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NC gas tax reaches maximum level

RALEIGH (AP) -- North Carolina's gas tax has moved to the highest level allowed under state law. Drivers are now paying 30.15 cents per gallon in state taxes. The rate went up .2 cents per gallon on Tuesday as a portion of the tax is tied to rising and falling wholesale fuel prices. The tax would have gone even higher if state lawmakers and Governor Mike Easley had not agreed last year to cap the tax. The gas tax is used for road improvements and transportation needs. (Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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cant see the forest for the trees

Gas Tax, first let me say I am not a guinius, just a country boy from WV, but I find from time to time, that my simple ways sets me on a pedistal,in a crowd of simpleton peers. The gas tax is high, and the money is wasted,we have all laughted at the construction workers on the highway, and the city workers in my case in sanford.and I have often pondered of a state with so much funds they put a guard rail down both sides of the median like they did from sanford thru tramway,I have seen it all over the state though, and then they have to pay people to actually weedeat around the posts and mow the center with riding mowers, what a hoot. it is a waste, BUT...... There will be no reform of the system, dont fool yourself. the problem has gotten so big, that it is feeding on itself, lol like the US deficit. the gas tax in NC,is pennies,I have been broke my whole life, yet I personally laugh,at how comical people are. I am the kind of person who listens,and watches,I love to see petty human nature take its course and here are some of the things I see. Usually the ones complaining in the line about the price of gas, or the taxes on gas, pay for about 20 dollars worth, or ten gallons, with thier pack of ciggs,a case of beer, two lottery tickets, and 3-20 oz bottles of soda. now this is the funny part is they just paid 4.80 in taxes on the gas which will last some days (not me, I use 10 gallons a day or more) and are complaining but never see the 79 cents tax on the smokes.(I smoke too) 1.20 on the case of beer,and the 20 oz bottles, 3 bottles at 1.29= 3.87 plus tax, and they could have gotten a 2 litter for 99 cents, and the lottery ticket people are the funniest.Case and point is the taxes we pay for gas is nothing compared to the money we waste on everything else all day, every day. the solution is simple, dont drive unless you are on the way to/from making money, stop and get what you need on your way home, dont make secondary trips, if you are out just cruising, then you are burning way more money on fuel than taxes, lol.The roads need upkeep. and only a fool doesnt write off atleast a portion of thier gas, or milage, so it all comes out a wash. or better at the 2008 fed income tax rate of 50.5 cents a mile for buisness miles, you only need an average of 1 mile per gallon, doing buissness, to wipe it out. for 15 dollars in most places you could have your own small buissness, and all the perks with it. So I think people should stop complaining about pennies, and educate themselves, so they can save dollars. and for those really genious people out there that blame a president for the problems, you guys make my life worth living,but here is some down to earth info for you,he is a patsy.set forth to take the blame from congress,and for you it is working,News flash, he dont set behind a desk making taxes and laws. sorry, you never will see congress if you stand pointing at any president. the price of oil is not even dictated by the oil companies people wake up, who do you think buys the oil from opec( and if you dont know who they are you really need to do some GOOGLING) WE THE PEOPLE make the oil prices, its a supply and demand world, and a traded comoddity, wall street decides oil prices,not the government, or the oil companies,the oil companies buy the oil at the traded prices. and you could get into that barrel of monkeys too on wall street, we live in a speculated realm.


NC is paying 48.6 cents a gallon in gas tax. One of the highest in the country. I personaly fill up about once a week at 20 gallons a week. For the year that equeals about $500 a year. Then include my federal and state tax I paid on that $500 and it's now $750 a year in additional taxes. Take my property taxes for just my car and my home, then the sales tax. You realize we pay taxes on taxes and if you add up what you actually pay in taxes it close to 50% of what you make. If your a middle class citizen. Maybe if we stop buying parks and building new state, city, county office buildings these taxes wouldn't be necessary. (Like the one Governor Easley - decided to purchase a couple weeks ago / Grandfather Mountain)We really needed that? So now the tax payers of NC own 35 state parks. Wich are seldom ever used. I say we sale 1/2 of them and that along would pay the majority of our state debt and save us millions in tax money for the up-keep on these. Sell them all we have over 1,000 city and state maintained parks in this state. Talk about pork-barrel spending. I could go on and on about the cuts this state could make not to mention the country. Bottom line - who’s going to bale the United States out when we have to file Bankruptcy,. Our government gets a life time retirement about the only ones still in this country that still get a nice check after retirement. (Even if there in jail for ripping the tax payers off or any other crime) Paid by our deficit, not to mention they get there pay-raise every year twice a year. Don't you think we should make this vote, not the ones getting the pay-raise? Why do we have so many people running this country you realize if we cut this in 1/2 you would hardly know it and the savings alone would be billions! Not to include what we could get accomplished. No doubt that our government needs an over-haul. But who’s is going to cut their own jobs -them? So when Obama and McCain say they’re going to clean up Congress, - they can't. How do we plan to pay back this 11 trillion and growing debt we are in? Think that might have some part to do with Wall Street? Time for a change but until this country stands up for ITSELF and does something it's not going to happen!!! My opinion we need a private party non-profit to clean up our government. And last comment - ARE YOU JUST NOT SICK OF THE LIES FROM ALL OUR POLITICIANS! They say what you want to here to get there vote! This will be the first time in my life I haven't voted. And if the entire country done this - think we might see a change? We should elect our government officials first by nominating them for the position. O.K I'm done and I feel better! COPY AND PASTE – SEND TO EVERYONE! Next election in 2012 - We the people can make a change! And stop depending on our screwed up politicians!

