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NC teachers to receive smaller performance bonuses

RALEIGH -- North Carolina public school teachers won't be getting the maximum amount of their performance bonuses this year. The State Board of Education on Thursday approved a measure giving teachers $1,053 if their school's students exceeded benchmarks, instead of the usual $1,500. Teachers at schools that met state expectations will receive $527 instead of the usual $750. The approximately 30 percent cut in the bonuses was necessary because the General Assembly this year capped the amount of state funds that could be used for teacher bonuses at $94 million. Education officials had warned that wouldn't be enough. Board Chairman Howard Lee said the bonus cut is unfortunate but said he understands that the state is in a financial crunch. (Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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What about the rest of STATE WORKERS

With the shortege of money the teachers still get a raise what about the Correctional Officer who take care of inmates, DOT who take care of the roads the teachers drive on. Just goes to show you she is just like the past gov only care about the teachers forget about the other state worker who put her in office.

Hmmm.... Compare teaching to

Hmmm.... Compare teaching to any other job that requires a four year degree (which takes money and LOANS to pay for) and maybe you could understand what all the fuss is about. And, most other state workers work a 40 hour week, and get paid for the hours they work? Right? Well, teachers get a salary for 40 hours of work, but when they come home they have papers to grade, parents to call and conference with, lessons to is NOT 40 hour work week like everyone else has. Try doing that for 30,000 a year, which is barely enough to pay the bills, much less student loans.


Hmmmmmmm, there is something wrong with this picture. I have never seen 15 teachers standing at a chalk board while one worked out a problem, but when I drive down our state roads I DO see 15 state employees leaning on their shovels while one is actually using the tool. However, maybe if the one using the shovel would get a bonus it would give the other 15 incentive to do the same.

"...DOT who take care of the roads..."?

Would you be another state worker that believes you are entitled to something? I have great respect for our teachers and know they have a tough job with small salaries and minimal budgets to work with, but DOT? Are you kidding us? The DOT that takes years to get Military Cutoff completed that should've been done in 3 months? The same DOT that is accountable to nobody with a budget that nobody knows about. The state DOT just laid off 23 workers last month. The finally found a shovel that can stand up by itself.

Old News

Look at the date everyone: AUGUST 7, 2008 LAST YEAR! Teachers are not getting anything this year. Another blow to a profession that gets worse and worse each year.

This was from a year ago

This was from a year ago folks. There will be no ABC bonus money for teachers this year.

How much of a pay cut are

How much of a pay cut are these board leaders and our civil "servants" taking? I know teachers should just VOTE themselves a raise. It works in Washington.

bonuses for teachers

At least teachers are getting something- other state employees and education workers are getting NOTHING this year but huge increases in the cost of our health insurance! And this on top of pay cuts last year.

Go back to school

Do you people realize that you are commenting on an article from LAST YEAR? And that even though many schools met and exceeded growth this year, there is NO BONUS for the teachers who worked so hard to give children the best education. That was taken away from us even before they took away part of our salary in May and decided not to give us a raise nor a step up this year. But one person was right. They did increase our healthcare cost and gave us less of a benefit. Higher deductibles and higher premiums... less money and no bonus. Thanks democrats.


Do you have any concept of how much of their own money teachers spend on their jobs? I don't imagine very many state employees can say the same. This "bonus" doesn't begin to cover it.


Without teachers, there would be no other professions....Think about that, Raleigh, when cutting educational funding!!!!!

Also, what so many people

Also, what so many people don't realize is even if it says that teachers still are getting about a $1,ooo bonus check...that is BEFORE taxes. A $1,000 bonus check usually ends up being about $750 after taxes. I find it absurd that our government is being allowed to so easily renig on the promises that it gives to the employees. How does it stand that a teacher is promised X amount of money if their students perform above a certain standard and this happens, but the powers that be say "Oh well done but we have decided not to keep our word." Outrageous!


The students and teachers at my school worked hard to improve performance, behavior, learning and test scores; we had high growth in all areas, for students of all ability and socio-economic levels. We kept our end of the the state will not give us the bonuses we were promised. Would that happen in the private sector? Would an athlete settle for 67% of his performance bonus? No one would expect other professionals to tolerate this type of disregard for a job well done, yet teachers are supposed to smile and press on. We teach because we love kids; but, it is not easy to carry on when we don't get the respect given to other professionals. I think the government knows we work for love of kids, and takes terrible advantage of that love.


Easleys old lady got 80%......It's who you know folks!


Please get up out of your chair and do something about it. Attend meetings, protest, and let them know you are mad. This is crazy when the children are with you more than they are at home. What happened to the education lottery? Please organize and do something about it.


We teachers work very hard and deserve every bit of bonus we earn, plus some. I know we should be thankful for our raises, but it was very disappointing not to get the percentage that we have been getting over the past few years. Then, we find out that our bonuses have been cut! This is ridiculous! I'm sure this would not be the case if the individuals who are sitting up in Raleigh making these decisions were teachers themselves.


My husband is a teacher and we have two small children. Thanks a lot "General Assembly" for adding a nail into our coffin. We'll eat great this month again.. NOT! North Carolina is one of the worst states to teach in. And pronominally one of the worst states for test scores.. coincidence?? I think not.

This type of thing URKS ME

"General Assembly this year capped the amount of state funds that could be used for teacher bonuses at $94 million. Education officials had warned that wouldn't be enough" Yet, lets find out what percentage of a raise or BONUS our elected officials got... There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHATSOEVER to be short changing our teachers...NO REASON! I am SHOCKED that there are still individuals willing to put up with the crap you have to put up with to be a teacher. WE NEED TO CLEAN FLIPPIN HOUSE in November...VOTE EVERY FLIPPIN INCUMBENT OUT OF OFFICE...I'm growing tired of this stuff.

I want my money back

Crazy, sad, and true. Don't we have an education lottery that helps support this budget? Oh yeah I forgot... part of that budget has to go to the printing of the scratch-offs and the TV commercials to promote the scratch off games. HEY GAME SHOW GUY, I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

Education money from lottery

Everyone who voted for the lottery should have read the fine print. The money can only be used to build NEW schools, not improve old schools, not to increase student performance, not to pay teachers more or set up More at Four programs. A lot of these problems COULD be solved if the General Assembly would vote to reassess where the lottery money could go.


The Governor has already did that for them. The Lottery money goes where ever she feels like spending it.

it would also

help if the Governor could not raid the reserve fund at her whim.