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NC doctor pulls out plastic piece lodged in lung of Wilmington man

A Wilmington man thinks his mysterious health problems have been solved. Part of a Wendy's fast food restaurant spoon was recently recovered from John Manley's left lung. He had been sick for more than two years, with breathing problems, fatigue and pneumonia. He visited numerous doctors, and underwent various courses of treatment, but no one could figure out what went wrong. Finally, after a long hospital stay, a doctor put a camera down Manley's throat and saw the piece of plastic. A doctor at Duke got it out a week ago. "Normally when I come out of anesthesia, I'm a little frisky, so I told him to stay at arm's reach but when I got this thing out he said that I was trying to hug him and kiss him because I could breathe! I haven't been able to breathe for two years," described Manley. The actual Wendy's spoon is still at Duke for pathology. Manley used to do home improvements, and said he used to visit Wendy's, and eat quickly if he was in a hurry on a job.

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A lawyers dream come true.

A lawyers dream come true.


How convenient it was the one piece of the spoon that has a label!

slow down and chew your food

slow down and chew your food instead of inhaling it AND the utensils you use to eat

...and now, the REST of the story

Had you heard the story on the local public radio station this afternoon, you would have heard that Mister Manley had "not ruled out litigation." Sure, pal....blame Wendy's. They should have a sign in every restaurant - "Attention grown, presumably responsible adults. Do not inhale eating utensils."

Must have been very hungry

Must have been very hungry not to notice the spoon.


"adults holding nails or pins in their mouth may suck them into airways and not realize it." How could you not notice?


PROBABLY DID know something went down wrong...however..NOW...its PAYCHECK TIME BABY!

Simple, Das

Drunker than a skunk or higher than a kite.