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NC Coastal Resources Commission says sandbags must be removed

READ MORE: N.C. Coastal Resources Commission says sandbags must be removed

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Sandbags are the last line of defense for many beach front homeowners, but the North Carolina Coastal Resources Commission says they have to go. The removal of the sandbags in Kure Beach is a very sensitive subject. Some residents say without them, it will only take one big storm to knock out their homes. To some they're an eyesore, but no matter what they look like, sandbags serve a very important purpose.

John Rochester is staying in Kure Beach and said, "If they took those sandbags away right now, after two or three weeks of fall weather where we have storms, the deck would be gone."

The sandbags at The Riggings condominiums have been in place for about 15 years. They were originally installed as a temporary fix to keep the ocean at bay. The state's CRC has never really endorsed the sandbags, but has allowed homeowners, threatened by shoreline erosion, to use them over the years.

They even granted several extensions.

"When they're kept in tact, they're usually never seen," said Rochester. "If they would allow them to put more out there, the sand would fill in around them and they would never be seen. They're not an eye sore until the state stops people from maintaining them, not taking them up, but maintaining them."

State officials say the sand bags simply force erosion to areas further down the beach.

In May 2008, coastal officials started enforcing the removal of the sandbags, but that was quickly stopped by a 2009 moratorium. Without the sandbags, many properties in Kure Beach, and even historical monuments like Fort Fisher, are at risk of being washed away.

"A lot of money invested that the taxpayers would have to go back and pay if it got washed away," Rochester said. "These sandbags are stopping a lot of erosion."

The division will examine existing sandbag structures and prioritize what needs to go first before enforcing any sandbag removal.

A number of Kure Beach homeowners, who did not want to go on camera, said they are very upset. They said they've worked long and hard, in order to purchase a beach front property. They say they already have enough to worry about with being beachfront owners. The last thing they need is the state taking away things that help protect their investments.

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dumb to build on beach

How about a good dose of common sense and stop all future building on the beaches.
If people use common sense and build homes in suitable areas we would not be wasting tax $$ arguing about this stupid crap.
But the money is making decisions, not common sense.
Remove all the sand bags and let nature take it's course.
Isn't that why we pay all this money for the beach plan insurance pool as homeowners who do not live on the beach?

In Eastern NC there is and

In Eastern NC there is and old saying toward the beaches and the barrier islands "Only build what you can afford to loose." When I came to NC in the early seventies these words held true; until our honorable governor appointed developers to the CRC in the early 80's and million dollar homes started springing up and down our coast. Locals just shook their heads knowing the sea would reclaim its beaches. If you built more than you can afford to loose on our shifting sands you're and idiot and I will not throw my hard earned money your way.


If memory serves, the Riggings owners refused a settlement whereby they would have had new condos further back if they would agree to remove the sandbags and current structures. If so, they have made their choice and now must suffer the conswquences of that choice. Remove the sandbags. 15 years of temporary sandbags and an offer to build new condos is certainly fair. Time to enforce the laws that apply to everyone.

The Riggings

Were not the owners of these Condo's/Home givin the option of moving them across the street several years ago if I recall? With HELP of FEDERAL Monies?
Yet they DECLINED? (correct Me if I'm wrong here).

Let'em fall into the ocean, they'll help "rebuild" the beach, and give alot of NEW structure to catch fish from!
Don't SPEND OUR, the Public's Tax Dollar's, on peoples follies of Building on "Shifting Sands"....


It seems that after seeing the devastating economic loss suffered in the Gulf BEACH areas this year our esteemed bureaucrats in Raleigh would be looking for ways to preserve and enhance our beaches. Sandbags work and maintaining them is a GREAT investment in our State's economy. However if we let our beaches erode, then all the people that save up all year for a vacation will have go to South Carolina beaches.
The first thing we need to do to save our beaches is to replace all those valuable people that currently serve us working at the CRC. This will give them a better idea of how valuable the beaches and sandbags are to our state and maybe their replacements will have more productive ideas.

Sandbags and the riggings..

I suggest very Strongly, you visit the north end of Holden Beach..
To see how "Sand Bags" worked there... Especailly after "years" on the beach.. It's wasn't then, nor now, very pretty...
I COMMEND the CRC on thier actions on Sandbags... GET RID OF THEM!
The Riggings had a *choice* of moving thier Condo's, they DECLINED, now let them face "Mother Nature", without TAX Dollar "Help"...

Great Timing

I guess they missed the fact that it is Hurricane Season. Did they miss the 2 severe strms which bypassed eastern North carolina in the past 30 days? I guess Igor doesn't count either.

This is something they could pursue after 12/01; and what a great Christmas gift for the impacted owners.

Are any members of the Commission residents on the Coast?


yes there are members with houses on the beach. Anyone with any common sense know that barrier islands are constantly migrating. Should be build at own risk without any fed local or state funds going towards damage or rebuilding of their structures. And yes if I had the $$ I would live on the beach, knowing that is a risk I /couldwould incur.

Hard structures such as sand

Hard structures such as sand bags are not allowed in NC and should not be allowed. When beach erosion occurs, the beach is simply moved not removed. The beach system itself will survive and thrive as they have done for many millions of years. The only ones that are in danger are the people who choose to put thier home on a moving pile of sand. At some point people are going to have to concide to nature. We are not going to be able to stop this natural process and we need to stop helping people make poor choices.

