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NC leads nation in teaching certifications

Governor Easley announced Tuesday that North Carolina leads the nation in the number of teachers who have earned certification by the national Board of Professional Teaching Standards. Close to 13,000 teachers across the state are now certified. That's nearly 15 percent of all North Carolina teachers. The board requires an extensive series of performance-based assessments including teaching portfolios, student work samples and videotapes.

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National Board Certification

As a teacher I will tell you that National Board Certification is not a waste of time. It is a process that can allow teachers to look more closely at and reflect upon the way that they teach. It can cause them to see that many of the students in their classroom are bored or left out of lessons. I don't think that everyone who gets advanced training in a field should have to find a new job that is more difficult than their first job. I simply believe that the more knowledgeable you are about ways to complete your job effectively the better you will be at that job. What we need in North Carolina are people supporting teachers in these efforts, not tearing them down. Please be supportive. Your children's futures are in our hands and we need to know that you support our efforts to improve ourselves.

Teacher Certification

Certified to what standard? Many states require a teacher to earn their Masters degree within 10 years of graduation from college and can no longer teach if they fail to do so. They are only issued a provisional license until then. NC still lags behind much of the nation. What are we doing wrong? Certification is fine. More training, rigorous requirements and higher pay as an incentive to attract better qualified candidates are needed.

What a waste...

What a waste! Teachers do this and it means basically nothing...teachers waste time and resources getting this certification and then remain in the same job, performing the same. Why don't they save time and money and focus on what is best: the student's education.

Not a waste...

I went through the process as a candidate for NBCT, and I assure you I don't feel that my time was wasted. It was a vehicle for re-evaluating myself as an educator, and finding better ways to utilize my resources. In additon to this, the pay increase is better than the pay increase that comes with a masters degree. This is a big help, since NC is one of the lowest paying states in the nation. Just like other things in life, you get out of it what you put into it. I am currently redoing a portion on my entries. It is my hope that by this time next year, I will be one of the proud educators of our state with the dinstinction of being an NCCT!