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NC unemployment falls for fourth straight month


RALEIGH — North Carolina’s unemployment rate decreased to 10 percent in June, according to statistics released today by the state’s Employment Security Commission. The rate was 10.4 percent in May.

“There was positive news in the June data in that the state experienced a small gain in jobs,” said ESC Chairman Lynn R. Holmes. “Since February, North Carolina has added over 45,000 jobs, but we still have a long way to go. Through our offices statewide, we continue to provide services necessary to those customers searching for work and those who are eligible for benefits.”

Seasonally adjusted, total non-farm industry employment, as gathered through the monthly establishment survey, increased by 5,100 jobs over the past month to 3,933,900. The largest over-the-month increase occurred in Leisure & Hospitality (+7,900). The largest decrease was in Government (-6,500). Since June 2009, non-farm employment has increased by 29,800 jobs.

The number of people employed (seasonally adjusted) decreased by 5,557 workers to 4,089,881. The number of people unemployed decreased by 20,468 workers, to 454,155. Since this time last year, the number of people unemployed has decreased by 43,803 people. The number of workers employed is up 44,978 since June 2009. The state unemployment rate in June 2009 was 11 percent.


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Unemployment Continues!!!

A sure fire way to produce better numbers is to manipulate the unemployment benefits so less people receive unemployment. If less people receive benefits then they are counted as employed. That does not mean these people are employed!!!!!! The numbers are extremely skewed. 'Nuff Said'

If you don't smoke happy weed,

here's the bottom line. Private sector jobs declined over the past 12 months. They were offset by temporary census jobs and other government hiring.

This is just smoke and mirrors. Jobs are being lost and the Governor is doing all she can to camoflauge that fact.


You may be right,but CNBC lists NC the number 4 state for businesses. 9th last year. I'm sure you would be the first to say she had nothing to do with that.

...but the US Chamber of Commerce... lists NC as the most business UN-friendly state in the Southeast, due to our insane tax rates.

re-read my post

what you note may well be true. That does not mean we are out of the swamp.

Take out the temporary census jobs and the state jobs which have been created; and our net job count is down.

Oddly, several other national business publications have NC at the bottom of the barrel for business. They note excessivly high property and sales taxes as a major cause.

Who sets those?

When she earns it by leading instead of reacting, I will gladly praise her. But I am not holding my breath.


The ONLY reason this number has fallen, is because they DO NOT count people on unemployment extensions or who no longer qualify for unemployment! The unemployment is based on peolple filing NEW claims or that are recieving benefits for the 1st time!!!! The actual number is more than tripled what they are reporting!

gotta think these numbers

gotta think these numbers would be way off. i'm sure the latest round of unemployment extensions that have finally ended are showing those that fall off of drawing unemployment but are still unemployed

Employment up, good news for NC

Most indicators are that job creation is on the rise, I was just laid off from a seasonal job, I'm waiting for another in a month or so. There are jobs being created, and we are starting to see them represented in the employment figures. So, I "gotta" think the numbers are probably pretty accurate.


the FAKE numbers for temporary government jobs that are included.