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NC cell phone law clarification

READ MORE: NC cell phone law clarification
Talking on a cell phone and driving can be a deadly combination. We've received several calls and emails from people wondering if we're about to get a law banning the use of a cell phone while driving. The answer is no -- except for two specific groups. Teenagers under the age of 18 and school bus drivers are not allowed to drive while talking on the phone. State legislators passed the law last year. Bus drivers can be fined $100. Teens that break the rules could be fined $25. State Highway Patrol Sgt. T.T. Daniels said, "You take a teenager that's just learning how to drive and they're using a cell phone -- that spells a catastrophe." A teen can be ticketed for illegally talking on their cell phone, if they're pulled over for something else. Twice North Carolina legislators have attempted to ban the use of cell phones while driving for everyone. Both bills were eventually withdrawn.

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So lets see

No Cell Texting- or talking - Drive with both hands at 10 and 2 on the wheel - look straight ahead...then to your left- then to your right-- Come on people- Stop asking government to FIX EVERYTHING... So if you outlaw cells- outlaw all smoking in cars- (which is coming) outlaw all eating in cars... No more holding the sweeties hand---you might wreck and never let her put her hand on your thigh...... Distractions in cars are COMMON..not needed for everything to be banned... Buy insurance- drive with SENSE and if you cause bodily harm- then hang up the cell phone and call 911...

to ya momma b

I can honestly say that i have never drove while talking on a cell phone or texting. I have never sent a text message in my life and I DO NOT own a cell phone. So many idiots out there that can barely drive to begin with then throw in a cup of coffee, a cell phone, a cig, and putting on some make up all at teh same time. They should ticket every fool out there talking on a phone while driving. Although 90% of cops and sherriff patrol i see are on a cell phone too.

Ban Cell Phone Use!

The sooner North Carolina has a cell phone ban (in cars, trucks, etc.) the better. Too many accidents occur when someone is talking/texting while they're driving. It's time to ban cell phone use and to impose a heavy fine if anyone is caught! It's dangerous, and it could kill or maim someone. Why doesn't the Mayor do something about this atrocious problem with cell phone use by drivers? I'm hoping that I'm not rear-ended by a driver using his/her cell phone...If I am, I'm likely to lose it and get a ticket for rowdy behavior.


guestfedupwithcellphonuse you can not say that you have never drove without texting or talking on a cell phone. while there should be some responsibility while driving and talking its impossible and stupid to take away cell phone use completely. And if so many more rights are taken away it would feel as if we were living under dictatorship. I feel hypocracy coming from your side of the argument

cell phones

new york state has had a cell phone law for many years and its a farce. Its rarely enforced and the police ride around on their cell phones. you can still comb your hair and put your make up on, thats ok. nys law states that both hands are to be on the wheel unless one hand is required to operate the vehicle. ie: shifting, signals etc. dont waste your legislatures time with this law.

I am a person who uses my

I am a person who uses my phone while driving however unlike some I do not use it when traffic is bad, or bad weather. I see many who just can't function when talking on the phone heck there is some who can't walk and talk on a phone none the less drive and talk..But I do not agree with banning cell phone use while driving I do believe in stiffer penalties if there is multiply witness saying you were talking on the phone when YOU caused a accident. I do not use hands free device mostly b/c of I just don't like them and I drive just as good as if I didn't have a cell phone. Like I said that is me and yes I would be mad if someone hit me while they were talking on the phone b/c obviously they were not coordinated enough. I don't see cell phones being any more of a problem then someone putting a cd in their radio, switching stations or using their Ipod. I will have to admit I am also avid Ipod user and I have had to stop using it in my vehicle for the fact it did take my focus off of the road and did have a near miss once. Like everything else this should be a personal choice if you know you attention is not on the road when talking on the phone don't do it. I will repeat I believe it should be stiffer penalties if they cause a accident and even stiffer ones if they harm the person in the other vehicle. Banning cell phones is not the answer.

cell phones and driving

Let me guess you are under 25?

cell phone while driving

I don't think the issue of using the phone is the problem. It's the fact that most people need to keep both hands on the wheel and not have one attached to their head. Turning to look in a blind spot or checking your mirrors is much easier without an obstruction on one side of your head. You can't argue with common sense. Hands free headsets are available anywhere and allow you to turn around in either direction without difficulty. I drive around town all day with work, and the drivers that are the most problem are people with their hand stuck to their head. I can't believe that anyone can see through their arm. This law needs to be revised and voted on again.

