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NC offshore oil drilling proposal

Earlier this week, President Bush lifted the executive ban on offshore oil drilling. This was a way for Mr. Bush to speed the process along. Now that the executive ban is lifted, it will force Congress to make an immediate decision whether or not to lift its ban. Also this week, Republicans in the State House proposed a resolution to allow residents of North Carolina to decide for themselves, if drilling should happen off our coast. Professor of Geology and Environmental Science at UNCW Roger Shew said, "President Bush has tried to get Congress to lift the ban on offshore waters for quite some time now, and this puts it squarely in the lap of Congress to act now." According to professor Shew, available oil and gas off our coast is minimal, compared to the west coast and the Gulf of Mexico. If the congressional ban gets lifted, it will still take five to 10 years just to determine how much recoverable oil resources are out there.

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I said nothing about oil

I said nothing about oil spills. What I meant was wallet/pocket book raping with increased gas prices due to Katrina. Maybe if we are lucky enough, Bush's family will sell our country some of their oil once he's out of office :-(

Just like the war

It's all up to Nancy Pelosi now...she is main holdup.

Really think

25% of the oil comes from the gulf coast. Katrina did do some damage. But, what people don't see is the other countries like China, India, are coming up and will pay top $ for this product. SO the big companies will cut off the man that is paying $113.00 a barrel and go with the countries they will pay $200 a barrell. We see this now in the Fertilizer industries. Raw materials that we need to make fertilizer is brought by overseas companies. Because you know what it comes down to MONEY TALKS. and then you and I are cut out., at the gas pump, grocery stores, our jobs plants shut down, I say have at it and drill. the question is once we drill and we get our OWN oil. In ten years, Is going to be ours to help at home or going to the highest price?

Go ahead... Remember though

Go ahead... Remember though what hurricanes do to off shore drilling (i.e.) "Katrina".

Yes, remember Katrina

The oil industry lost drilling rigs, platforms, barges, boats, and many days of production on dozens of sites. One thing the didn't lose was any OIL. No oil spills from drilling, even when the gulf was trashed by a hurricane. Pretty impressive!


That was just another excuse made up by OPEC's Consortium of 13 to rise the gas prices, they can't make up their minds as to where the oil comes from. Before you know it they will raise prices again because I farted wasting gas into the air and they will say that all the oil comes from my bum so they need to inflate the cost of the lost gas. The Consortium is nothing but terrorists attacking my dollar. I don't even see an american representative in the 13??????


Remember not a drop of oil was lost either due to katrina... I say drill...drill now, drill everywhere.

All Katrina did...

was shut the rig oil spills occurred.