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NC community colleges required to admit undocumented aliens

READ MORE: NC community colleges required to admit undocumented aliens
North Carolina community colleges are now completely open to undocumented aliens. The state community college system recently passed a directive requiring all community colleges to admit undocumented immigrants. Until about two weeks ago Cape Fear Community College did not admit students without proper documentation. With this new directive it has no choice. The memo was perfectly clear. Local community colleges must begin admitting undocumented individuals. The law allows us to enroll in state and out of state students. It does not allow us to enroll illegal aliens. Up until he read the e-mail, Cape Fear president Dr. Eric McKeithan didn't allow students to enroll unless they had the proper paperwork. He says the school-which allows 7500 students to take courses for college credit--has already reached it's limits. "If you want to take a late afternoon class in machine shop, I've probably got room for you. For all practical purposes, we are filled to capacity. We go up to 7,500 and then we just have to tell people then simply there's no more space." McKeithan says he thinks the decision about whether undocumented aliens should be admitted should be up to lawmakers, not the community college board. Some local legislators agree. North Carolina Congresswoman Sue Myrick called the directive "a stupid policy." State senator Phil Berger said he's "disappointed by the bureaucratic decisions of our community college system." Cape Fear students seemed to have mixed reactions. One student said, "If an illegal immigrant comes here and they're taking the same classes, to get the college education that we're getting I don't think it's fair, because in return they can't go out and get the same jobs that we can." Another student said, "As long as they're not doing bad things, they're doing good things for their self and their family, they should be able to go to school. They should be able to live out their lives in the United States and get an education so they can get better jobs." Brunswick Community College has traditionally been open to undocumented aliens. Out of the school's 1,350 students, 10 of them are undocumented. One of those undocumented students said she's just happy she is able to be the first person in her family to get a college education.

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WWAY didn't give you all the facts in this story

We haven't heard all of the facts from WWAY on this story. Here is a letter I sent to their editors with information you might be interested in. In your story of Nov. 28th, entitled NC Community Colleges Required to Admit Undocumented Aliens, you failed to include an essential piece of information. You did not report the fact that the undocumented students who will now be permitted to enter Cape Fear and all NC Community Colleges will have to pay out-of-state tuition. When reading the message board comments that followed the story on your website I noticed a pattern that is common among those who have strong anti-immigrant sentiment, a sense that immigrants are coming to the United States and getting services for free. Your failure to include the out-of-state tuition for undocumented students in your story fuels this misconception and does not allow people to form opinions based on all of the relevant facts. It is hard for me to believe that your reporter and editor could not have been aware of this information. In order to be complete, your story should have reported that undocumented students who do enroll in Cape Fear Community College with a full course load would, according to the statement by President of NC’s Community College System, Martin Lancaster, “have to pay $7,465 per year as full-time curriculum students, which is $2,090 more than the legislature gives the community college to educate a full-time student.” Also it is important to note that many of these undocumented students are not opposed to being asked to pay more to attend college. While it might be financially difficult for them, many students understand the call for them to pay out-of state tuition and are willing to scrape together that significantly more expensive tuition in order to reach their goal of attaining a college degree. Also, another piece of information relevant to the financial aspects of this new community college policy is that many undocumented immigrants in North Carolina actually pay income taxes. Many people assume that if a person is working here illegally that they must be working “under the table.” While some immigrants may not be paying taxes on their income, many use a number issued by the IRS, called the ITIN, or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, to file their taxes. Therefore those immigrants who are paying income taxes to the NC and Federal governments are in fact already supporting the community college system. It is dismaying to me that you failed to include the vital detail of out-of-state tuition in this story. Whether it was ignorance on the part of your reporter and editor, which is hard to believe given the public availability of the statement made by Community College President Lancaster (See, or a conscious decision to not include this information, your failure to do so fuels anti-immigrant sentiment that is often based on a lack of factual information. I hope that in future reports on controversial topics such as immigration you will include all of the relevant information so that your viewers and website visitors can form opinions based on all of the facts.

Admission of Illegal Aliens into our Community Colleges

I believe legal immigration is good for America. I also believe that Folks who willfully ignore our laws are trespassing. They should be prosecuted and deported as specified by law. Our immigration system is flawed and needs improvement, but that situation does not entitle foreign nationals to come here illegally and expect the rights and privileges of the citizens and legal residents.

undocumented aliens

I don't understand how citizens of our state and country don't get the big picture. It's not about if they are good people or not. It's not about if they have had hard lives or not. It's about we can seem to feed all the hungry in the US and we as tax payers pay the bill for all others whom don't seem to have to pay taxes or follow welfare rules or be held accountable for actions that they have. If you want to come to America and go to school do so the proper way. Get a visa, apply to become a citizen if you want, but quit giving illegal aliens from other countrys American money that should be used to help the elerdy and hungry of the US who may have fell on hard times or fought wars for us but we turn our backs on them and we stand up and scream out for the illegals. If I go to a forigen country to leave for any length of time I will get a visa and I will do what is required from that goverment. I don't think it's a lot to ask, being we ask our young 19 yr old military guys to go and fight for our freedom and risk losing their lives. Maybe the people writting these comments about it doesn't hurt anyone should go and fight for our freedommmmmmmmmmmm

Illegals-what can I give them now?????

