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NC man on oxygen burned after lighting cigarette

BURLINGTON -- A 44-year-old man is hospitalized in North Carolina after he tried to light a cigarette while using an oxygen breathing tank, and lit himself on fire. The Times-News of Burlington reported Tuesday the man suffered burns in his nostrils, throat and face. Fire Chief Mark Fuqua said the breathing device inserted in the man's nose was melted. The man's name hasn't been released. He was taken to the Jaycee Burn Center in Chapel Hill. Fuqua said the man lived in an apartment building in Burlington where smoking is prohibited inside. Fuqua said the man lit the cigarette inside his room Monday. Firefighters say they will hold a special class to talk to residents at the apartment building about the dangers of smoking while wearing oxygen tubes. (Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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You guys act like people just start coming out of the closet smoking. Yeah i will agree that its just plain stupidity to smoke while on oxygen but I can assure you this is not the only guy, hes just the only one had been caught. Get a life and stop worrying about everyone else.

Just waiting

We are just waiting for him to sue the oxygen tank manufacturer, the firm that filled it, Exxon for providing the fuel for the truck that delivered the tank, Progress Energy for providing power to the room and the tube manufacturer for not making it fire proof.

It's pure addiction.

This is a very unfortunate incident, but it has to do only with this mans uncontrollable addiction to cigarettes and a likely mix of stupidity. Addiction to nicotine is said to be as powerful as the addition to opiates, such as heroin. The addict will always shelve any common sense to appease their habit. People with emphysema will continue to smoke knowing that it has already damaged them and will kill them. I've seen a man that had one whole and half of his other lung removed and he continued to smoke. It of course, killed him. I find it very odd to see licensed professional nurses and caregivers huddled up in the smoking areas of hospitals during their breaks, all while knowing that a majority of the patients in their very facility have pulmonary issues, some of which will be fatal. Talk about Darwin awards.....geeeeez....and we won't even go there about the obese ones. So let's discuss stupidity, Darwins award candidates, etc. What is it that anyone would consider intelligent about a person that still has their health and continues to smoke? Isn't there enough proof, enough death and illness to convince the normal, somewhat intelligent person that inhaling partially burnt particulate carcinogens into your lungs, bloodstream and heart will kill you? What is so difficult to understand about this? Addiction vs. Intelligence, addiction wins everytime! I am an ex-smoker. I quit cold-turkey almost 4 years ago, after 20 years of puffing. Was it easy? NO! It is rare that good things are. Quitting smoking has much more to do with personal tenacity and perseverence than it does with intelligence.

Just shy

This moron is just shy of winning a Darwin award.

How Dumb Can You Be?

It amazes me that people still smoke period, but someone smoking WHILE ON OXYGEN? Wow...theres a rhodes scholar for you.