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NC officials reverse college admissions policy for illegal immigrants

READ MORE: NC officials reverse college admissions policy for illegal immigrants
The state now says illegal immigrants will be prohibited from pursuing degrees at North Carolina community colleges, at least until state officials figure out whether a mandate passed six months ago to enroll illegal immigrants violates federal laws. North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper says mandating colleges to enroll students without proper paperwork may be in violation of federal law. The admission policy will now return to what it was between 2001 and 2006. Undocumented immigrants will still be allowed to take courses, but will not be able to obtain degrees. There's only one undocumented immigrant at Cape Fear Community College. He will be allowed to continue his studies. But college officials say they aren't allowed to accept any new undocumented students. That includes the seventeen that signed up for Cape Fear for next semester. North Carolina Governor Mike Easley has asked the state community college system to disregard the attorney general's opinion. Meantime, the system has asked for a federal review of its policy and depending on the outcome, the policy could be reversed again. Brunswick Community College President Dr. Stephen Greiner says one undocumented student is currently enrolled and will be able to finish his degree. He says he will also comply with the policy.

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we pay tha price

in my opinion i think that students shouldn't pay the price for their parents mistakes!! many of these students just want to continue their studies and have a career. they are in fact denied financial aid and MORE. but there are lots of americans without jobs..u know why? cause they didn't want to better themselves or continue studying--so for an american there are no excusses to not having a career!! this is the country of opportunities!! now for the ones whose "spots" in college were taken by illegals.. was most proboble because of their grades in high school. so i really think that these students' dreams to having a good life should be denied.. and im not saying it should for americans either.. i just think it should depend on how hard a student tries and how much he/she wants to better themselves.

I don't think that a

I don't think that a document will make a person a better person. There are a lot of legal people and citizens who don't take advantage of the opportunities for school that United States has. I understand that the way the people entered the country is wrong but they want a good life for their family not like legal people that only dedicated, some of them, their life to a life of crime. I agreed with the fact that some people without papers, sometimes, contribute to crime, but it is not fair for the rest of the people without papers that have done anything else than work to be also blame for wrong staff that other people have done.

Hey Guest2/They Are NOT Citizens

I also have nothing against a person who wants a better life for their family. But breaking the law, and arriving in this country illegally to do just that, is not A-okay with me. If it were, think about it, our country would be over run with people from all over the world doing just that. You my friend would be pushed out of your job and home. The United States is not large or rich enough to give all the disadvantaged of the world a fresh start. I am not a subversive operative, or a spy killing innocents around the world. I am an average American taxpayer, who does NOT feel inclined to split my hard earned money with a citizen of another country who just decides to come here. I do NOT want to pay for the education, health care, etc, for a citizen of another country. If you feel so inclined, then donate your own personal money to the cause.

An Illegal American in Mexico

If I were an illegal American living in Mexico or Central America would I even imagine that I could receive a state subsidized college education, or for that matter free health coverage, food stamps, rent vouchers, etc, etc. I think not. America is an advantaged place to live--for it's citizens, as well as those living here illegally.

May be not but

You might be the one American working for a company or a corporation that exploited natural resources in many countries of the world or paying 1% taxes to extract oil in Venezuela for over 50 years, or doing covert operations and killing innocent people without the knowledge of the general public....yes I think you may not get those public assistance but the American that did the above got more than that.


First let me start off by saying I dont have a problem with people wanting a better life for themselves or their family. However, I DO have a problem with those who CHOOSE to enter our country ILLEGALLY and expect for US to pay for their education, use our federal and state assistance programs but yet dont want to do what it takes to be here legally! If illegal immigrants want to get an education do so by the rules like the rest of us!!!!!

you dont have to worry about

you dont have to worry about that... undocumented students are denied financial aid and charged out-of-state tuition. So if they do continue their education they are definetely paying the price for being brought here illegaly.

In fact, they subsidize in-state students

The policy that was rescinded required that students without documentation pay 140% of the cost of their education. That "cost" includes the full cost of staffing and infrastructure. The additional 40% pays to subsidize little Jason and Jennifer Resident, who already pay among the lowest tuitions in the country. I doubt if anyone who ever filled out a Financial Aid application would imagine that access to financial aid is easy or common for people who cannot prove legal residence. But don't let the facts get in the way of your biases.

they are still taking spots away from local students

Even if illegal immigrants are paying higher tuition without financial aid(which I highly doubt)they are taking away spots for local students who want to attend local colleges/universities. With the waiting lists and many colleges and universities overfilling, especially in this city of Wilmington where everyone in the world wants to move to, there are'nt but so many available classes. I am tired of paying for illegals to get free health care,food stamps, etc. The bible clearly states that charity begins at home and I believe that covers a very broad spectrum. We unfortunately can't take care of the entire world. I believe Bush has already tried that and it hasn't worked thus far.

not quite so fast...

They are NOT always charged out-of-state tuition. In fact there is a big movement requiring just the opposite. Also, tuition does not cover all of the costs associated with higher education. For instance... bonds to make capital improvements (buildings/infrastructure) and funds diverted from the state's general fund. U.S. citizens are indeed subsidizing the education of those who illegally enter the country for the purpose of getting an education, free health care, and so forth. I'm all for LEGAL immigration and helping others improve their lives; but we don't need to be providing welfare for illegals on the backs of law-abiding American taxpayers.