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NC Democrats face tough challenges in 2010

READ MORE: NC Democrats face tough challenges in 2010
2010 will bring new faces to the state senate for south eastern North Carolina. In November Senator Julia Boseman announced she would not seek re-election in 2010. Wednesday R.C. Soles, the longest serving State Senator in North Carolina’s history made the same decision and Thursday Senator Tony Rand served his last day in the senate. Political leaders say the loss of experienced senators could make it difficult for southeastern North Carolina to have its voice heard in Raleigh, but Senator Rand says new faces could actually *help* the region and the democratic party. “The face of the senate in southeastern North Carolina is going to change rather dramatically, but I feel good about our party and the kinds of things that we work for: job creation, education, the things that really mean a lot to our part of North Carolina’” Rand said. “So I’m looking forward to the future and I think the new group will certainly do as well as we did and hopefully they'll do better,” Republican Party members say the big changeover could be their opportunity to gain a majority in Raleigh. Bettie Fennel is running for the eighth district seat which is now held by Senator Soles. “I think it's going to be a breath of fresh air for North Carolina,’ said Fennel. “They probably see the tsunami coming next year, because I expect republicans are going to win a great number of senate and house seats.” Fennel says new senators will bring new ideas that could help the area grow. Although the new senators will lack the experience of Soles, Rand, and Boseman, Fennel says too many years in office, can be a bad thing. “Frankly, I think that creates a lot of corruption.” For the Democratic Senators, 2009 was a year filled with questions and controversy. Senator Boseman had a very public child custody battle and dealt with several foreclosures. Since announcing his resignation, Senator Rand is under investigation for insider trading and Senator Soles is the subject of two investigations. The first involves a shooting that took place at his home, and the second is allegations of sexual molestation.

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guess who else needs help

...people who voted for the smoking ban. i won't be voting for many of them, nor will a lot of others. and for the democrats who voted for it, they can say good bye. not that i smoke, nor like it, but as the owner of a local bar i do not feel like the government should tell me to tell my customers to go outside.

Responsible Representatives

I like the idea of getting new people in office who will be responsible to the folks who elected them. However, we must not be hasty and elect someone into office just because s/he is new. We must get qualified, responsible, ethical folks in office.


It is time for a little housecleaning in our State government. The Democratic Party in N.C is one of the most corrupt in the nation. Look at the number of Democratic officeholders convicted or currently being investigated.


Liberal democrats are socialist, segregationist, secularist and special interest! I would not imagine in my lifetime: illegal immigrants allowed to go to state colleges, communist czars advising from the White House, a segregated 97% of the black populace voting for a party based on skin color, America moved into a marxist socialist government. Our legislative branch has failed us, our executive branch has failed us, and our state and local judiciary branch has failed us. Our Supreme Court is a member away from failing us, and Obama will be appointing that liberal leftist next year. Will our only hope be the Patriot?

democrats in 2010

We the people are looking at going green in 2010 we are going to recycle all these so called elected Representatives and put in all new people who will hear what the people are saying.

I would like to see some of

I would like to see some of the ones that are going to run for the senate seat pull 42 years! This man has done something right!!


is a year of opportunity for Republicans. BUT, Ms. Fennell and other candidates need to focus on issues and how they would solve them. She's doing nothing more than rehashing the same old garbage that helped keep her out of office in the last election. Ms. Fennell -- either put up some action plans and how you specifically would work to improve our repres4entation in Raleigh. Quit the focus on "corruption" and all the other hog wash you spewed forth during the last election. Or, Republicans in your district may decide to sit the next election out as you have nothing concrete to offer. RC has stepped aside. He's no longer an issue you can harp on. Now put up some plans.