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New airline takes off in Wilmington

Wilmington's newest airline took off for the first time from ILM on Friday afternoon. The flight was sold out. The airline, Allegiant air, offers direct flights from ILM to Orlando's Sanford airport. Flights are scheduled twice a week--Mondays and Fridays. Airport officials say there's been demand for such a service for years. Travelers said they were excited about the new service, and think it will make traveling to Florida a lot easier. “We would've actually rented a car, driven for I don't know what is it? Like 12 hours? And paid a lot of gas, spent an extra night on the way down. So, this was so easy,” said Beth Taylor, who lives in Wilmington. The flight was scheduled to leave at 2 p.m. The plane took off on time. Ticket prices start at around $59. Passengers flying to Orlando from Wilmington should know that they'll still have to do some driving. Orlando's Sanford airport is still thirty miles from the city and 50 miles from Disneyworld. Figure on around $100 for a cab ride.

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False Advertisement

This airline is a rip off. I called around 8am the day the article first came out about the airline and the cheapest ticket I could get was $79 down and $109 back. I called the airline several times and asked about the cheap rate and they told me they only had a certain number of seats available at that rate...but none of them could or would tell me how many seats on each flight went for that rate. I was also told it would cost $10 to book a flight online. It would also cost $10 to call by phone to reserve a flight. You would also have to pay $10 per luggage. All in all, the flight was only $20 cheaper than other major airlines. But with those other airlines, I didn't have to fly on Monday or Friday. The flight I took left Friday evening and came back on Sunday which worked out a lot better for me. Advertisement for Allgient airlines is filled with misrepresentation and false advertisement

missing a little info

How about the name of the airline or is that a secret? Good job WWAY, don't give all the facts.

It is. Allegiant

It is. Allegiant

it is in NOW, wasn't originally

WWAY added the name in later to the story. Guess that wasn't really important for us to know. If you wanted to book a flight you would just call 411 and ask for the number to the new airline in Wilmington.

LOL. Sorry, didn't see

LOL. Sorry, didn't see story prior.


What is the name of the airline?? What type of aircraft?? How much were the tickets?? Info please . . .

In next weeks news...

...local airline files for bankruptcy.


Why isn't the name of the airline mentioned in this article? I'd like to know! frequent visitor to the Wilmington area