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ONLY ON 3: Downtown residents say new crosswalk on 3rd Street isn't safe

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Downtown residents say new crosswalk on 3rd Street isn't safe

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A stretch of 3rd Street in Downtown Wilmington home to schools, churches, kids and pets was in desperate need of a crosswalk. A new, state-of-the-art crosswalk is supposed to allow people to cross the street, but so far that's not the case.

The City of Wilmington and Residents of Old Wilmington helped pay for the crosswalk called a rectangular rapid flash beacon. It's the first of its kind in the state.

"It talks to ya, it lights up, it flashes strobe lights at the driver," councilman Kevin O'Grady said. "You can't claim you didn't know their was a crosswalk here. It's pretty obvious."

Many residents say the crosswalk is a good effort, but hasn't been effective as drivers refuse to stop.

"I don't think they're gonna stop, because it's a main street, and we're kinda getting out of the whole city and getting into the housing developments," Morgan Sparks said. I don't think they're gonna stop."

By law, pedestrians do have the right of way so they're asking drivers to give them a brake and slow down.

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This still doesn't answer

This still doesn't answer the question as to wether you have to stop if the lights are flashing or just slow down. Should traffic come to a stop for one walker or should that walker wait for a break in traffic. Since I was told the WPD will be watching this area and no one else in the state has one and we have never seen them I must ask,what is the law?


What's wrong with a regular cross walk? Why would they go out of their way to install something that drivers are unfamiliar with? Just install the regular run of the mill cross walk so as not to confuse people. This is going to be a nightmare! And while we're on the topic of 3rd St, when will it finally be repaved? I am on my 3rd set of rims thanks to our city's ineptitude in filling potholes.


Has anybody in this city ever heard of a little thing called STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN BEFORE YOU CROSS THE STREET? It seems that people are wanting to throw the responsibility of safely crossing the street on someone else. Get a grip on reality.


I agree with Stop, Look & Listen. I've been using crosswalks for many years & that is the rule I've always used. I’ve crossed much busier streets than 3rd street at rush hour with that rule & I am alive today because of it. I understand a car is bigger than me & sometimes drivers just don't see me. Just because you have the right of way doesn't mean you don't have the responsibility to look out for your own safety. Use the brain God gave you or stay out of the road.

Crossing 3rd Street

I have lived downtown for 16 years. I spent several years of my life as a spray pilot. That is a dangerous job. It is not nearly as dangerous as crossing 3rd. st. at rush hour.

I do not know where this miraculous crossing is, but where ever it is- it will not stop Wilmington's drivers from running over you.

Keep your life insurance paid up. Do not bother complaining to the police- they will do nothing!

The only semi-safe place to cross is at 3rd and Dock. Wait until traffic dies on one side, then rush up behind the Confederate soldier and then cross when traffic slows on the other side.

I believe they have knocked him down twice.

flashing crosswalk

We have two of these in the town I live in in NJ. They are not safe. People are not familiar with them and an unaware driver is taken back by it and is startled and just rushes on through. Even if one slows down they may not realize that a person who has pushed the button is about to step into the crosswalk. We have already had one fatality.