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A NC school board announces teacher assistants being laid off

BURLINGTON, N.C. (AP) - A North Carolina school board is laying off 130 teacher assistants as it deals with budget worries. The Times-News of Burlington reported that the Alamance-Burlington Board of Education voted Wednesday to lay off the teacher assistants. School Superintendent Randy Bridges says the 130 people being laid off were those most recently hired. Bridges had said in June that a reduction in teacher assistants would be one way to deal with reduced state funding. He also said teaching positions could be lost because the state might propose increased class sizes. Bridges said Thursday more than 200 teachers have been warned they might not have jobs for the coming school year. Legislators are still working on the state budget. Information from: Times-News, (Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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I feel as though we as

I feel as though we as citizens AND parents have been mislead time and time again when it comes to our children in the school systems. We don't know what to support anymore! We supported the lottery "for our schools" and teachers are being fired hundreds at the time. We suppport the firing of these aids that help our children and what comes next...? Our lottery advertises reaching 1 billion dollars raised. Where has that money gone is what I want to know, because its not going to my child or his school, so where? What has our government done to us and our children. My child is still in grade school and I feel teacher aids are very valuable in the classroom, but I'm just a parent not a big spender on capital hill...RIGHT!!!

This might be a good thing

This might be a good thing for taxpayers. Years ago, teachers did not have any assistants. They were fully competent even with class sizes of 30-35, to teach, provide personal attention to students, control his/her class without help from an assistant. I have never seen the need for them to begin with. This shortfall in funding might be a good thing for everyone. Let the teachers run the class, shorten bus routes and let the kids walk a little more.......they certainly could use the exercise. Cut out needless after school programs which is simply taxpayer proivided day care (enough of that now). Get back to basics and save a ton of money.

RE: This might be a good thing

It is not the same today. Have you spent a day in a school lately? Teachers are expected to do so much more than "years ago". No child left behind and "teaching to the test" have put incredible stress on teachers. Also, children as a group do not have a respect for adults as "years ago" and parents as a group think that their child is right and the teacher is wrong "Oh, my little Johnny would never do such a thing". Unless you have recently worked in a school, saying that teacher assistants aren't needed is just plain ignorance!


When WAS the last time you had a child in school or do you currently have one in school?? The state does not pay for after school programs or daycare unless you go to Social Services and apply for their help. Also, children are not the same as they were 'years ago'. Parents do not teach their children the same values that were taught 'years ago'. I teach my children the way my parents taught me; however, not everyone subscribes to my way of thinking. Unfortunately, its because of that, teachers need additional help in the room. Otherwise, children are left to fall through the cracks. Now, if parents were more involved then there MIGHT not be a 'need'. But as of right now, cutting educational staff is not the answer. Getting our money from the so called 'Education Lottery' would be the best bet!

When was the last time you

When was the last time you had a child in school?? The tax payers do not pay for afterschool programs, the parents do. The expectations for teachers and students are much more then they were years ago. A class size of 30-35 serves no one. This is not a good thing, the children of today need to be able to support themselves or you won't have any social security support because there won't be anyone with a job to support you.

If you

voted for the current Administration, you got what you voted for.


I did not vote for the current administration. In fact, for the most part, if you were an incumbent you didn't get my vote, especially on a local level. And for those that had term limits I voted for the lesser of two evils. Unfortunately, people were blind and the greater of the two were the ones that got in office!!