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NC group holding meeting on port's economic impact

WILMINGTON -- Activists against a proposed international container port will meet to discuss its economic impact on southeastern North Carolina. Thursday's meeting, sponsored by NO PORT Southport, will present a California State University study of the affect of major U.S. container ports on surrounding cities and towns. Southport is among the fasting growing retirement markets in the country and the $2.3-billion port project will be located between a nuclear power plant and a massive ammunition terminal. NO PORT Southport is a grassroots advocacy group opposed to the port. (Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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noport southport

most of the local generated jobs will be on commission--PIMPS, PROSTITUTES and DRUG PUSHERS!! This is 10 years of sailing to 40+ ports speaking as well as several local police chiefs who I consulted.

No Port

Whoever complained about "rich Yankees" being against the port -- there are plenty of native Southport residents who are against it. I was born here, went to Southport Elementary School, South Brunswick Middle, and South Brunswick High. I don't want to see my town ruined by poor planning and bad environmental decisions. There are ways to develop and bring good jobs responsibly; the port would do neither.

I will not be located there

That would be impossible. The only property between the Power Plant and Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point is Walden Creek. The true area is South East of the power plant, closer to the ADM Corn Plant and the Southport / Ft Fisher Ferry. I see a problem with this NO Port outfit already.

proposed port in Southport

The proposed port site is bordered on 2 sides by the Progress Energy Nuclear facility and its 2 reactors. MOTSU, the ammunition depot is just across the water intake canal for the nuclear reactors. Go to and look at the aerial photographs and you'll see how close these facilities are to the proposed port. Unfortunately, it sounds by the tone of your comments that you really don't want to know the facts.


We dont need no more sour Yankees moving down here, we need more jobs like that port.

What jobs?

The proposed port will not employ many locals. That is part of the NC State Ports Authority's misinformation. If you attend the meeting on Jan 22 as noted above you'll see some hard facts about how ports affect the local economies. And Yankees don't have anything to do with it, so please don't let your prejudice cloud the facts.


look people, i am so tired of hearing that you all dont want the new port to go to southport! if all of you yankee retired rich people would shut up and and let the port build there so we can get more freight to this area and more jobs, that are so badly needed!! why is it that everytime somone wants to build something that will create jobs, there are poeple that want to whine and gripe abt it?? my husband and i are in the trucking industry and i am so tired of people not wanting to help us out. the price to haul the loads are cheap enough and are very skimpy now. anything to help move freight at a faster more convient pace would be appreciated. i know that everyone likes to go to the store to get what they want and what they need, how about stop and think, just once, these drivers are scraficing being with their families to get your stuff moved, but arent getting any type of respect. how would you like it if you went to the store, there wanst anything there, b/c you didnt want a whse built in your neighborhood?? think about it!

Truckers will get jobs, but...

While a port does mean work for truckers, many will come from out of state. In addition, this proposed facility will not be able to compete with established ports in Virginia, Charleston SC and Savannah GA. Those ports have interstate highways and multiple rail lines directly adjacent to their operations. The proposed Brunswick County port has neither (the single rail line is mainly for MOTSU and they have priority). Do you really believe DOT can construct adequate roads and rail lines for this port when we haven't been able to get improvements on our existing roads to handle the traffic we already have? The ports I mentioned above all have expansion plans that will be in service before the proposed port here. How will this port compete with them? The shipping industry is not growing fast enough to feed the new port any business--despite what the NC State Ports Authority says. North Carolina's best chance for new jobs (including truckers) would be to pump up the manufacturing sector that has been devastated by trade with China. Ports thrive on trade with China, but that trade has created a massive deficit as well as job losses in our state. This is a bad business deal and the taxpayers will be stuck with a multi-BILLION dollar bill. And please stop with the whole rich Yankees excuse. How many jobs would there be in Brunswick County if the population growth never happened and there was no tourism. Yankees are here. Deal with it.