gas too high

these law makers need to be put in jail. the gas is too high. its either gas or food and now both are going up more and the goveror wants more money again. it a joke! the whole goverment is a joke. i blame bush. the poor gets poorer and bush and co are playing in pools of pure gold. there spending our money rebuilding a irac and careing more for them then there own people. people here need help first.

gas tax

Jackgh.......You certainly need a lot of help. You must have failed English many times. Spelling, capitalization, etc. You blame Bush for this. How much was our gasoline tax before Iraq? What was the State costs before Bush to fix the infrastructure? How much as the population growth requiring additional services before Bush. By the way is anone on the State level or the Federal level responsible for increase in this tax? Did you spend your money from the tax incentive from Bush? Did you spend your money from te Federal tax cuts that Bush implemented?

It is easy to always blame

It is easy to always blame the President for problems that affect us. The reality of it is, he can not wave his hand and say.. it is so. Do the research, during President Bush's first term the price of gas only rose about 20 - 30 cents per gallon. In 2004 with a republican led congress we paid roughly 1.66 1.70 per gallon. In the 4 years since the democrats gained controlled the price has risen to 4.00+ per gallon. Maybe it is time to put the blame where it belongs and on those who actually make the laws and let it be known we have had enough during the upcoming elections.

NC gas tax

just goes to show how much Governor WEasly and his flunkies in our state government think of it's people. Gas goes up these fools slpa it to us. Just like they make our state a place were illegal invaders love to come to. Enough is enough vote all these fools out come election.

Highway Use Tax

So what are they doing with the Highway use tax that everyone pays when they purchase a vehicle that average out from $400 to $1000 per vehicle purchased. The tax that you pay on a vehicle when you purchase it is 6% with a max of $1500. This is not sales tax, it is Highway use tax used to repair the roads. Now, in case you did not know, SC pays 6% but only a max of $300 and their highways and roads are totally nicer and kept up better than any here in NC. So....what are they doing with the money that we pay out every year for tags, and not to mention all the money that is taken in on vehicle sales?

Daisys and blackeyed-susans

I wonder if anyone in Raleigh (or our local governments) have ever considered cutting back on the high end landscaping that graces our highways. Heck, I-40 interchanges look better than my own yard. I'd much rather see our roads fixed than look at the flowers while driving up I-40. You may as well forget the tax break, it ain't gonna happen, Democrat or Republician Governor.

Flowers on the interstate

Lets raise it another 5% so we can have more daisies and flowers landscaping the interstates. Give me a break, there is alot of spending that could be cut out.


Every time I go to the pumps I feel the need to call a cop because it's nothing but economic rape with these prices. God someone in the government needs to help us out in the wind.


The price of gas is a scam. The oil companies raise prices at a whim. When i saw that ex-PM Bhutto was assassinated i called my husband immediately and said "go fill the truck up gas prices will be going up today". By the time he got there they had gone up 3 cents and what 40 something cents now? I do not even look any more cause it pisses me off. Do we get oil from Pakistan? When is the BUSH (jerk) going to help us all out? HE may be from a silver spoon home but the majority of us are not. Seems all his stocks are in the oil companies he is raking it in... so to heck with us all.

Gas Tax in NC

This will be a easy problem for me, I'll drive to SC border and get my fuel.. NC loses..

You're all incorrect

The reason our gas tax is so high has nothing to do with South Carolina building better roads with less tax, or NC spending so much more than we have to. True, in government, you can always find wasteful spending, but one of the reasons for the high gas tax here is that NC has more state roads to take care of than ANY OTHER STATE (besides Texas). I'm sure at first read you would think that is an incorrect statistic, but it's all in how the state sets up roads and who's responsibility it is to take care of those roads. In most states, there are city, county, and state roads, all of which are maintained by those respective jurisdictions. HOWEVER, in NC, we only have city and state roads; therefore, ALL roads not within city limits are the responsibility of the state to maintain (not the county, as would be the case in many other states). As much as we hate to pay so much for a gas tax, the real reason lies in how the state delegates money. Trust me.. we have it much better overall than those other states where counties are responsible for taking care of county roads. Those counties have much higher property taxes than we do here to maintain those local roads, however, yes, those places do get a small break at the gas pump. However you slice it, the government is going to get their money somehow, whether it is a higher gas tax or higher property taxes... I'll take the higher gas tax. A republican governor wouldn't be able to do anything differently in terms of cutting the gas tax unless money was taken from somewhere else, or the entire state reconfigured the road maintenance to make counties responsible and not the state. I can't figure out how comparing us to SC or a republican governor has anything to do with the fact that NC has a completely different method of assigning road maintenance and property tax structure.

