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New Airline Baggage Fees

READ MORE: New Airline Baggage Fees
NEW HANOVER COUNTY--High fuel prices are hurting the airline industry. US Airways and United will join American in adding a $15.00 fee to your first checked bag in addition to a 25.00 fee for the second bag, other airlines may follow suit. Wilmington International Airport Spokesman Jon Rosborough says "The airlines are doing whatever they can to sustain themselves in this uncertain time." US Airways will charge $100.00 dollars to check 3 bags or more. United Airlines fee starts June 13th. US Airways new fee will go into effect July 9th. Soldiers, preferred travelers, people using wheelchairs and strollers will not be charged the $15.00 dollar fee. On August 1st, cold drinks on US airways will be $2.00 dollars.

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Baggage Fees

I think the next step will be to remove the seats from one section on the plane and offer to fly standing! - if the FAA approves it off course ! The airlines will call this the Dirt Cheap Economy class. If you have a bag, you'll keep it between your legs during the flight. Sorry for being sarcastic here but it just never ends. I wonder if these fees will be removed if the oil prices go down? Only time will tell. H

Let's get this info out and

Let's get this info out and now.......... It's $25 for the second bag 50 lbs. or less. If it's over 50 lbs dig deeper into your pockets. If the 2nd bag is well over 50 lbs., the plane will still get off the ground, but maybe you won't :-(

do what?

I am assuming this only applies to travel in the continental USA?? I am suppose to travel to Europe with no luggage unless I want to pay even more money for my flight? Who can do that? They know we all need at LEAST 1 bag so why not just ADD it into the ticket price? While I am on the subject. CAN THE SEATS GET ANY SMALLER AND CLOSER TOGETHER??


The more reason to take a few extra days off to site see...WHILE I DRIVE! I am so sick of the airline industries I wouldn't want to pad their pockets anyway. Their fees are like the phone companies...fee on top of fee, then fees for the fees...disconnected that a year and a half ago. If I want to get frisked....I'll drive to Nevada and pay some hotty to do it.

Unfriendly Skies

I guess you can't have it both ways: Cheap fares with great service. Of course, the ever rising, high cost of fuel is now a given. I just hope the maintenance doesn't suffer as well as the service and perks. Plus today's passengers are prone to large amounts of luggage, so many will pack lighter, which will help in many ways--lighter planes for safety, less baggage handling costs, less time loading for better arrival times. What I dread is the even more slammed overhead bins, and "crap" stuffed everywhere in the cabins. Sometimes I feel like I'm traveling on a crowded bus in a third world country.


NO that is FAR WORSE...try riding in a plane with crates of chickens in the back....

Seems the chickens could fly

Seems the chickens could fly themselves, for short distances at a time that is (LOL) The upshot would be chicken dinners and egg sandwiches on each flight :-)