NC Governor's race heating up

The North Carolina governor's race has heated up in a big way. It is because of an anti Pat McCrory commercial that has popped up on television, including here on WWAY. It is an ad McCrory's camp says is laden with falsehoods. The ad is sponsored by a Washington based group called Alliance for North Carolina, which as of three weeks ago went by the name Pioneer Majority. Their list of contributors includes the Democratic Governor's Association ( $500,000 ) and the NEA ( $250,000 ). The state Republican Party has filed a complaint against the Alliance for North Carolina. We have received a fax from McCrory's lawyer demanding that WWAY stop broadcasting the ad, but at this time WWAY and all the other Wilmington tv stations continue to air the ad. McCrory, a republican, will face democrat Bev Perdue in November.

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Mayor McCrory is an honest politician who plays by the rules to get things done, and he now challeges the Democratic political machine of North Carolina. This party has grown accustomed to complete power,and it has grown accustomed to plenty of money to keep them in charge. McCrory will be attacked, and all the more as a candidate to be taken seriously.
Both the Democrats and the Republicans have conspired to make the state of North Carolina's ballot access laws some of the most undemocratic in the nation. It is also why the two party political machine candidates are afraid to debate Dr. Michael Munger, the Libertarian candidate for Governor. It is easier for a political party to get on the ballot in Iraq than it is here in North Carolina. Kind of makes the whole war for democracy hypocritical doesn't it.