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Navy Secretary visits Battleship, dodges question of Gravely commissioning funding


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The Battleship North Carolina had a special visitor today. Navy Secretary Ray Maybus visited the ship to mark the Navy's 235th birthday.

Maybus talked about his commitment to the Navy and his admiration for those who serve at sea.

He said he's excited about the commissioning of the USS Gravely next month right here in Wilmington. But when asked why the navy is not footing the bill for its own party, he did not have much of an answer.

"You all did such a great job with the North Carolina, and the commissioning committee has to work incredibly hard to do this," Mabus said. "They have to raise money they have to work, and these are just not easy things to put together. They look great and they're fantastic the day they happen but years of work go into it."

Secretary Mabus says he regrets he can't make it back for the Gravely commissioning.

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election timing

Nice of Navy sec to show up without money right before election with McIntyre and the boys--we will pay after the election if we dont vote these dems out

Get over it WWAY

WWAY, so what you are saying in this report is all you are concered with about the Navy Secretary Mabus vistit to the USS North Carolina is the fact that he didn't answer a question the way you wanted about the USS Gravely funding? Was this reporter here at this event too busy talking on an I-phone to catch the important topics about this visit? Or is all WWAY interested in is starting little girly middle school drama to sell media. Seems other media outlets got the message of this event, to honor the Navy in its 235 years, recognize the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the USS Cole and the men who died in that, and the big discussion of how the Navy is working on by the year 2020 having at least half of the fuel the Navy uses to be non-fossil source. Those are the stories that need to be covered. Besides you already cover this who's paying for what and where its coming from weeks ago. I think you had your answers then.

Are we returning to sail power....

....or are we going to cut the number of surface combatants and amphibs until it equals the number of carriers and subs? WE can't afford to start building nuclear surface combatants again.

You are correct on previously covering the costs....the taxpayers of Wilmington and New Hanover County are most assuredly taking it in the shorts once again...


are part of the problem of why the country is where it is at today, with the not caring of the frivolous spending by government.

Maybus and McIntyre

View the picture above , these government bureaucrats have NO problem spending YOUR money ! Birds of a feather flock together . Where was Pretty Boy Saffo in this pic ?


I would like to know how much this is going to cost the citizens of this ounty. I have a friend who works for the NHSO and she said that they are expecting about 20 hours overtime each and most of the ones SOAKING up the overtime just standing around will be Sgt's and above. You can figure they earn about $24 an hour so with time and a half you figure $36 an hour! Try that times about 40 emplyees just from the county thats not counting the WPD officers! What a WASTE of TAX MONEY!

Get over it.

Get over it.