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NC Highway Patrol to focus on speeders for 2 weeks

RALEIGH (AP) -- State troopers will be watching more carefully for speeders across North Carolina for the next two weeks. The patrol says in a statement that it will crack down on speeders on Interstate routes and other major highways. Officials say speeding is the primary cause of wrecks and fatalities on roads. The patrol says it has received numerous complaints from other drivers about speeders. Troopers will be watching from helicopters, motorcycles, unmarked cars and high-speed pursuit vehicles during the campaign. (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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I used to be a city officer

I used to be a city officer in Concord, NC. We always tried to set a good example and that included obeying the speed limit unless under emergency conditions with blue lights. I know sometimes an officer needs to get somewhere in a hurry but not necessarily an emergency. I agree 100%. However, I worked in Wilmington for almost 10 years and traveled US 17 daily. Dozens of times I would be rolling about 60 and a Sheriff's deputy or a State Trooper would pass me going probably 75. Sometimes it would be a Wilmington, Carolina Beach, or some other department on business, with no jurisdiction in Brunswick County. I know that all these times they were not on calls. Many times they would turn off and head for the Sheriff's dept. in Bolivia, so, obviously they were just in a hurry. I just think that they should realize that other drivers notice their behavior and the officers lose respect when they break laws that others get a citation for.


That's pretty much it. We the God fearing tax payers (and everybody else) are expecting you to know and obey the laws. When you tell people not to do things that you are doing ... you look incredibly unattractive at best. Thank you for your post dodge guy.

This might be a little off

This might be a little off subject, but I was headed home from Wilmington this morning about 9:30 AM. 3 Brunswick County patrol cars came off 421 into 17-74-76. One exited at Leland and the other 2 continued on down 17. One was a K9 unit SUV and the other was a Crown Vic. I followed them in excess of 70 MPH all the way to Magnolia Greens where they kept the hammer down until a traffic light caught them, running 70+ in a 45. I stopped at the station for gas, but my guess is, when they got open road, the speed limit was forgotten. These officers should set an example for others by obeying the speed limit when not under emergency conditions.

It might be...

LEO do sometimes speed. BUT, you many not know why they are speeding. Most agencies do not want their police to use lights and sirens for most calls, but that doesn't mean they don't need to get to a call in a hurry. If there is a domestic situation and officers are responding to the call, they will drive over the speed limit but not use their lights. Its a situation they need to get to in a hurry, but the department says they can't use their lights. I have done several ride-a-longs with the city and the county, and you can to. It will provide a lot of insight into what they go thru every day and some of the misconceptions people have about the duties of LEO

Red light

I'm guessing you have done several ride-a-longs because you work for law enforcement. So... in your example, they are speeding along quietly, like I enjoy, but are on their way to a domestic. Why would they stop at the red light? Anyway, sounds like they were straight speeding.

Due Regard

I understand that, however, if something happens, that good ole "DUE REGARD" is gonna come up. Just keep that in mind.


When we start voting for speed limits I will start following speed limits.


they need to start writing tickets on I-40 and other major interstates for FAILING TO ALLOW CARS TO PASS. They should not allow anyone to drive in the left hand lane, you should only be allowed to pass in the lane and immediately get back over to the right lane...traffic would flow 10x better if we did this.


I love getting stuck behind a moving roadblock. I will flash my headlights as a notice to let them know faster traffic coming up. That will usually get them to move over. But there is always that ass that will not move over until it is his exit and then he will cut from the left lane across the right to the ramp. You usually see those drivers with big hats and wrap around sunglasses on. Don't forget the turn signal that has been on for the last twenty miles!

driving the speed limit and

driving the speed limit and people come up behind me flashing their lights.. i hit the breaks hard, they will either get off my rear or go around in the other lane


Or they might just run directly into the back of your car because their brakes are out and their accelerator is stuck, which is what I (and many other people) are hoping happens to you imediately. I was just thinking... you would be at fault for causing the accident. Your liscense should be revoked. Don't drive.

you are the problem

So you admit just thinking that you are the problem in this equation? Slower traffic keep right. How childish of you to hit the brakes when all you need to do is keep in the right lane. I didn't say tailgate the car ahead, but flash your lights to let them know they are impeding the flow. Please go to the closest DMV and give them your license and tell them you are not smart enough to possess it.


We are on 17 we are both in the left lane you are speeding and behind me, if i do not get out of your way, this makes me stupid and dangerouse. what i should do is simply move over check your license plate number call the highway patrol and report that you have just attempted murder by a dangerouse weapon and follow the police officer to the stop and continue badgering him until he makes sure your brilliant butt has the highest insurance rate on the planet. Then you can tell all your butt buddies how some slow driver figured out another way to screw you over. I HATE SPEEDERS!!! they kill.

by all means!

That is just what you should do! Please file a false police report and then be dumb enough to show up and show your ass to the LEO. I'll lay down my vehicle title it will be YOU going to jail and me going on my way. Please grow up and move over to the right lane. Watch slow drivers get pulled You will see that slow kills and so does your thought process!

I agree

Hey, I agree with you. Nothing pisses me off more than someone in the left lane that wont pull over. But, if they are going to the speed limit, I don't have much room to talk. They should still pull over though. The way I see it, you can be going 120 in the left lane, but if someone else is going 140 you should pull over for them.

