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NC attorney general asked to review college enrollment policy

RALEIGH (AP) -- A candidate for North Carolina governor wants Attorney General Roy Cooper to weigh in on a new policy that requires community colleges to admit eligible illegal immigrants. A policy issued last month removed the discretion community colleges had in accepting undocumented applicants. State Senator Fred Smith told Cooper on Monday that the policy appears to contradict federal and state laws related to illegal immigrants and established community college system rules. Smith also says any changes need to be approved by the state Legislature. The five leading major-party candidates for governor, including Smith, are opposed to the change. Democratic Governor Mike Easley supports the new policy but is barred from seeking a third consecutive term. (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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Let's all call Governor Easley at 1-800-662-7952 and tell him exactly what we think of Illegals. And then, call the legislature at 919-733-6854 and 919-733-3451. Thanks for providing them, they need to be posted every day that there are still issues and problems with the illegals in this country. It's a shame that the Mexican government condones and supports this illegal migration to our country. Large amounts of the money earned here support directly the Mexican government. They supply maps, water, ID's and other forms of help for any person in Mexico wanting to illegally enter the U.S. We should immediately stop all aid and assistance to Mexico. Our lawmakers should be told this. The Mexican southern boarder is completely patrolled by ARMED soldiers and they DO shoot and kill unarmed people as they try to come North into Mexico. The U.S. cannot do the same, but we should stop them and turn them around. It's a shame that we will lose our country to an invasion of people that are eager to work and willing to be anything but documented. We need laws and/or taxes on the amounts of money that can be sent to Mexico and other countries. Our seniors here in the U.S. sometimes gets taxed two or three times on the earnings that they have made and saved. If paid under the table, illegal criminal aliens don't pay any of the share they demand in social services and government aid when they get established here. Use the numbers, e-mail your Representatives and elected officials. Call your Sheriff and ask the hard questions. And come here and share the answers that you have gotten. We would all love to bear witness to the pressure that may make the difference and start the changes that HAVE to be made, soon.

Watch Him Run

This ought to be interesting to watch him wiggle out of. No doubt the Democratic front runner will be running for cover. After these Bozos get through destroying our State, maybe we can name a new State song after him...La Cooperatcha.

La Cooperacha (in the key of C)

Sung to the tune of La Cucaracha La Cooperacha, La Cooperacha Let those illegals into school La Cooperacha, La Cooperacha Make the public be the fool La Cooperacha, La Cooperacha Your surely gonna make us pay La Cooperacha, La Cooperacha You must be smokin' a big jay La Cooperacha, La Cooperacha This is one you gotta miss La Cooperacha, La Cooperacha or you won't receive the publics kiss