky Thorpe was pulled over by a Highway Patrol officer early Saturday morning. According to the citation, his blood alcohol level was a .27 which is more than 3 times the legal limit. His citation states that he was driving in a police vehicle, left of the center line on Highway 1432. This isn't Thorpe's first run in with the law. A few years ago, he was investigated by the State Bureau of Investigation for allegedly embezzling money and taking bribes from a towing company. Brunswick County District Attorney Rex Gore says there was no conviction. The issue was resolved through police ethics training. Navassa town mayor Eulis Willis said, "They have a stressful position as it is, anytime something happens to them that is not to our liking, we feel bad for them." Mayor Willis also said Thorpe had been working extra hours to help the police department after an officer left about a month ago. Mayor Willis and Navassa town council members met this afternoon to talk about what will happen next for Chief Thorpe. At time of publication, that meeting was still going on.

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police chief arrested

When in public office, such as a police officer, you are held to a different standard. There should be no mercy on him. Plus if he was on duty, and in the patrol car, did he have his weapon? and if so, being drunk with a weapon should be a more serious crime. but bottom line, no suspension...FIRED.

Navassa police chief

"If you do the crime you do the time". He knew better! He should lose his job and his law enforcement certification. JMM

ricky thorpe

He should be treated just like anyone else with a DWI if that was me, you would throw the book at me. He was an officer of the law and if He was working long hours because of someone quitting or leaving the force that still did not give him the right to be driving and drinking.Not even being under stress is a good reason to be drinking and driving. Mr Thorpe think about this you could of hit someone and killed them and you would even remembered. Don't Drink and Drive

Another Corrupt Cop in Brunswick County!

Well here we go again folks. Yet another dirty cop in Brunswick County! How many people has this guy put behind bars for a lower blood alcohol content they he had when an astute NC Highway Patrolman picked him up? And by the way, hat is off to that patrolman that busted this dude rather than do the "professional courtesy" of taking him home! A good honest cop for the state just made a statement. "No one is beyond the law". This comes on the heels of former Brunswick County Sheriff Ronald Hewett leaving office in shame. This comes in the midst of a state investigation of Boiling Spring Lakes Police Chief Emmett Ballree! What is it about this county? Is it low expectations? No, I don't think so. It is an indictment against the poor leadership of our elected officials They are either crooked themselves or too lazy to do their jobs! Well the courts and the state will take care of the Navassa problem but the people in BSL are weary and still waiting on the outcome of the investigation of Ballree. Over a year ago he was accused of using the town of Mount Olive's credit card to put gas in personally owned vehicles. He and the town skated through that with his resignation there. Now, her he is in Boiling Spring Lakes and guess who is footing the bill for him now? The citizens of Boiling Spring Lakes! A year ago when the charges were brought against him he would have nothing to do with the allegations. Tucking his tail he ran. Now he is Chief in Boiling Spring Lakes. He is fighting to maintain his job and his certification with the state. But, he is fighting on the dime of the BSL citizens. Why? because the leadership in BSL hired this guy fully knowing about his background and not caring! Have any of you checked out the newspaper accounts on Ballree? It seems out of his mouth, everywhere he goes, someone is out to get him. In Mount Olive it was a commissioner. Here in Boiling Spring Lakes he says "I don't know what I have done...." The former Sheriff, the Chief of Police in Navassa, and the Chief of Police in BSL, all are of the same mold. They hold themselves above the law. At the same time they bring a pall around every decent LEO in the county. It is time to clean this place up before more damage is done. For the citizens and for decent LEO's. So, the Sheriff thing has run it's course. Thanks to a heads up highway patrolman the Navassa thing will run it's course. How about it Mayor, Council and Town Manger of BSL? When are you going to do the right thing and say no more? When are you going to tell Ballree his problem was in Mount Olive and BSL is no longer going to foot the bill for him to run up and down the road defending something he ran from a year ago? Are thieves and drunks the best our mayors and council members are willing to get for us? You know what? Not only do these dirty cops need to go but those that hired them need to go out the door at the same time!

UMMMMM, I don't think there

UMMMMM, I don't think there is anything for the town council to decide but to get rid of him and hire a new chief. Why should he get any consideration and be treated any different from others just because he is a chief of police? If anything he should conduct himself in a better manner. Especially if he was driving a company car. Better get to him before he ends up like Mr. Hewett. Seems to me this is a case of you scratch my back and I'll look the other way on what you do.

Stick a fork in him.

I don't think you have to worry about the city council sitting on this. Once the NC Dept of Justice gets a hold of this they will surely pull his certification and with that you can stick a fork in him as he will be done. Done in Navassa and/or any other place in NC.

Just curious.....

I can't understand why this LEO was allowed to have an investigation of embezzlement and bribery disappear after more "ethics" training and Ronald Hewett is more than likely being sent to prison. Maybe Rex Gore and a few others would like to explain that. It sounds to me like ethics training was a waste of money for this man could have killed a family or two. I applaud Tim Daniels for doing what he was sworn as an officer to do. Never could understand either why the "friends" of ron hewett never turned him into the HP. The last time I checked *HP was usable on all cell phones. I guess they never thought their children could become the victim of a drunk driver....or a drunk police officer.


man, brunswick county law enforcement cant win for losing. oh well. we need a change in the chain of command around here haha

Chief Thorpe

While I sympathize with the officer situation and him having to work a lot of extra hours, I cannot condone this type of activity and especially in his police cruiser!! I would not condone it in his private vehicle either. He certainly knows better and for him to be a .27 he knew he was way too intoxicated to perform any of his job functions. Sounds like he might have an alcohol problem and it has just become really apparent to everyone. Sorry for the blemish he is causing all LEO's everywhere as this is the exception and not the rule. You need to apologize to every officer out here Chief Thorpe.