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NC gasoline tax rises with new year to 32.5 cents


RALEIGH, NC (AP) -- Motorists filling up at North Carolina gas pumps are paying a little more in the new year, and not just because of rising fuel prices nationwide.

The state's gasoline tax rose last weekend by six-tenths of a cent to a record 32.5 cents per gallon. The tax is automatically recalculated twice a year through a formula based in part on the wholesale price of gasoline. The News & Observer of Raleigh first reported the tax increase.

The Legislature had set a cap of 29.9 cents a gallon in 2006, but turned that price into a floor in 2009. That means the rate can't fall below 29.9 cents. The law setting the floor expires this June.

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Gas Tax

The NC government has more than enough money now. Clean up waste, trim government services to necessity only. Cut the gas tax to a regular sales tax like the grocery store. Quit sticking it to folks that drive. There will not be an electric mack truck or delivery truck for a long time. Increased transportation costs make everything else go up. Drill everywhere in the US that there is oil. Start extracting oil from shale. Build nukes so we don't burn oil for electricity. Mine coal for clean coal plants. Put Americans to work on domestic energy resources including wind. Put the first wind device at the governor's mansion and all around the other government buildings. Make all NC governmet officials drive smart cars or take a bus... you first. What are your thoughts ?:)

Look at the bright side

It's a sales tax, the fairest of all taxes. No one can escape it, unlike income taxes which can be easily avoided. So the hooker, her pimp, the "pharmaceutical rep on the corner," the E-Bayers, the barterers, and the garage sale pickers/resellers ALL have to pay it.

If we were smart we'd ditch income taxes and make all taxes consumption based.

When you have a

$3.7 Billion budget shortfall to cover, the Governor will look for any revenue possible.

It will be interesting to see how she does it. With Education and Social Services accounting for approximately 70% of State Expenditures, how can she achieve a 15% reduction below current fiscal year budget amounts without cutting those 2 areas?

She either has to cut those along with every other State program OR, perhaps her intent is to shut down Government with the exceptions of Education and Social Services.

Nothing New Here .

This is the same old story every new year . We don't get pay increases every year,but our taxes go up . You the government take more and more,and we see less and less . If we all end up on welfare,where will the money come from then . I don't spend my money as freely as you spend my money . You've got new cars and new buildings . Don't look like your making due . Keep taking from me and I will no longer be making due . I won't go on welfare, I'll just find away to make money that you won't know about.


LOOK at the tax rates in this state people...we are on PAR with CALIFORNIA! ITS RIDICULOUS!

Gasoline Tax

NC already had the highest gasoline tax in the Southeast, and now wants more! This will hurt businesses and individual travel. SC is looking more and more attractive.

Gas Tax

My Social Security hasn't risen six-tenths of a per cent. We'll continue to buy gas in South Carolina!