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New Year's Day crash claims life of New Hanover football player

READ MORE: New Year's Day crash claims life of New Hanover football player

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Queyshon King was the heart and soul of New Hanover's stingy defense. He was the starting middle linebacker for Kevin Motsinger's Wildcat fooball team. WWAY NewsChannel 3 has confirmed King died in a car accident Saturday in Leland.

King was a senior at New Hanover High School. During his days at Williston Middle School in Wilmington King played football, basketball and baseball.

WWAY will showcase King's brightest athletic moment on Sunday's Coach's Corner at 6 p.m. on WWAY.

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Hole In My Heart

It really hit home for me tonight; the fact that you are gone.... Words and thoughts cannot fathom the heartache and anguish that I feel... Why did it have to be you Quey??? WHY??? Life here on Earth is hard without you... You were my friend, my brother, my homie... We laughed together, got on eachother's last nerves, and supported each other through everything, even through our problems... I don't believe I can ever have a friend like you Quey... Everyone misses you... it hurts knowing that you won't be walking across the stage with us come June, but that only motivates us more, because we are going to do it for you... I remember when we talked about Graduation, we would say how excited we were to be able to finally graduate after all the hard work we put in to get where we are... I know that you are looking down on us telling us that everything is going to be okay, but it's hard Quey, it really is... you impacted alot of people at Hanover, and I'm sad to say that Hanover will not be the same without you... Tomorrow we will get to see each other, but Saturday will be the hardest day ever because that when we say our good-byes, but it's only good-bye for now. We will see eachother again Quey, keep watching over us, and when I'm calling on God because times are getting tough, don't be afraid to pick up.... :)

Love You Quey



R.I.P. Queyshon King.!

Well I didnt know Queyshon, but most of my friends did. Throughout the week I could see that he was VERY popular. I hate to see people die and this is really tragic. I even cried and it touched me so. I pray that his family will just put all their trust in God. Dont worry about what the haters say because they dont matter. God Bless The King Family! R.I.P. Queyshon King!

How is it this young man

How is it this young man lives in Leland but goes to school in New Hanover County? He took the fame and spotlight away from team mates who actually live in New Hanover County....I'm just saying. rip young man

New Hanover High School is

New Hanover High School is an open enrollment school and his mom worked for New Hanover County and not only that, you should mind your business. You are so inconsiderate.

you dont know school facts

everyone misses him. oh and many people that live in Leland go to New hanover High. NHHS is located downtown which doesnt make it that far from the Leland disrtict. plus there is open enrollment any kid around could attend hanover high. so please dont make uneducated statements before you think of posting them. i'm just saying.

I miss my friend. He was

I miss my friend. He was someone I truley cared about with every bone in my body. He was always there when I needed. Has to be the nicest person and had a smile that could light up a room. Its not a day that goes bye that i don't think about him...Dear Quey, I know you're in a better place but things will never be the same without you.I love you with everything I have. One of the ppl that always telling me I should go back to school...Well listen I'm promising you that Ima make you proud sweetie...Love you always <3

L.I.F.E( goods&bads)

I was in a car accident a few days before the New years rolled in... Luckily the car only spun a few times & hit thecside rails and we were safe...not only am I lucky the rails were on the sides of the road... But I'm glad to be alive we coulda been in a ditch somewhere on the side of the road... then Sunday Pastor Pearson tells us about a young man who got a car for Christmas & is now dead...immediatly I realized God was wit us on the 27th when we almost ran off the road...then today my teacher told us how he & his wife almost wrecked...then I get home & see this article with Queyshon's name...boy boy boy (sadly)smh God sure has a mysterious way of showing us things...When I saw this article my heart dropped lower than my mouth... Not only is this a sign but this just shows me how blessed I am... This should be a lesson to all of us teens... Be careful behind the wheel & realize ppl are losing their lives everyday from a car accident... I just wish the best for his family & I pray that they stay strong through out this many have said "QUEYSHON KING" was a great person with a bright future ahead of him... My heart TRULY goes out to his family...I was just his friend from 5th grade & I feel like I lost a part of me:( just cause I know he was a great person & always the one ppl wanted to be around :) Well Quey...I never did tell you I had a crush on you Quey :( lol :) guess it's too late now but... You'll always be in my heart! :) I hope you like it in heaven buddy...I'll do my best to keep my reservations :) so I can see your smile again!!! RIP Quey :( RIP...
~ E.m.W


This is just so unreal. Everyone at school is so sad and just looking lost. I feel so bad that your family and everyone at school have to go through this. You had a bright future and you were going far..I wish you were still here today so you can be living life still laughing with all of us. You don't know how much everyone is missing you. You truly were an amazing person.
My prayers are going out to your family and everybody at school.
You will be forever loved and missed! :(
RIP Quey


I pray God gives Quey's parents strength. Quey is loved by thousands of people and lives have been changed by knowing this remarkable young man. "45" will always touch lives because that is how Quey rolled. R.I.P. angel watching over NHHS.

How did he go to nhhs if he

How did he go to nhhs if he lived in leland?

We will miss you

RIP Queyshon you will be missed here at hanover high school i will miss you buddy

So sad one poor decision too

So sad one poor decision too end a young life, Young people need to learn from this and think before they do, life is too short, My thoughts and prayers go out to the young mans family and also to the family of the other driver who even though wasnt at fault has to live with this day every day of thier life

Tragic loss

Sadly a New Year 's crash ended Queyshon 's life

Football player

From what I can gather, this young man was traveling at 100 mph+ and hit another vehicle head on when he crossed the center line. Wasn't that other vehicle occupied? I haven't seen or read anything about other people involved in the accident or is it that they aren't important?


TO THE IGNORANT PERSON TITLED "FOOTBALL PLAYER."- if u were paying attention, the other driver was mentioned. just because quey is being praised and talked about and missed 24/7 DOES NOT MEAN u must be ignorant in wanting the other driver to have more attention than the young man that was slaughtered in his vehicle so please BACK OFF. ;) RIP QUEY. WE LOVE YOU.

Given the fortunate

Given the fortunate condition of the other driver and the short skid marks at the scene of the accident, I seriously doubt the young man was doing 100+mph. There is NO way you can do 100+mph on Lanvale Road without losing it at around 60mph. It's too curvy. Please don't make accusations without knowing the facts. Just because the police said "high rate of speed" it does not constitute 100+mph. All that an accustion like that does is cause the rumor mill to start.

well if you were listening

well if you were listening or would have know the other person was mention.she is important to my heart goes out to her,because i know she was still shook up.we love you quey.and again he was not traveling 100 and some miles.and even if he was noboby deserves to matter what happen.

they said the other driver

they said the other driver was not seriously hurt but she shaking up pretty bad and in shock the news said also that she was in the hospital i guess it was just for observation i know the lady that was involved she will probably never get over this.


a young man's life cut short.

My thoughts and prayers are

My thoughts and prayers are with the family.We don't know why things happen like this at this young age only God knows.May God give the family the strength to get thru this I realize that I don't or didn't know this young man but my sympthany is with you God Bless

My symphathy

It is so sad to lose young people and especially a young man with such a great future and a young man who evidently had his life in order and was raised with values. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.