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NC Senate panel OKs sex ed, anti-bullying bills

RALEIGH -- A Senate panel has quietly approved separate bills telling North Carolina public schools to change how they teach sex education and to adopt detailed anti-bullying policies. The Senate Mental Health and Youth Services Committee recommended the legislation Wednesday to the full Senate. The sex education bill passed the House just two weeks ago. It would require schools to offer children in grades seven though nine one curriculum focused on abstinence until marriage and another with more about contraception. Parents would choose either one for their child or none at all. The anti-bullying bill is opposed by conservative Christians who argue it would advance special protections for gay people. (Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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We need to oust the conservative Christians. There is nothing christian about what they are trying to do.

Conservative Christians' Stand on Anti-Bullying Bill

When are the Conservative Christians going to come out of the Dark Ages and recognize that scientific studies indicate that sexual orientation is genetically determined? Their willful ignorance is not only appalling, but infuriating as well. Do these so-called Christians want these school children--those who do not conform to rigid codes of male/female behavior-- bullied by their classmates? Obviously, this is what they want. From my own experience, I have seen a streak of meaness that runs through the right-wing "Christian" orthodoxy. And I agree with the letter-writer above: Christ Himself would denounce the hateful beliefs of these right-wingers.


OK OK...first of all you make it out to be like right wingers are the only individuals with a mean streak...I mean they ARE people..right. EVERYONE has the same ability to be mean or cruel. Second, the genetic predisposition to go against the survival of the species DOESN'T even make sense and I would bet you could find flaws in those studies....THAT is neither here nor there...Christians SHOULD show compassion...HOWEVER, Christians themselves get trampled on quite regularly and the argument when they stand up for their beliefs...OOOOOHHhh your being MEAN...some tolerance and compassion is expected...but don't expect Christians to roll over and allow sinful beliefs to be forced upon them.

Anti-Bullying Bill

So Conservative "Christians" oppose the anti-bullying bill because it "would advance special protections for gay people." This speaks volumes about Right-Wing Christian's malevolence. Totally rejecting Christ's teachings of kindness and compassion, they, instead, hate gays and want them to suffer the bullying that is so rampant in our public schools. I think Christ Himself would disown the right-wingers--every one of them!


YOU don't sound like you are void of any hate...You ARE correct, Christians SHOULD be more compassionate. I despise the Gay lifestyle, I despise the sin...but I am tolerant of the individual. Just because they are gay doesn't excuse rudeness towards them....HOWEVER..the bully bill is a load of bull crap anyway.