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New allegations aimed at Soles

READ MORE: New allegations aimed at Soles
For more than a year we've been following the controversy surrounding State Senator R.C. Soles and his clients. Another man has come forward, accusing Senator Soles of sexual molestation. We're calling the man "Jay" as he's asked for anonymity. In our interview, he raised allegations of sexual molestation dating back some 30 years when he was 13 years old. He made those same allegations in an interview published by the Carolina Journal today. Since speaking with us, Jay has also talked to the State Bureau of Investigation. The SBI was already looking into similar allegations regarding Senator Soles made by former client Stacey Scott. Doctor Michael Plaut is a psychologist specializing in professional-client relationships and sexual exploitation, and former president of the Society of Sex Therapy and Research. Doctor Plaut has seen both our interview and that of the Carolina Journal. He says the two accounts are consistent and credible. After watching our interview, Doctor Plaut contacted the Columbus County Department of Social Services to inform them of a possible sex crime involving a minor. DSS referred the case to the SBI. We have called Senator Soles and his attorney Joe Cheshire for a response to the allegations in our interview. We had a detailed discussion with Mr. Cheshire late this afternoon, in which he said he believed the allegations against Senator Soles are unfounded.

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Why is this man getting off

Why is this man getting off free from everything. Why is it that he shot someone and nothing being done about it.

We are neither blind nor stooped!

I am a resident of Columbus County and am absolutely disgusted and fed up with Senator RC Soles and his behavior! Does this man think everyone in this state is dumb as a box of rocks or what? Incident after incident, allegations after allegations, enough is ENOUGH! Why is this man still our Senator? Look at the pattern of corruption! My gut tells me this man is a bad tree! And my Bible tells me all about bad trees! Matthew 7:17 (King James Version) 17Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. I believe there is a special place in hell for people that hurt and corrupt children! I pray for those whose lives have been affected negatively buy Mr. Soles. I’ll pray for you too RC, God have Mersey on your soul!

Soles: Statute of Limitations

The man should file charges against Soles for raping him. There is no statute of limitation on rape. Where is the DA on this? Oh, I get it, it's the word of an esteemed senator that would prevent anything like that from happening. We all know a senator wouldn't lie.

Senator Soles

.......keeps getting older but they stay the same age!

All right all right all

All right all right all right...

Dazed and Confused

Love the reference Guest77

Why doesn't somebody do

Why doesn't somebody do something about this dirtbag, ALL of Tabor City knows hes trash and what he has done with these boys/men, does his money really talk THAT LOUDLY

Because he's a politician

Just like Mike Easley and some of the rest, they have a different set of laws and little or no punishment if caught. John Q. Public would have been in prison years ago.


So why is it you have not run the interview with the accuser? Are you attempting to take gutless to new lows? You know, if I want to, I can have an attorney call anyone I want and threaten them. Isn't truth an absolute defense against libel? And if you were sued, would not the other party (Soles in this case) be subject to all sorts of questions he could no longer refuse to discuss during depositions? Would this not be an ideal situation for a news organization, if in fact you qualify to be called this? Sad, the state of Telejournalism these days. Makes me happy I got out of it.

Pedophile Senator

If you have an interview with this victim and you do not run it, then you are complicit in the Senator's alleged crimes. What about the next victim? If anyone else is harmed as a result of your station not running the interview you are as guilty as he may be. What on earth has happened to real journalism?


Run the interviews in the story about the Soles allegations. The public has a right to see and hear them. You have a journalistic responsibility to air them.


I live in Columbus County and I am ashamed. There have been just too many things being said and done. Something is definately going on with the senator and these young boys/men. I can't hardly wait to see what becomes of the investigations that are being done. Between the IRS and SBI we should know something. I mean really who gets to walk away after they shoot somebody? If it was me I would be sitting under the jail house. Just makes me very angry to see what some people can get away with. It shouldn't matter who you are or where you live if you did the crime pay the time. Just that simple. I hope they bust his _ss!

shooting in Tabor

Moody Dale Buffkin was killed, shot in the neck, in Tabor. This happened in May, no murder charges have been pressed against the attacker, D. Enzor. Could the fact that Mr. Buffkin had several run-ins with BJ Wright, RC's buddy, be the reason why Rex Gore hasn't charged Enzor? Look into the Buffkin murder in Tabor to Bring justice for the family. BTW, last week, the victim's daughter received a letter from an assistant DA saying the DA's office was unaware that Buffkin had died. Amazing how the SBI investigated and turned their report over to Gore weeks ago. WWAY, please help this family find justice and get a murderer off the streets.