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NC gas tax holiday proposed

The average price at the pump currently in North Carolina is $3.77. A state law maker is making a new push for a gas tax holiday. Right now, just over 30 cents of every gallon goes to the state. Republican representative Joe Boylan has introduced a bill that would suspend the gas tax for 90 days, beginning June 15th. Representative Joe Boylan said, "North Carolina has the highest gas tax in the southeast and I think the sixth in the nation. We keep putting these burdens on taxpayers of North Carolina and I think it is time for the state to tighten its belt instead." Boylan said he's concerned gas tax revenue is going to 'pork barrel' projects, instead of highway maintenance. Suspending the gas tax would save drivers about $5 to $6 per fill-up.

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All this would do is make a

All this would do is make a bad situation worse. Then next year we would see another rise in property taxes to cover what the gas tax holiday cost.It is a shame that they put our fate in a few morons hands to vote on. The city council is a joke!

City Council?????

Um, City Council doesn't set state gas tax rates... If anything, the greedy gas companies would raise their rates to make up for what they would lose.

think about all the taxes we pay for owning a vehicle in nc

its not just 30 cent a gallon its dmv ,insurance , inspection ,just 2 name a few im taxed and taxed and taxed and taxed on the same motor vehicle over and over again and then i got to ride on the worst roads i have ever seen in my life wilmington streets and roads that just ruin my vehicles allignment and cause my tires to unbalance the roads are horrible and all the taxes i pay for owning and operating vehicle it is insane why why in the hell is my tax money not being used approiatley .

This isn't going to do a bit

This isn't going to do a bit of good. How about fixing the problems where they start. Get rid of the "pork barrel" projects and lower the tax to where it should be in the first place. And aren't we already millions of dollars short to fix the problems we have, like the four bridges in New Hanover County that need major work. Suspending the gas tax would only make a bad situation worse. Besides, our tax is not the reason gas is so high right now. Figure out why oil is selling for $130 a barrel and then we can do something about it.


Someone who gets it! There is absolutely NO REASON that this state, particularly THIS area should be paying one of the highest gas taxes in the nation when we have MAJOR ports on our comes down to our elected officials not knowing what a budget is and knowing how to spend WISELY!!! Government on both levels spend and spend and spend without care for where the money comes from because they know they can squeeze for more.... UNFORTUNATELY there isn't enough TICKED OFF Americans to vote for a third party....YET..but when there is enough I fear it just might be too late.