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Neighbors want stop to Dudley Mansion business

READ MORE: Neighbors want stop to Dudley Mansion business

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Loud music, crowded streets and even public urination. They're not something you'd probably want in your neighborhood, but neighbors say the Dudley Mansion on Front Street is home to all these incidents. Now they want it to come to an end.

The City of Wilmington is seeking an injunction to stop the Dudley Mansion from operating as an entertainment venue. A judge decided today to continue the hearing until July 6, but neighbors say this kind of activity has gone on long enough.

Ron and Cynthia Pickett own the mansion at 400 South Front Street. The city wants to stop the Picketts from operating a business at their home in a residential area. Under zoning laws, the Picketts are not permitted to run a business for profit in the historic district of Downtown Wilmington.

Ron Pickett refused to speak with WWAY on camera today. Neighbors are not happy with the judge's decision to continue the hearing. They say they've had enough with the weekend activity in their neighborhood.

"I somewhat resent it," Mike Clinton said. "I feel like we pay our taxes, we have code enforcement, and we should use that to stop this and not have it continue until maybe the next time they postpone it again."

Neighbors are preparing for more weddings and parties the next three weekends. They don't want the Picketts to move. They just want them to stop running their business in the residential area.

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Mansion neighbors

I recently attended a wedding at the mansion and frankly...the neighbors need to get a life. The noise was no louder than the motorcycles riding by or the drunk downtown patrons shifting down the sidewalks. We were finished by 10. If they had gone inside, instead of heckling the reception guests...they probably wouldn't have heard a thing. I had a water in my hand and was heckled about alcoholic was water, I was sober, get a life. I hope the Picketts get a permit to hold functions there every day of the week...what a nice family.


I know these people who live in this house. They are the nicest people I have met in a long time. Mr. Pickett would give someone the shirt off of his back if he thought it would help them in their lives. Nobody in Wilmington would step up and take that old house and do anything good with it. Just the restoration done to it was the best thing that could have happened. To all the people out there who are throwing stones, throw one at your own houses. If anything I see this as a jealous thing instead of a being worried about the noise, and the parking issues in which you speak of. I have watched from the beginning when the Pickets bought this house and what they made it look like in the end. I know everyone who worked on this house and how much they loved seeing a good thing in the end come out of this. I am deeply appalled at how the Wilmington Residents in my home town are acting. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. There are way more things in our town that need to be taken care of. To the Pickets I am glad you took that house and made it whole again. I and my family would be sad if you picked up and left it. To the city council, you all need to leave them alone. To the nosy neighbor get a real life of your own.

It's Front Street people

It isn't like this is a neighborhood where HOA dues take care of riff raff and block parties are held...this is Front Street. The pilot house is a stones throw from the mansion, along with the boardwalk and many other businesses. I hope they get the permit to hold events and all of us can share in the state's history. My guess is that busy-body neighbor, peering over the fence for public urination, will not be invited.

I loved the shot of the

I loved the shot of the whining busy-body out there peering over the fence trying to see anything she could see. Isn't it great when people move into the neighborhood and then whine and cry til they change what has obviously gone on there for some time with no problems?

It is a shame to waste a beatufiul historic building like the Dudley mansion. This whiner has lived there a year and a half. I suggest she find somewhere else to live and take pains to find out what goes on in the neighborhood first. That way she will see how much work she has to do to come in and disrupt the lives of the people who already live there.

Too Noisy

I sympathize with those living near the Dudley Mansion who are kept awake by loud, late-night music from partygoers.

Noise is an issue that Wilmington has not been dealt with effectively.

Frequently I am awakened at 1,2, or 3 a.m. by drunks--bar patrons returning from downtown's party-and-puke paradise of raunchy bars--yelling to the top of their lungs.

Wilmington needs to enact stronger control of the bars and to enforce a much more stringent noise policy.

I don't sympathize a bit....

..with those living close to the Dudley Mansion. Downtown areas of any city, especially when in the heart of it, is usually noisy, stinky, has poor parking and lots of crime. I considered a move to downtown...for about 5 minutes...

Sorry..if you don't like noise, you just spent your money in the wrong damned place. Sell it and move to central Wyoming. Since you whine so much about piddly issues, I doubt you'll have a gun to silence the howling wolves and cackling prarie dogs that will irritate you there. If you do have a gun, you'll be scared to use it and won't have enough bullets. You can finally resort to complaining to city council there as well and likely get the same results.

Amazing how stuff just follows you around isn't it?

You sir or madam . . .

are incredibly rude. It is one thing to express an opinion, it is quite another to make comments in such a manner.

According to New Hanover

According to New Hanover County's property records Mr. Pickett acquired the Dudley Mansion on 2/26/2007.

The gentleman quoted in the article, Mike Clinton acquired his property on 3/1/85.

I'll tell you the truth, I was first going to write a pro business missive about imaginative use of property BUT on finding that Clinton has 25 years on the street and Pickett has only 3, it is only right to say to "City Hall" to get on this and do the right thing for the neighbors!

There are many choices for discrete businesses which could operate absent conflict with neighbors including professional offices, bed and breakfast, a venue for quiet business meetings etc.

My wedding.

You have ruined my future wife's perfect wedding. That is all. Thank you so much for crushing our perfect day!

All of you who have done this, thank you so much for being heartless. Look back and think about the day you were married.

Did anyone protest or take your venue to court?

Justify that. While we are at it why not petition to close all of the bars and local tourist attractions too?