Beach front property

Number 1- My tax money should not be used to dredge and rebuild beach front property. Theses barrier islands have washed away and shifted since Giovanni de Verrazano came and landed on this land. Prime example-Bald Head Island. It should be a crime for my tax money to be used to bank up sand on their property. They had the big bucks to purchase it, so therefore spend your money to maintain it.
Number 2- If you buy beach front property, you own that property and should be able to put sandbags there if you please.
Number 3- Get rid of all of this big government.
Number 4- I should not have to have an insurance increase so that the government will have enough money to cover a disaster for your beach front property. You know the liability when you purchase it and it is much greater on the coast. If you choose to live there, then foot your own bill.

It's a public beach

If anyone can go park their butt on it, it's proper to use taxpayer dollars for replenishment.

Make it a private beach and the owners will have to pick up the tab.

You can't have it both ways.

Point 2 of yours is based on

Point 2 of yours is based on some false information. In the state of NC private individuals and companies can not own what is considered the beach. All beaches in NC are public land, thats why on Figure 8 island a gated bridge they can not tell people to leave the beach. When people put sandbags up to save thier land they are not putting it on their land they are putting them on public land.

You know what

I live on the beach; and I agree with everything you say.

And as soon as tax dollars stop flowing to those who do not wish to work and will not work, I'll be in line to push for an end of federal subsidies for flood insurance.

And as soon as tax dollars stop flowing for such items as free cell phones, Section 8 Housing, and Food stamps to all but those who are metally or physically unable to work, I'll get in line again to push for an end to federal subsidies for flood and wind insurance.

And as soon as tax dollars stop flowing to those baby makers who breed new generations of non-working welfare and entitlement recipients, I'll be the first in line to stop posting on this website.

But that will never happen.

So as long as I pay taxes and help support the phsyically able who choose not to work, I'll continue to look to Washington for federal subsidies for flood insurance and relief if a hurricane hits the coast.


Very well articulated, SurfCityTom. But you know, we're the one demonized and hated because we are considered "filthy rich." People are taught by government and mainstream media to show disdain for people like you and I instead of the parasite class.

I don't demonize you because

I don't demonize you because you are "filthy rich", I demonize you because you bought more than you can afford and now want to raid every other taxpayers wallet.


mine's paid for. I bought in 2000 before prices went throught he roof.

So I guess you have no cause to demonize me.

But if my taxes are used to subsidize these baby breeders who look upon each child as an increase in pay through increased entitlements, SEction 8, Food Stamps, Free cell phones, and all the goodies, then my taxes should also go toward nourishing the beaches.

At least the beach communities bring hundreds of thousands in revenue into their communities annually. What do the baby breeders and permanent entitlement receipients bring to their communities?

You can not walk both sides of the street. If a person is to be demonized for purchasing a large beach house they can not afford, then candidly, people who go out and produce more children then they can afford -- and pass on ALL of the costs to society and the taxpayers -- also deserve your criticism.

I want to see how you rebut that one.

Hey Tommy Boy

I am sick of paying taxes and the problem is that everyone is looking to Washington rather than facing reality. It is called get off of your A$$ and work like I was raised to do. Be responsible for yourself. I don't need other people's help because we were reared on how to take care of ourself. I am tired of hearing about people who choose to live in luxurous areas and then don't won't to keep up their own expense. I chose not to live in one and I don't won't to support you to live there. You are on your own. We sold our two beach houses because our second row at Ocean Isle became front row. Eventually they will be fish structures in the ocean.

Hey Taxpayer Boy

why not go back and read my post with open eyes and a clear brain?

I have never sat on my butt and looked to anyone for help, chowderhead.

But as long as Washington passes out free housing; free food; free cell phones; and free money to those worhtless twits who leach off of the taxpayer's carcas, I'll continue to think the Feds should underwrite flood insurance.

If you bought in the wrong beach or made the wrong decisions, that's life. Get over it.

Or better yet, help elect some candidates who will work to eliminate entitlesments.

Sand Bags

I live across the street from the Riggins. I agree that tax payers dollars should not be used to shore up(pun intended)private homes on the beach. However, the state, many years ago, placed a huge rock barrier on the beach property adjoining the Riggins property. That was done to keep erosion from the only road on the island that goes to Fort Fisher. the NC Aquarium, Fort Fisher itself and the Southport Ferry.
Doing this increased the erosion on the beaches of private homeowners. The state has spent no money on the preservation of the land at the Riggins. The expense was by the homeowners.

Now had they (Riggins Homeowners) taken the federal grant and built across the street, this section of beach would now be underwater and erosion would be creeping up the beach toward the town of Kure Beach. The state would then have to spend millions of dollars in order to keep the island afloat. (again with the puns).

Not only that, but the Riggins property, which would now be underwater, is roadfront. Now the state would follow suit, as they did years ago with the massive rock barricade to save Fort Fisher and the single access highway, have to place a barrier of some kind to save what they have already spent so much money to save.

Now the owners at the Riggins are doing that for FREE. Let the people save their property, at no expense to the taxpayer, and keep a large taxpayer base in Kure Beach. If not, the Ocean Dunes property and condos, which border the Riggins property, will next be threatened. This will be a disaster for the taxpayers because of possible litigation(speculating here)
against the state and county and town of Kure Beack for allowing this to happen by persecuting the very people(Riggins Homeowners) that hold the key to the simole and admirable goal of saving this island for the ravishes of beach erosion. For Free

BINGO. The problems at The

The problems at The Riggings were caused by the adjacent seawall- a seawall no one else in NC can build.