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NC People Are Friendliest Around

READ MORE: NC People Are Friendliest Around
Researchers at the University of Cambridge surveyed more than 600,000 people to develop a personality map of the United States. The results show people living in the Tar Heel State among the friendliest people in the nation. Once we found this out, we sent our friendliest reporter, John Rendleman to see if this holds true in the Wilmington area. Richard Olsen, the Chairman of the Communications Dept. at UNC-Wilmington thinks he knows why. "Part of the friendly factor is we value it as a culture, it's in our beauty pageant south culture, to be friendly and to come across friendly and some of that is the slower speech," said Olsen. The survey also stated that residents of North Dakota were named the most sociable. New Yorkers have the honor of being more high strung.

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Maybe It's YOU!

I completely disagree with the comments posted, as I was raised in this beautiful town. Wilmington has some of the friendliest people I have ever met & I have traveled quiet a bit. Strangers are unknown to Southerners, we will help you out wether it be something small or big & bend over backwards to show you our beautiful state. If you think we are unfriendly in Wilmington, well maybe that has to do w/ all the snotty people that transplant themselves here in our quaint coastal town & fuss a/b everything. If you are going to live here, then learn to be like us stop fussing a/b what we do, this is how we are, if you are that unhappy & don't like it, then go home. We realize that is how you are, & we accept that, we don't try to run you out of town, we accept you...even for all your faults. I have lived in other states, who pride themselves on hospitality, let me tell you, they don't even come close & that is what I came back home & refuse to be transfered again. I have to ask you.....maybe it's you that is the unfriendly one, have you ever thought a/b that? Now ya'll come back now, ya hear!

NC People are the friendliest around??? Not in Wilmington!!!

Wilmington is one of the most racist cities and New Hanover County is as well. I moved from Wilmington years ago and I assure you this. Southerner's from Wake(Raleigh) and Johnston Counties (Clayton, Smithfield) are far more friendlier than those in Wilmington & New Hanover County. There's an heir of backwood supremacy that still permeates the air in Wilmington. I still have family there so, I do come back from time to time so, I'm not referring to something that I limited knowledge of.

Cost of living has it's effects

The large influx of people "not from here" has diluted the "Southern Charm" of this area to the point that only the upper middle class and wealthy snobs (looking to escape the north) can only afford to live here anymore.

I don't agree

I was in Ohio this past summer & the people up there far surpass North Carolinians in open friendliness to each other and courtesy, especially to older adults.