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NC auto insurance rates may increase

READ MORE: NC auto insurance rates may increase
State officials and insurance leaders met in Raleigh to decide what the new rate should be. The auto insurance industry wants car insurance rates to go up by 13 percent. Auto insurers opened their case today in Raleigh before a hearing at the State Department of Insurance. The state insurance experts argue there have not been any significant changes in the industry to warrant an increase. In fact, DOI wants to lower the rate by 20 percent. Right now North Carolina has the sixth lowest insurance rate in the country. The average person pays around $600 a year for auto insurance. New York and New Jersey have the highest rates, people there pay around $1100 per year. If the 13 percent increase is approved, a person paying $600 right now could pay an extra $78. If the 20 percent decrease is approved, a person could expect to pay around a $100 less. Over the next six weeks, both sides will present their views to state insurance commissioner Jim Long. By fall, commissioner Long will make a final decision. Once commissioner Long makes his decision on what the rate should be, if any, we could see a change by the end of the year.

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"Right now North Carolina

"Right now North Carolina has the sixth lowest insurance rate in the country. The average person pays around $600 a year for auto insurance." _________________________________________________ Now, tell us what the rating is in New Hanover County! Get by without paying $1,000 a year (plus) here if you are an average Joe Blow. I believe NHC was left out of the mathematical equation in this report on insurance rates. I constantly see drivers swerving from the far right lane to the left lane to make a turn...never any police to stop them. I saw a news report last year from the WPD with an officer stating that this type of action from drivers was going to be stopped. My question is "When?" Face it, the WPD isn't nailing dangerous drivers as they should. But on the other hand, just to see them patrolling once in a while will curtail crazies from dumb acts behind the wheel...then is when the insurance companies won't have a leg to stand on come "increase time"!!! Until then, the insurance companies will bring it up every year for an increase in rates...if not state New Hanover County alone.

Whats new....

Seriously, whats new about this, every year same story, Insurance Dept. want's a decrease, Companies want an increase. Eventually our "elected" insurance commisioner will compromise with a 8% hike. What I don't get is why Auto insurance gets treated the same as Homeowners. We choose not to speed or bring crashes upon ourselves by paying attention, but Homeowners usually is uncontrollable therefore more of a risk. So why do we get penalized every year on our Auto instead of being rewarded with a rebate or reduced premium?

NC Auto Insurance rates

That's right! Between the increase in property taxes, water/sewer rates, homeowners insurance, gas, food, etc. I guess the auto insurance companies want a piece of the pie. I did get a $40/mo. raise yesterday but between all the rate increases that's gone plus. I'm already eating less, driving between work/home, if not on the way it's rare that I'll go there unless it's a special occassion, no outings, no cable, satillite, internet or microwave. The beaches need to get prepared for fewer tourists since that's the #1 industry around here. Who's going to be able to afford to stay at the Hilton @ Carolina Beach with rates upwards of $200/night? I'm a low income citizen so that cuts me out of picture. This country continues to make it difficult for the low income to survive. My vacation spot is my own backyard.


the state dept of insurance wants a decrease but the agencies want an increase? How about the agencies telling us why they want an increase. I have no accidents or tickets and that entitles me to an increase? Myself and anyone else who is a safe driver should be gettin a rebate. Just another attempted rape of the middle class... When will it ever stop.........


CRICKET...ANYONE ELSE want to come out to have a chunk of the Middle Classes REAR ENDS? MY FLIPPIN SALARY BETTER be going up by 50 percent to keep up with this crap!

Why is everything getting

Why is everything getting more expensive ...yet there is an issue with getting raises!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God help us!!!!(seriously)


...people don't get off their butts and vote these career politicians out of office. This country is inching closer and closer to communism as we are being controlled by big government. We the sheeple are being lead to slaughter, willingly.


Because of the Republican business "ideal" - let the market just take care of it self. What would have happened then? Insurance companies would have increased the rates 13% with NO public scrutiny! "Issue" with getting raises? Hah! The Republicans say, "let the business take care of itself, ALL regulation is BAD for business!" - THIS IS WHY its hard to get a raise! Let the companies do business, TOTALLY unregulated, and treat their employees like crap! Get rid of the Republican "pro business neocons" and vote in people who are for REASONABLE regulation!