NC cell phones

How rediculous is this, we have identified that talking on the phone and driving is dangerous for our children. What happens when someone over the age of 18 crashes into a teenacher or school bus and harms them or worse kills them. I have been cut off by many people over the age of 18 and narrowly missed and accident. It's time for the state of NC to get serious and make hands-free cell phone the law while driving. Don't worry, people will still move here.

It is not the holding and

It is not the holding and talking on the cell phone that is the big problem, it is the attention level that decreases while listening or being wrapped up in a conversation. Hands free does not help and really it varies from person to person depending on their attention span. By the way should we outlaw kids from crying in cars or the dude who eats his Taco Bell going 70 mph?

cell phones

A young college girl hit me in the rear..while I was stopped at a traffic light..I saw her coming..she was on the phone and laughing when she hit me (in front of UNCW)..Not so bad... until she asked me not to all the police because it was her third time crashing into a car while on the phone !

You got to love people

The funny part is that this story was a hoax from day one, but we got an email today from a fellow employee "warning us all" that a new law went into effect today banning all cell phone use. What an idiot, you would think this would have been all over the news, public awareness commercials, etc... This was a cleverly done underground campaign by an activist group who wants the use of a popular invention banned because people are unable to take care of themselves. Sounds a little left to me. Give them credit though, they got a few of you.

cell phones and driving

If you are driving and talking with a phone in your hand, you are driving impaired. At least get a bluetooth device before you kill someone. I saw a woman driving on the phone with a dog in her lap speeding up, slowing down, speeding up, slowing down on hwy.17 north on the way to Hampstead the other day. Just CRAZY!

cell phones and driving

I do think the same if....ANYONE is going to be on a cell phone then get a bluetooth. Thier is no reason to hurt anyone.... Not for no kind reason @ all. It is all understanding if someone has to use it for work but they can still use a Bluetooth, and if it an Eemrgancey alot of the ear things u can get for your cell phone u can use it for 911 calls too. And program ur phone for voice tags to call the most nmbers of what u need if u r driving.But most of all people need to drive safe. Young or old. And if u have a pet get a animal pet seat.

cell phones use

I believe if you were to ban cell phones then you better ban people from eating and driving putting on make up while driving, which i have seen alot of women doing, but yes there are alot of people driving and talking on the phone and not very good at multi tasking, but if you were to ban phones then where does it stop........

driving responsibly

Cell phone usage while driving is a joke. Many people just can't put the darn things down. Bluetooth handsfree devices are cheap and easy to use. The fact is eating, applying makeup, shaving, reading maps, ect. all distract you while you are driving. I am one in support for laws that will fine all drivers caught doing any of these things while driving. I am not in favor of bigger government. I am in favor of the government doing its job in protecting the majority from those who feel that they can do as they please with total disregard for the safety of others.

Talkin, textin and drivin!


drivers here in Wilmington

Wow I can't believe how many accidents there are here. Oh I mean wrecks lol...I will bet there are many people driving with no license and or no insurance. I have seen cars pulled over quite a bit lately and way to go to the police officers. Go get em.

In regards to this...which

In regards to this...which i think is funny "We've received several calls and emails from people wondering if we're about to get a law banning the use of a cell phone while driving." ....Want to know how this rumor came about ? Some fool took an article that was for California, copied and pasted it to an e-mail and substituted North Carolina. The e-mail went around and no one checked their sources so there a rumor was created. I laughed when I just read this article. Weeks ago I got the e-mail from a coworker. First thing I did was google it and found on a dmv web site , the same story only it was for California not NC. So a lesson learned for e-mail readers and passerons. Check your sources.