I think this is bull. We are giving them everthing and all they have to do is show up and its here take this and while your at it take the shirt off my broken back. Give me a break people. I am busting my behind to put my AMERICAN BORN AND RAISED CHILDREN thru school and now your telling me that they can run over here and get a free education. Trust me they don't have to pay for anything now so don't tell me that they will be paying for their college education. What are the other requirements they will not have to have, high school degree -1 GPA? I'm working with a mountain load of immigrants now and trust me they get more than their share of FREE stuff. People with no children claim four dependents so they pay no taxes on their check then some file taxes on dependents that don't live here and get a load of money from the IRS. I've seen these things so don't tell me what else we need to GIVE IMMIGRANTS, they get more than they deserve now.

nc community collages

dont get me wrong i think everyone deserves an education an i dont have a problem with someone wanting to better their self but i think they need to draw the line somewhere if they want to be part of the united states then they should have to be legal first before they have right to do anything here an that is what the problem is noone is stopping it.


As a citizen and a taxpayer, I find this abhorrent. ILLEGAL'S deserve NOTHING!


Have we forgot what the definition of ILLEGAL means? And when there's trouble you won't even be able to identify these people. I'm shocked that with all thats going on once again it comes down to you can even payoff the schools! Pay your fees and they don't care who you are. And for the students supporting them, your not old enough to realize what they are doing to better pray social security and other benifits will be around for you if you need them because right now, there running out because of crap like this! your ILLEGAL friends and families.


its bad enough that they are here. takeing all our jobs.useing up our fuel.useing up our houseing.getting free hand outs from our we want to educate them so they can take more. this is nothen more then morden day slavery. lets hire mexicans so that the poor have to work for less. ya right. does the rich, or the gov. think that us poor are to stupid to read between the lines?

The sad part about some of

The sad part about some of these comments is the amusing fact that I being an illegal immigrant seem to have superior grammar! Now how sad is that? Let me go to school that's all I'm saying! Simply because I had 3.8 gpa in highschool and my resume was superior to most American born children who won't even make it out of highschool. How is it that so many American citizens complain that I'm bad even though I plan on doing the legal thing as soon as I am able to? Why do they complain that I am taking jobs even though their argument is that I can't get a job either way if I get a college degree? How do they say that I am bad when in school I am achieving something their kids aren't even though I'm supposedley inferior! Some people are compete idiots on here! How are you an American citizen and still don't know how to spell you're own language properly? If there wasn't drive for me in the past there is now because when I do graduate some of you idiots will hear of me and my achievements! Keep that in mind people.

Absolutely Absurd

You mean I'm still paying off student loans in the tens of thousands for out of state tuition and someone can illegally enter this country not pay taxes and pay in state tuition if they they pay any at all. That is simply NOT FAIR too hard working tax payers and a slap in the face too its legal citizens.

I am going to break every

I am going to break every law in this country. If they can do it, so can I.

Community College

I believe my cat would do a better job in Raleigh!

They are....ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!

This is a disgrace! Why does our government bend over backwards for these ILLEGAL immigrants? They are not supposed to be here! They are breaking the law by being here illegally and yet we give them in-state tuition, free health care, tax-free employment by workin under-the-table, free education to their young children. It's a real shame, our fellow Americans working up in D.C. are taking much better care of illegal foreigners than their own hard working American tax-paying neighbors! What is this country coming to? The American people needs to speak up and write to their local congressmen,etc. and voice their displeasure because this is not acceptable!!

How can you "require"

How can you "require" anything for a person who is here illegally. We had better wake up and quit trying to be so PC.

Admitting illegal aliens in community colleges

I don't think that this is in compatibility to the laws concerning illegal immigrants. On one hand the government says not to hire and patronize them, on the other hand they force you to go against the laws they created. What is their pockets being filled with that they make these decisions. Many citizens apply for grants, scholarships, and loans and cannot get them. Next, they will be granting them free education.

Undocumented aliens and North Carolina tax funded schools

Allowing undocumented illegal aliens to enter state schools is unacceptable in itself. But, to compete with lawful and legal North Carolina residents for limited school openings is an outrage. Expecting U.S. citizens to tolerate one more undermining situation is a call to action. It is time to call, e-mail, and fax our local and state representatives. This is reverse discrimination when illegal aliens can apply to N.C. schools with either stolen, falsified, or non-existent documents to gain entry to taxpayer funded institutions at the expense of a legal resident. I suspect that if I showed up with the same documents or lack of, I would be turned away. A class action lawsuit needs to commence to protect the interests of legal residents. This is one more sellout mandate for U.S. citizens and North Carolina residents.

Undocumented aliens and politics

The politicians running this country need these illegals to help them retain power and control of it. American was sold years ago to the highest bidders and guess what, they are not Americans. One of, if not the biggest importers to this country is communist. Our financial interest and stability rests in the hands foreign countries that make these politicians and their friends millionaires and billionaires. How do you control billions of people; Break down the the family. Keep them down with high taxes. Keep them drugged, distracted, fed and entertained so they don't vote. Keep them dependent on a government by writing laws they can't understand much less read and then hire some bureaucrats to take the blame for all the failures. Where do I get these facts? Look around. Look in your wallet. The pendulum of power continues to swing while slicing away at the good ole' U.S.A

Schooling Aliens

The only thing that I have to say is : What Part Of Ilegal Aliens Don't They Understand ? They Are Breaking The Law Just By Being Here! And As Far As Them Going To School To Find Training For A Job, Now Tell Me If I'm Wrong, But Is It Not Ilegal To Hire An Ilegal Aliens ? Where are they Going To Get a Job ?