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Neighbors frustrated with man's trash

READ MORE: Neighbors frustrated with man's trash
TROUBLESHOOTERS: Folks in one New Hanover County neighborhood are at their wits' end. They say their neighbor has turned the front of his home into a junk yard, and they're sick of looking at it. After almost two years trying to get this resolved on their own, they called us. Frustrated neighbor Rolan McQuain said, "There are all kinds of things sitting in the yard… Piles of cement, cars, trailers -- in fact, sometimes you can't see the house." It's a quiet neighborhood in the Kings Grant area of New Hanover County. Residents tell NewsChannel 3 they love living here, except for the eyesore on Norwich Drive. They say it's bringing down their property values. "It's infringing on the other neighbors, I'm the one who's complaining, but everyone in the neighborhood talks about it, it's something that needs to be cleaned up." David Kimball lives in the house in question. New Hanover County code inspectors have a file about his house on record. They say county residents are not allowed to have inoperable vehicles on their property, and Mr. Kimball has been notified for violating that rule in the past. Assistant Chief Enforcement Officer Steven Still said, "No one wants to live next to someone that has four or five inoperable vehicles that are sort of blocking driveways, or just junking up the neighborhood. And there are some health aspects as well, especially to have rusted vehicles in the yard, especially for kid safety." Code inspectors say Kimball seems to clean up his property when he's being threatened with a fine, but when the threat passes, the junk returns. Since code enforcement inspections are complaint driven, officials recommend that neighbors stay vigilant about notifying them about recurring problems. "Taking photos, taking accounts of what's going on really helps us, in issuing our notice of violation," Still said. We asked Kimball about the mess in his front yard. He told us he was in the process of remodeling the house and later said that he'd had illness in the family delaying the clean up. He also ordered us off his property. If you're wondering, the county does have the authority to make a resident clean up their yard. If the resident refuses to comply, the county can hire a contractor to do the job, then put a lien against the resident's house to cover the cost of the clean up.

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King Grant

What a shame that this neighborhood has to put up with such lowlife property owners. When we moved to Wilmington in 1985 we bought our first home in Kings Grant. I was 23. We had real nice neighbors and everyone was house proud. Before I sold my house in 2002 many renters had moved in and the place was really lacking in maintenance. The houses are built well and ours was in pristine condition. Lower income people could afford to buy there and be in a decent area but, not any longer. It has turned into another urban low class, trashy neighborhood. A LOT of thanks goes to people like this home owner who cares nothing about anyone but himself and his trash collection. A shame for the nice, decent few that are left there. If I still lived there and lived near this mental case i would nag him endlessly.




Seriously? Amurrica? If you think it's spelled "Amurrica", I suggest you go home.

ill beat you with my shoe

ill beat you with my shoe boyyy!!


Just like Wilmington, these county authorities don't budget to serve the neighborhoods either!

Clean it up?

I dont quite understand why you would want your property to look like this. In respect of what you have to call your own why not keep it as something to be proud of. What is the purpose for you keeping the junk? (honestly I would like to know.) However, I also think people need to remember that this is your property. Perhaps compromise is the best solution?

trash can

what a lowlife. clean your yard up you trashcan! probably wears his drawers a month, then turns them inside out and wears them another month. how disgusting!

his property

its his property. more of the goverment trying to run there laws down everybodys back. home of the free inded


sure its his property, and his neighbors want it cleaned up. why don't you step up to the plate and let him unload it in your living room. his neighbors will be happy and your neighbors won't have to look at it either.


sure its his property, and his neighbors want it cleaned up. why don't you step up to the plate and let him unload it in your living room. his neighbors will be happy and your neighbors won't have to look at it either.

Who cares?

Yes this is his property and he can do with it what he wants UNTIL, it becomes an eyesore and starts to spill over into others yards and the smell begins to get really unbearable. You sir mack don't have to live next door to this nasty American you so call him. i dare you to step foot at the road in front of his house and stand there and smell this mess when it is 100plus outside. My grandmother has been living in Kings Grant for over 40 years and I have never seen this place in such a bad way. She has had to fight to keep her water supply good and her sewer good also. Now, i don't live there anymore but I will be there to take pictures of this mans front yard everyday and send it to whoever I have to send it to. As Americans you should want to live as clean as possible in your own home and not indanger the ones living around you. So, there I am free to do this act and the goverment isn't making me do so. You are entitled to peace and indearment in your own home and I am going to help get this neighborhood back from those who aren't doing so. I AM PROUD TO BE A GIRL RAISED IN THE SOUTH AND LIVE IN AMERICA!!