A NC jury is awarding $400 to 51,000 people called by Dish Network. (Photo: MGN)
10 hours ago
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Jury awards $400 to 51,000 people called by Dish Network

A federal jury in North Carolina is awarding more than $20 million to 51,000 people on the Do Not Call registry who were contacted by Dish Network.
Hundreds gather in Wilmington for one of many state-wide marches. (Photo: Marissa Yoder/WWAY)
11 hours ago
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Women’s marches scheduled for several North Carolina cities

Thousands are expected to gather in several North Carolina cities in solidarity with the scheduled Women's March on Washington highlighting opposition to President Donald Trump's proposed policies.
11 hours ago
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Spellings’s UNC plan: Hold tuition, comb data for efficiency

The leaders of North Carolina's public universities have a plan for making higher education more welcoming to rural and minority students, more affordable and more involved in their communities.
1 day ago
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NC education law will remain blocked until June trial

A new North Carolina law transferring power away from the State Board of Education to the elected state superintendent will remain blocked for several additional months before a trial this summer over its constitutionality.
Pat McCrory & Roy Cooper
1 day ago
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Cooper halts compensation for unused vacation to Cabinet members

McCrory had directed in late December that his 10 Cabinet secretaries be paid for unused time off. But Cooper's office says people in positions exempt from state personnel rules, like these department heads, generally don't receive payments for unused leave.
1 day ago
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Money falls out of armored car on Interstate 40 in Raleigh

Police say a number of people grabbed cash when the back of an armored car opened on Interstate 40 in Raleigh.
2 days ago
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EPA sends ‘letter of concern’ to NC regulators over hog farms

The 25-page letter to the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality says it has not done enough to reduce stench, flies and other problems.
School image desk and books
3 days ago
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Some North Carolina schools may cut arts, physical education

School systems say they may have to cut arts and physical education in elementary schools this fall if North Carolina lawmakers do not change plans for reducing class sizes.