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NC Highway Patrol to focus on speeders for 2 weeks

RALEIGH (AP) -- State troopers will be watching more carefully for speeders across North Carolina for the next two weeks. The patrol says in a statement that it will crack down on speeders on Interstate routes and other major highways. Officials say speeding is the primary cause of wrecks and fatalities on roads. The patrol says it has received numerous complaints from other drivers about speeders. Troopers will be watching from helicopters, motorcycles, unmarked cars and high-speed pursuit vehicles during the campaign. (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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They must have missed their

They must have missed their quota the last few months...


Fortunately for all law enforcement in NC, quotas are illegal. We can write as many we want. This campaign is targeting excessive speed. Keep it within reason and you won't have anything to worry about. The number of fatalities in Brunswick and New Hanover Counties is way up from last year. Speed is the biggest cause, however, alcohol, inattention(talking on the phone) and inexperience are all causes. Please be mindful, if you see an officer with a car stopped, slow down or move over so he or she can go home at the end of shift.


I will not move over...You can kiss it...You want to go home at the end of the shift, probably by speeding. If you are in a patrol car, probably no worries, and if you are in your car BUT in uniform, no worries there, either. You just want to write tickets..."We can write as many we want..." and make everyone else's life miserable, cost people money and expect a free pass because you are going home at the end of the shift fast and happy you are off!!! Been there, done that and know it happens and know how the officer's talk about "professional courtesy" when it comes to speeding. If it is grossly aggravated or wreck causing, enforce it, if not, try a little niceness and warnings...It goes a long way in how people's perceptions of the police are carried.


You sound like you need to talk to someone to try and get rid of some of that anger. It's not very healthy to suppress it.

Wow! What a mind!

Using your logic we should ignore armed robberies and only concentrate on murders, because after all, if it was only an armed robbery, no one got killed. You really don't understand the concept of "law ENFORCEMENT," do you? Were your parents related by blood, prior to being related by marriage?

Haven't you ever seen the

Haven't you ever seen the sign that says "move over or reduce speed for emergency vehicles"? I'm not fond of some LEOs either but I want them to be safe! What if they were helping someone in your family who was on the side of the road after a wreck? And to a previous comment, many cops' mantra when it comes to speeding is "9, you're fine, 10, you're mine." Keep it under 10mph over the limit and you'll do fine.

bet you will

I'd be willing to bet you will move over after you either get a ticket for not doing so or God forbid hit somebody. That is just plain ignorant to not move over for people, be it police, fire, rescue or tow truck drivers on the side of the road.


I will mail the ticket to you!!!


The same goes for tow trucks! Move over and give the guys some room to work.


Zoom zoom zoom

They don't have a quota

They don't have a quota silly! They can write as many tickets as they want. What, you think they are in a competition for prizes? "Only 1 more ticket today Norm, then I get that toaster oven!" They are doing their job....keeping our roads safe! God Bless them and the lives they save everyday!


maybe not a "formal quota"--yes they are illegal. But are you suggesting that if an LEO did not write one ticket in a month's time s/he wouldn't be asked about it? Honestly?


The quotas come from the Insurance companies. They are the ones funding the Governor's Highway Safety Program. Law Enforcement agencies have to meet there quotas in order to get their grant money. The GHSP funds the SAFE unit of the N.H. Co Sheriff's Dept along with other local depts.

Insurance Companies

It is not an unheard of thing for an insurance company to sponsor training seminars for personel that will use the radar equipment used to catch speeders.

Think about it

These "quotas" you talk about are met within the first week of work. The NHSO has a SAFE Unit that does traffic. No other officer is expected to write a ticket. The SAFE officers are expected to write a certain number of tickets, but that number is reached by the end of the first week. Trust me, there are enough idiots that drive in this town that even if there was an actual quota that had to be met, it wouldn't be very hard to reach it