taxes and nc government

i am blown away each time i hear someone defend out present state and fed. you read the paper or pay attention the the news??..our government is governed by personal and political agendas..not the people in it..(tax payers- voters-citizens)we are contiually being forced to do what they (government) deem fit..there are so many other ways to get the money needed for all the programs and maintenence of our roads and schools needed..why should people be forced to do what is needed when incentives do much more to create good will and actions to pay..but, instead we are treated like children that need to be controled..i dont think this or that is what our forefathers had in mind.this election i plan to write in a libertarian instead of the usual selfserving "politicians" that are the norm...on the other hand maybe a tax and repression of the american people is what the dr. ordered..hopefully we will all get our fill of this facist government and finally get rid of all of them and start again fresh.

I think you really don't

I think you really don't know what you are talking about. I am from Texas and yes the county does pay for the "back roads" they are what we call black top roads. We don't have to worry about pot holes or bad roads unlike what you have to do here in this money hungry state. The state of Texas does pay for the roads out of the city limits research next time. As for the county tax,lol....another mistaken comment from you. Texas doesn't have a state tax and they don't have the highest gas tax as NC does. The taxes in the county will never compare to what I have to pay to live in this state of NC. The roads are well kept in every state I have been through to get home to TX and they don't have the tax on gas like NC does. It is just another ploy for NC to get more money from us....don't worry since they have capt the tax on gas here I am sure they will find another way to tax us on something else. Everyting this state does with money is a joke. This is just a money hungry state. Look at the lottery that was supposed to help with the schools...where is it at? We as parents are still having to supply the teachers with markers, hightlighters, white board markers and all the other stuff we and the teachers have to pay out of their pockets to have things for the kids. You either work for the government of NC and trying to defend them or you really have not done your homework.


If it is that much better in Texas why are you here in North Carolina? Sounds like you might like pain.

Yes there bare many high

Yes there bare many high taxes in NC, but our property taxes are nothing compared to Texas. I'm moving there and bought a house about the same size as the one I owned here in NC. Here my county property tax was about $650.00; in Texas it's over $4450.00 (not to mention the state sales tax which is 1.5 cents higher in Texas). So I think it's a wash where you live; the property tax in Texas makes up for the income tax in NC.

you are all incorrect correction

Obviously, you are either a state employee, probably with DOT or a politician. You also must not own any property that you have to pay tax on. To defend the high taxes is ridicolous. I formally worked in Raleigh in Government and know how the system works. I don't believe six people standing beside the road talking and drinking coffee or whatever while one person may be working is spending our taxpayers money wisely. If you want to buy gasoline cheaper, you have to go to South Carolina. Also, sales tax is less there. North Carolina is very wasteful and it is not hard to see. Just go into any government office in Raleigh, spend a couple of hours and observe. As far as that is concerned, go into any State office and observe. You also will be enlightened. If the citizens of North Carolina actually knew how their money is being spent and misused they would probably march on Raleigh and kick about half of the government workers and legislators out of their office if that were possible. Wake up citizens.

South Carolina gas tax

South Carolina has much lower gas tax, yet they are building and have build some very impressive highways recently. I am speaking about the ones that run behind Myrtle Beach to Conway. Why are they building better highways, and we have a higher gas tax? Because in the past our gas tax has been spent on things like building an NAACP computer lab. Its time to streamline the bureaucracy and elect a republican governor.

used as it should

They why do we have such crappy roads in North Carolina? Because the government uses the road tax as their cookie jar to grab out of when ever they want something. Fix the roads or drop the tax.


HERE is a novel idea...STOP SPENDING SO MUCH DANG MONEY...flippin idiots don't know how to stay within their means and the means of the state is the problem. I am SO HAPPY SLEASLY is GONE for good after this election!

Gas Taxes

I agree with both of you. If our government spent our tax dollars wisely, there would not be a need to have such high gas taxes. One of the highest in the Nation. Sorry government is the reason for high taxes. Also, re-paving roads that do not need paving just to keep people busy. Our state government philosophy is if they "don't use it (tax money) you lose it" Waste, Waste, Waste Mike Sleasly and the rest of the lazy government workers in Raleigh and our sorry Legislators are the reason for these high taxes. Vote them all out.