I believe I should be

I believe I should be allowed to drive as fast as I want to and that everybody else on the road should have to look out for me. (GRIN) But really, slow drivers are a bummer. Go with the flow, please.

What to do about slow drivers

Whent hey are blocking up the left lane and driving the exact same speed as the cars in the right lane... Get an AIR HORN! Oh my gosh! Talk about people that cannot get in the slow lane fast enough! Now that is funny. the best is when you egt behind a drunk on the road and hit that thing. If they don't pull over to the side of the road, they are stoned as well. If the do pull over to the shoulder, they pee'd their pants, or worse!

2 weeks?

What about the rest of the time? After 2 weeks we can speed? zoom, zoom, zoom....duh!

They need to focus on

They need to focus on tailgaters instead of speeders, unless the speed is quite excessive. We also need to outlaw using cell phones while driving. Some Bozo ran me off the road the other day trying to dial a phone and not paying attention to where he was going.

So we can drive drunk for the next two weeks?

Or skip wearing out seatbelts? Let the registration lapse? I think not. What possible purpose do these targeted PR announcements serve? Last month it was seatbelts, right? Or was it drunk drivers? Any way you slice it, everyone would be better off if the patrol simply stated, "We do our job all day every day, enforcing all laws 365 days a year." They could fire their "Pointless PR" staff and hire a few more troopers with the money they save.

drunk driving

apparently you could have driven drunk for the past year in this state and it would have been dropped

A buddy of mine works at the

A buddy of mine works at the Sheriff's Office. He says he usually doesn't pull a car over until they are going 10MPH over the speed limit. He writes a warning for 10-14MPH. Once they hit 15MPH over he writes a ticket. But during the enforcement weeks, he doesn't write the warnings, he just writes tickets. He says that this is what most of the officers do.

A buddy of mine...

I wanted to ask you a question. I was driving with cruise control set at 71 (which was over the 65 mph speed limit) but was stopped by a trooper, who was traveling North and we were traveling South, who said he clocked us at 77. I don't see how this was possible because of the cruise control and we were not on a hill let alone a steep hill. Also, he drove behind us for about a minute and then beside us for about two minutes before pulling us over. If we were going 77 miles per hour why didn't he stop us after he turned around (because as I mentioned he was traveling North and we were traveling South) and crossed the median? I just think he didn't have much to do that day. Could you ask your friend that? Thanks.

Officers are trained to run

Officers are trained to run your license plate before they pull you over. Depending on how backed-up their dispatcher was could be the reason for why it took him so long to pull you over. You may want to get your spedometer recalibrated.

And that's bizzarre

Why have a temporary revenue enhancement campaign? After all, if they simply started writing a ticket at 6 mph over the limit every single day of the year, they wouldn't have to have these announced festivals, would they? Plus, people would be a lot more conscious of their speed. Both this announcement and your buddy's policy imply that it's okay to add 14 mph to any speed limit sign for fifty weeks of the year.

It's called giving the driver break

No, it's called giving the driver a break. You say start at 6 mph over...well why not start at 1mph over. We are talking about a speed limit, meaning you aren't suppose to be over at all. And my comments about his "policy" were mainly intended for places like the interstate. Around schools and subdivisions he is more strict. Also, if a person has a history of speeding, he won't give them a warning.

Fine with me!

Make it 1 mph. I set the cruise control on the posted speed anyway. Don't miss my main point, however. Whatever the policy is, fifteen miles over, six miles over, or one mile over, it should be **THE** (one and only) policy 24x7x365. These monthly, "Oh you better watch out because we're going to zero in on________ this week" are idiotic. We're actually wasting tax dollars, paying someone to send out these press releases about what the troopers will be looking for NEXT week. We should already know what they'll be looking for next week....anything violating Chapter 20 on the General Statutes.

going to fast

I believe the ones going under the speed limit is the ones they need to looking at. A normal driver on I40 going 80-85 is not any where near dangerous to me than someone wanting to do 55-60 on I 40 and there is alot of under the speed limit drivers out there. Heck a driver doing under the limit on 40 has a greater chance of causing a accident that one speeding.. Every one knows that when you are cruising along interstate in what appears to be a car pile up and all of a sudden the car in front of you slams the breaks b/c they just got behind someone doing 55-60.. It causes people to swerve, slam the breaks..I will admit that speeders to do alot of damage to others vehicles and people in intersections, but all the accidents I have ever known that was b/c of speeding was damage or death to the one who is speeding..Now look at the other part someone under speed limit of interstate car slams breaks car behind swerves flips into traffic who is that hurting. Not the driver that was under speed limit but everyone else.. As for the speeders that swerve into and out traffic (I personnall don't do it I have a infant that I have to think about) but I do believe that they need to be stopped, speeding or not you can be doing the speed limit and cause serious injuries driving careless..

It is the ones weaving in

It is the ones weaving in and out of cars at 80 m.p.h. or more that cause fatalities. Hopefully they get those people who do that and educate them and hopefully they stop their reckless driving. I hope they don't stop the decent drivers who are going a little above the speed limit with no cars around them. That is a waste of time and money. I know I will hear all about the fact that speeding is against the law and blah, blah, blah. Take the bad drivers off the roads with reckless driving tickets and leave alone the ones who drive carefully.

i agree with you whole

i agree with you whole heartedly