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NC investigating possible mobile home chemical contamination

READ MORE: NC investigating possible mobile home chemical contamination
The governor of North Carolina is investigating possible chemical contamination in mobile homes after an announcement by the federal emergency management administration. FEMA announced that many of the trailers they gave to Hurricane Katrina victims have dangerous levels of the chemical formaldehyde in them. Now Gov. Easley wants to make sure North Carolina residents living in manufactured homes are safe. Melissa Branch moved into her first mobile home in her twenties. She said, "I've been in and out of manufactured homes a lot." Just recently she was diagnosed with asthma. "I've always felt like I've had problems with my breathing. I even went to the emergency room once because I felt like my chest was so tight," Branch said. At first Branch thought it was just an illness. "It never entered my mind that it had anything to do with where I lived." Now she's wondering if the place she calls home could be making her sick. FEAM recently announced that many of its trailers can cause health problems, such as asthma and eye irritations, because of a toxic chemical called formaldehyde used in construction. The director of North Carolinas manufactured home institute however says the trailers made and sold in this state don't pose the same threats. Branch says shell be reassured when the results are in. "Just because it doesn't bother me, doesn't mean there's not something out there that is harming people," Branch said. Most county health departments do not provide formaldehyde testing. There are kits you can order online to see if there is formaldehyde in your home. They can cost anywhere from $40 to $140.

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Yep, two years ago? I usually wouldn't bother, but yep your right, I pose this question to you: what if it were you? suppose you had no options, would you prefer we leave you on the streets with your family?I suppose you are a very fortunate breed, the rich who want to stay rich, and you probably wouldn't ask for help, as it would belittle you huh?But, let's suppose that you are just middle class and have worked hard for your daily bread, and had no family etc. to help, what then?Again I ask, should we just ignore your pleas for help and leave you out in the elements with your family?

No options?

I'd say that people who "have no options" have done a god-awful job of planning. That's especially true of people who still have "no options" after two years. Admit it - Hurricane Katrina has been overshadowed by the horror of Katrina-scam, the bottomless money pit. The residents of New Orleans have managed to single-handedly recreate the endless welfare state that vanished in the Nineties.

Two years ??

Why is federal money (my tax dollars) being used to house people who were unfortunate enough to loose their homes TWO YEARS ago ??? I know I will get bashed for my question and will be called heartless, etc......... However ......... TWO YEARS ??? Are we responsible for these people for the rest of their lives ???

You're leaving out the best part

These are the same folks who sued to keep the FEMA trailer parks open, when they tried to start closing them in early 2007. Now, they will undoubtedly sue because of the new-construction formaldehyde fumes...that have been known about for thirty years! It's but one part of the biggest financial boondoggle/blatant scamming this nation has ever been strapped with.


I remember this scare years ago. Most new carpet has formaldehyde in it too, it dissipates after a while. I have never lived in a trailer but i imagine a lot of the pressed board paneling and plastic items used have the same chemicals. If they are building the new trailers for energy efficiency i imagine the fumes are kept inside with the air conditioning/heating longer.

I thought the place smelled

I thought the place smelled atrocious when it was new and we moved in. Hell, who needs to was quite apparent, the smell........