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Neighbors oppose plan to build 3 wind turbines in coastal N.C.

RALEIGH (AP) -- A couple that wants to build three electricity-generating wind turbines in rural North Carolina is facing opposition from neighbors. The neighbors say the windmills would create noise and disrupt the scenery of their coastal community. Nelson and Dianna Paul of Raleigh have asked the North Carolina Utilities Commission for permission to build the Golden Wind Farm on 33-acres in Bettie, a town about seven miles northeast of Beaufort. It would be the largest wind farm in the state. Nelson Paul told commissioners the turbines would generate 4.5 megawatts of electricity, enough to power about 900 homes. The couple wants to sell the power to Progress Energy as a source of green energy. Some residents say the towers would spoil their property. The towers could be 460 feet tall. (Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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Noisey? Not very!

These people need a trip out to a modern wind farm so they can get an idea of what the noise really sounds like. Not very much at all. It might disturb you if you were riding the tip of one of the blades maybe. These wind turbines are not noise issues like the old days of rattles and clanks whenever the wind blows. The neighbors that are complaining are most likely some yankees that have moved down and don't want anyone to do something in their own backyard that might be productive or good for the environment.

how interesting

How selfish of the neighbors that they cannot look past their own view to see what a help these could be. I agree that getting in on the development would be a great thing instead of complaining. There are many of these that are really working, aiding the community around them and beautifully designed. Sure beats the view around where we live,nothing but house after house after house, all because it is near the ocean which by the way you cannot even much for progress and planning.

Wind turbines in Bettie?

I've been through Bettie many times and love the Beaufort, Moorehead and Harkers Island area. Bettie is the "Original Down East" and I believe it should stay that way. Take the windfarm to Johnston, Harnett or Robeson County where the need additional noise and ugly things to place on the horizon. Better yet they should build it in Raleigh where they live. That way they can watch it and listen to it without having to go all the way to Bettie, plus be able to share it with all their Raleigh friends

Time for a change

It's high time that people start thinking about the future and stop being so concerned about the view. If the global warming thing happens sooner than later then these people will not have a view to cherish at all. Maybe they will be flooded out. If I was a savvy neighbor, I'd ask, beg even to join in the investment opportunity!


I've seen these offshore towers in the Netherlands. They are gorgeous. Tourists come to see them, the Dutch put them on postcards and everyone is really proud of them. Inland, wind turbines are all over the place in Europe. It's no big deal, since they are quiet, attractive and clean. Certainly less of an eyesore than those multi-story, featureless square boxes that people are building on their oceanfront property to maximize the real estate. I remember when you could see the ocean between the houses on North Carolina beaches. Nowadays, all you can see are walls of brightly colored wood.