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New allegations against Rep. Wright

WILMINGTON -- There is a new allegation against state Rep. Thomas Wright concerning missing money. NewsChannel 3 obtained a search warrant and SBI affidavit. The State Bureau of Investigation used it to seize bank records related to a 2001 loan involving Wright and the New Hanover Community Health Foundation. The Wilmington democrat is chairman of the foundation's board of directors. The SBI contends Wright took out a loan in the name of the health foundation, but never deposited the money in the foundation account. Wright's personal and campaign finances are the targets of an ongoing criminal investigation, including accusations of perjury and fraud. Through it all he has refused to step down.

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Representative (?) Wright

Until he steps down, he will continue to draw a per diem any time the legislature is in session; whether he is in Raleigh or not. And, the citizens of his district will remain unrepresented in Raleigh. On the other hand, once all of this investigation and double checking and verifying is completed, anyone who wants to claim this is a racially motivated issue will be standing alone -- or perhaps they'll be standing next to Mr. Wright.

What a disgrace

What a disgrace to the african-american community. As a black man I feel Wright is just as bad as the dope pushers for my race.

very true

I am coming from the same point of view, and as a black man I feel that Wright needs to step down before he lands us anymore embarrassment. He is showing true ignorance now and he needs to be put in front of a jury.

The sooner Rep. Wright

gets checked into the gray-bar hotel and gets 3 hots and a cot, the better off his constituents will be.

Step down?

He should be dropped Kicked!