[Quote]: "Twice North

[Quote]: "Twice North Carolina legislators have attempted to ban the use of cell phones while driving for everyone. Both bills were eventually withdrawn." [Unquote] After reading this statement as reported in this article, and then reading the comments of its readers here, it's plain to see that our government doesn't practice what people put them in office for. Refuse to quit using your cell phone on a airplane before take off/landing when asked to...go ahead and you'll be renting a car. Some people mean business about the dangers of cell phone use...our government ignores them. I'm waiting for the news story to come out about a gas pump explosion due to someone using their cell phone while pumping gas...and it will eventually happen.


FIRST cell phones don't cause explosions at gas pumps. You get as much of a spark in the winter with static off of your clothes. It's been tested MANY TIMES with the results showing it just doesn't happen. LOTS of things distract drivers in cars...Lets just make the law say, you cannot have ANY passengers, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN, no radio, CD's, pens, paper, etc...all of those things can cause distractions just long enough to get involved in a wreck. HECK..lets just go back to walking. It's people like YOU that have put this country in the state that it is in right this moment. Everyone wants the government to protect them and make decisions for them...NOT the way it was intended to happen. Lets just have a law against common sense because I guess it's just not needed anymore.

To me children in the back

To me children in the back seat are far more distracting that a cell phone. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen a mom or dad turn around while driving to get after a child. I don't have a problem with talking on the cell phone while driving. I can do both with no problem, but I can tell you a child screaming in the back seat or yelling out someones car can distract me. I don't think teenagers should talk on a cell phone but I don't see a problem with a responsible adult driving while talking.

It never fails

It never fails... Once a day I get behind some moron either talking or worse yet... TEXTING.... Swirving between lanes, enexpected starts and stops (thus wasting my gasoline) and endangering all those around them.... DO you remember the day when the only preoccupied idiot that was on the road was still getting ready for work? Gone are those days.... And only a $25 fine? Idiot lawmakers.. (Until one of their family members gets unjured from a tecting motorist..) All of us have to suffer.. DO everyone a favor and don't be an idiot.. Stay off your cell phone when you are driving.. That way we don't have to roll at 25mph all the way down Oleander? Ok? Good....

cell phones

I think it should be banned for all people of all ages in any situation. It's very hazardous no matter how long you've been driving. Through the years, the drinking age has been raised from 18 to 19 to 21. The smoking age has been raised to 18. But never has the driving age been changed. I think it should be moved up to at least 17 and maybe 18. There is no reason whatsoever why a 10th grader should be so desperate to drive. We are having a gas crisis now,and soooo many people are on the road using what gas we do have.99% of a 16 years old driving around is for pleasure, not necessity.They need to ride the school bus and save gas. Let their parents drive them to the beach and pool if they have to go. They should be at home, not driving around crazily , hurting people, wasting gas, and running the streets.

I think the driving age

I think the driving age should ether be 16 or 17. They have to learn responsablity sometime. If you had a 16 or 17 year old would you always want to have to take them back and forth to work and to school events that they are involved in.

I suppose you haven't had

I suppose you haven't had the pleasure of chauffeuring a teenager around? Especially one with a job, or is involved in extra-curricular activities?

Ever heard of a bicycle?

No one chauffeured me around when I was in high school. If I couldn't get there by bicycle, it was the city bus.


Well, Guest2828 sounds a little bitter about their driving past. But beyond that I don't get all the different age limits. To me if you are allowed to go into the army at age 17 you should be able to drive, drink, and talk on a cell phone where ever you want to-respectively. The age limits in this country are ridiculous. We are one of the only countries that has a 21 year old drinking age. It hasn't solved anything. I say that the age of adulthood should be 17. At that age you may do anything that a legal adult can do. And, by the way. I am a 41 year old professor. I'm not a kid.


I have to disagree with the age of sound a little grumpy there. Kids need to learn to start have to start weening them sometime and at 18 they are adults...they need to KNOW how to drive by then....16 is old enough for some responsibilities...If you are going to do that...if you are should give up your dont' need it. As far as driving with phones...there is LITTLE that is more aggravating than getting behind some idiot driving 35 in a 45 or 55 because they are jabbering on the phone. I can multi task while driving..I was trained to be able to concentrate on the road while listening to a conversation...but the MAJORITY cannot do that and need to HANG UP THE FLIPPIN PHONE!

Hey 7969..... where were you

Hey 7969..... where were you trained to do something like that?