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NC missed Miley Cyrus movie by $125,000

RALEIGH -- North Carolina missed its chance to have a Miley Cyrus movie filmed on its coast by a tax credit of at least $125,000. The News & Observer of Raleigh reported Tuesday that producers for the teen sensation's "The Last Song," wanted a tax credit worth between $125,000 and $225,000. Documents released to the newspaper by the state Department of Commerce show that state revenue officials didn't think Walt Disney Pictures should receive the credit. An announcement of the movie deal by Gov. Beverly Perdue was scuttled five minutes before it was scheduled because no deal was reached. If the movie had come to North Carolina instead of going to Georgia's coast, it would have meant up to 500 summer jobs and more than $17 million in revenue. (Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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Tax credit

Why not give each business in the state and their workers a tax credit. Why should the film business be the only ones to receive a tax credit? Find a real job like most people do. I could care less if another movie was filmed here. Why should we bribe them to work in NC?

This state is in a crisis.

This state is in a crisis. Unemployment is real issue. Funds are being cut from education. Funds are being cut from higher education! Yet when NC has an opportunity to gain some revenue for the state, as well as an opportunity to gain some new jobs for the state because of the movie, the state blows a golden opportunity. Times are hard and most of us are willing to make sacrifices for the greater good. When the state makes decisions that in effect do not benefit us when they are presented with an opportunity, that is extremely infuriating and extremely stupid!

Movies, inflation, and blackmail

So where do we draw the line regarding how much we are willing to pay to get a film production to select North Carolina? Do we want LA, GA, CA, Canada, and a few other places participating in an auction every time a production company is formed? Should the legislature draft an updated film incentives bill annually, to keep up with their demands? What evidence is there that the bidding war won't continue, with demands simply going up and up until it becomes a break even point for any filming location? We already have laws that are favorable to the film industry. That's fine. If, however, they "want more" and the Department of Revenue doesn't feel that's warranted or allowable under law, then they get told no. We abide by the law. It really IS that simple!

What planet are you from?

I don't know what planet you are from. The only people that abide by the law are the citzens. Not the goverment!! You must be retired and Don't have to worry about making money in this area. This area needs those jobs. Maybe if you worked for the state and your retirement is based on the economy of which you live in then maybe you would be singing a different tune.

No, I have a NORMAL job

I work regularly, five days a week, forty-eight weeks of the year. I have a paycheck arriving every two weeks, like clock-work. You see, I was smart enough to choose a career that is constantly in demand. I don't have to wait tables or tend bar while I wait for some production company to show up and hope that I get hired on temporarily. I guess I was foolish enough to chose a substantial, consistent income over the "excitement" of painting scenery or serving lunch to Brad Pitt. (Wooooo!) Let's be blunt: The film industry benefits a selected niche of the community, and there's no reason for the entire state to kow-tow to their ever-increasing demands. Sure - I realize that you make good money for a few weeks and can then collect unemployment if you don't want to wait on tourists, but a large percentage of us believe that the quasi-welfare state of the average film production temp isn't much more honorable than those lining up for TANF handouts down at DSS. Ever thought of getting a REAL job?

Just Think

they could have taken the funds allocated to pay former Highness Easley $170,000 at NC State; given the film makers the $125,000 they wanted; and had $45,000 left over for her current Majesty Bev to allocate to Lobbying efforts to keep her son employed with that big law firm he just joined. Go Figure.

Why can't the people make those decisions

Its time for are goverment to stop making bad decisions for us. This should have been brought to the people of this state. We would have been more than happy to take a loss to make a gain. We take losses every time we pump gas, pay are property tax and we still see no gains. Somebody needs to get Bev out of office before she kills this state.

movie magic numbers

17 million? Let's say 100 people work for 2 months on the movie. And each one makes $4,000 per month, that's 800,000 dollars. Where does the other 16 million two hundred thousand go? They pay no sales tax as part of the incentive and most of the vendors are from out of state, car rental, movie equipment rental, film stock, prop houses from LA and New York, Home Depot and even Screen Gems. So what exactly is it that stays in NC much less Wilmiington? Let's say the employees, temporary employees, going on unemployment the second they lose their temporary jobs, lets say they pay 4% state income tax on the income of $800,000, that's $32,000 in income taxes. Let's say they spend the rest of the $770,000 and pay 5% taxes on that, that's another $40,000 into the pot. That's what, something like $70,000 into the general fund? Yeah spend $125,000 to get an identifiable return of $70,000, then give away 15% of the total budget(they want 25%) as a kick back on top of that. No wonder we are broke and having to steal money from children to pay for stupid stuff like this. I like how in the governor's press release about movie appreciation day this Thursday, that NC is the biggest film production center East of Hollywood. Really? Bigger than New York? Florida? Heck Georgia and Louisiana? Bigger than Tennessee even with the country music video productions and the cable network? Really? How about we leave the money to the kids, let the lottery do it's job, stop stealing from it and educate our kids so they can grow up and create revenues. Let the 100 or so film workers find another place to make money if they have to.

Over half your information

Over half your information is not even close to being correct. I have no clue how many partime people will work on the set, but that is still a job that some would not have. I think 100 is a little low. Also, most of the car rentals and other vendors are from right here in NC. A friend of mine works for a limo service and they were contracted out for the Mark Pease (sp?) Experiment that was filmed at Ashley HS. Several car rentals were from right here as well. Then all the food that was provided was local as well as clothing and other whatnots. Then look at where these people spend their money in the evening. I have seen several members from "One Tree Hill" eatting out at downtown and having drinks at certain bars. They also spend their money at other local stores. Let's not forget that some rent and even buy houses around this area. I think it is a STUPID move by our government to let a film locate elsewhere for a little bit of money.

Did we really need the jobs anyway?

Way to go NC. Spend $125K to get $17mil. Who are the rockets scientists that made that decision.