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NC film industry gets good news

READ MORE: NC film industry gets good news
There was a major victory for North Carolina's film industry. A bill increasing the state's film incentives from 15 to 25 percent passed the Senate Friday after passing the House last night. All it needs now is the Governor's signature. It has been a long-fought battle for members of Wilmington’s film community, and tonight, they're breathing a sigh of relief. The lots at Screen Gems studios have been pretty quiet recently leaving everyone from set builders to caterers who work in the film and television industry feeling uneasy. "For me personally, I mean I haven't worked since December of last year and that was in South Carolina,” said Philippe Gallichet of Cinema Catering. Philippe and Phyllis Gallichet run Cinema Catering. Business is so slim, they’ve considered taking it to other states. But not anymore, now that film incentives in the Tar Heel state are increasing to 25 percent. Thanks to One Tree Hill, some are working, but the tax boost is expected to help many more. "It's going to be great to get all the local people who work in the industry back home again,” said Bill Vassar, vice president of Screen Gems. It's also great news for filmmakers like Dan Brawley, who says there's a renewed energy within the film community. "A little bit of boost to the morale of the film crew who live here in Wilmington, 'cause I think we're all anticipating that there's going to be a big surge of production next year." The bill needs Governor Perdue's signature to become law, and she has expressed her support of this issue. The film incentives would take effect in January.

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How About a Little Truth

False: the state gives money to Hollywood to come to NC. True: the stats will give 25% back to producers AFTER the money has spent sent. Wal Mart doesn't give you 25% off before you buy the TV. You don't get a rebate for that computer until after you have proven you bought it. NC will not give any money back until after a producer has proven the money was spent. False: the incentive will take tax dollars from education, etc. True: you can't take what you are not getting. Is 75% better than 0%? The movies aren't shooting here right now, therefor the money is not coming in. No movie, no money. False: movie people are all lefty democrat. True: no, we are not all that way. Most of us are hard working middle class moderates. Just trying to survive in a state we love. Did yall cry foul when the state gave millions to Dell? To a NASCAR Hall of Fame?

The squeaky wheel gets the grease

This is a very vocal group dominated by "all things (and people) left." With the Democrats in charge, why would anyone find this increased tax break surprising? But it's far from over.... There are still states with higher tax incentives, and we are going to have a bidding war for movie productions. They'll be back next session, asking for an even bigger break. After all, as we have seen for years from the Kennedys, the Kerrys, and most Democratic elite (to include HOW many Obama key appointees), "Paying taxes is for suckers."

It will give locals jobs and

It will give locals jobs and bring money in.

Film Industry tax break

Good job, Gov Perdue. Raise taxes on all NC citizens but give incentives to the film industry. What logic.

What about all the NC

What about all the NC citizens who work in the film industry? Many of whom have to go somewhere else, like S.C. or Georgia, to work. And, therefore, are spending the money they make there. Did you realize that we (Wilmington) lost millions of dollars because of a $200,000 incentive that we wouldn't give the Miley Cirus movie? Millions of dollars that could've gone to our local restaurants, hotels, shops, tourist sites, etc. to pay for those extra taxes.

And yet we are laying off

And yet we are laying off teachers, since making movies is so much more important than educating our children. Hey, I wonder how much seed money our elected officials took for this one.