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NC widow: Husband's eyes removed without consent


HENDERSON, N.C. (AP) - A North Carolina widow has filed a
complaint with police, saying her husband's eyes were removed
without permission.

The Daily Dispatch of Henderson reports Linda McMichael of
Warrenton filed the complaint last month. Her husband, 61-year-old
Elven Alston, died Feb. 13 at Maria Parham Hospital in Henderson.

McMichael has hired private investigator Sara Coffey to find out
what happened to her husband's eyes. Coffey also is a Henderson
City Council member. She says she's seeking an order to have
Alston's body exhumed for an autopsy.

A hospital spokesman says Alston's body was intact when it was
released to Wright Funeral Home. The funeral home didn't
immediately return a call Tuesday seeking comment.

McMichael says her husband wasn't an organ donor.

Information from: The Daily Dispatch,

(Copyright 2010 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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Stolen body parts - why it's a problem

You folks are missing one big factor:

"A hospital spokesman says Alston's body was intact when it was
released to Wright Funeral Home."

There have been several incidents of crooked funeral directors removing body parts and selling them for large sums of money. In one case people received bone and skin grafts from cadavers that were HIV or Hepatitis C positive.

Organ harvesting from willing donors in a qualified medical facility is an honorable undertaking. Stealing body parts from cadavers with an unknown medical history is thievery that may result in a transplant recipient's death.

Did she look at his

driver's license?

Perhaps, without her knowledge, he was an organ donor.

Perhaps the fall season will focus on Henderson and not Tabor City.

Are they filming a new reality show out there?

I am a huge advocate of

I am a huge advocate of organ donation. But donation is the keyword.

Wow really?!?! People

Wow really?!?! People complain to much for stupid stuff, he is dead what does he need eyes for??? This woman needs to find something else to do with her time!!

I think the point is someone

I think the point is someone at the funeral home removed the mans body parts. When someone is an organ donor and donates their body parts legitimately, I believe it is generally done at the hospital. I think they are trying to determine if someone at the funeral parlor is dealing in a black market and selling body parts without the knowledge of the families of the deceased. How would you feel if someone desecrated the body of your parent, or sibling, or child, to sell their parts?


What difference did it make?

well, no...

The point isn't that he needs them. Obviously, well, no he doesn't. But someone took them without permission and we are talking about a grieving person. A theft is a theft, regardless, and this has happened at a time when one is already feeling vulnerable and emotional. I wish more people were organ donors, then organs wouldn't be stolen. I would think that these wouldn't even be viable, but even if they were, they shouldn't have been taken without permission. Those who are making fun of the situation should put themselves in her position.


My thoughts exactly! Does she think he is going to need them again???


He might need them in the after life.Who really knows?
Also,if you people think its OK for someone to steal parts of peoples body then that says alot about you.

eye use

I can guarantee he is finished with them. If you think he may still need them you have xl problems.

double eyes

They should have seen it coming.

Too funny

Good call.