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New arrest in Hardee's robbery

Another arrest and heavy bond in connection with that armed robbery at Hardee's on Carolina Beach road last week. Anthony Prentice Jr. is being held on a $1 million secured bond. He faces multiple counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon and kidnapping. Police are looking for one more suspect in the case.

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His princess

Ok everybody thats talkin abt he deserves this really doesnt kno wat their talkin abt...i knew him and wat ppl said abt him was rite he def didnt seem like the type of person 002 do anything like this...nd no im not just sayin this b/c im his gf im sayin it b/c it's tru...anybody that knew him know's that he didnt seem like the type 002 do this...he was always sweet nd b4 u judge u need 002 realize everyone makes mistake nd wat he's bein accused 004 was a mistake...

Try again

Why don't you try your statement again his princess! but this time try to use the English language. Seek out the help of an elementary school student (preferably from a private school) if you wish.


I have known this kid a of his life, I also have spoken to him recently and I didnt see any of this in him. I was shocked when I heard what he is accused of. The truth is it doesnt matter what anyone thinks of him weather he is a good kid, or a thug, or a saint.... If found guilty he will be off to prison, and thats all he would be remembered for.. Good kid gone bad.. One mistake can change your life forever.


of them will cop a plea and identify the other party. He is under a million dollar secured bond. She is under a 2 million dollar secured bond. They won't be going anyplace real soon. But once he gets to the big lock up, and with those charges it won't be minimum security, his dance card will be filled every evening.

I hope he dont get put under

I hope he dont get put under the jail.

armed robbery

It figures

Can't Believe It...

I knew this person and he was always so sweet. This incident is totally out of his character. I wonder what made him so desperate. Why rob hardee's? It doesnt make any sense for him to have done something like that. I honestly cant make a connection.

Mmm, not so much...

Obviously you didn't know him as well as you thought you did. Kinda makes you wonder who the next loser criminal will be, no?

I am so sick and tired of

I am so sick and tired of hearing "what a good boy is was". He is a criminal and, my guess, it is related to drugs. Hopefully he will be put away for a long time to this GOOD BOY won't ROB anyone else.

Well for one he has not been

Well for one he has not been convicted of any thing so he's still supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. for two he is related to me and he was a good boy and none of us understood how this happened . He was on his way to Fayetteville univ this year and he did not use drugs or sell them. That's human nature for you he made a mistake and you're ready to persecute and throw stones. I'm so glad that we have a forgiving God in the sky. What if it was your brother, son, or cousin?

I would be embarrassed

If he were my brother, son or cousin I would be embarrassed that a member of my family doesn't have enough sense to conduct himself properly in society. Armed robbery and kidnapping are not mistakes, they were choices. No matter how much spin you want to put on it.

Here we go again!

"What if it was your brother, son, or cousin?" (PSSSST! This kind of garbage doesn't happen in normal families, so we have no frame of reference.) We hear this ALL the time on these boards. "He was a good boy." "What if it was your son?" Let me assure you of one thing. Until the minority community stops accepting criminal behavior as just another personality quirk and constantly making excuses for these people ("He made a mistake"), you are never going to stop this kind of behavior. As long as you don't condemn him, as long as you coddle him and assure him that everything will be okay, that you still love him just as much as you ever did, he has no incentive to straighten up and fly right. If you're related to him, YOU should be the one screaming the loudest at him.

"True Dat" lol

As a child, when I made a "mistake", I was told why it was wrong, told that I was loved and then my back side felt the wrath. The punishment didn't stop there either. All privileges were taken away and extra duties around the house were added. It took some time for me to regain the trust of my parents so I could get those privileges back. I learned quickly that there were consequences for my actions. Good and bad. The problem with most kids IS their parents. Children are products of the home that produced them. Children are natural mimics. A child is the reflection of his parents. Mannerism, vocabulary, habits and opinions of children often mirror that of their parents-for better or worse!

You are right!

Thank you for your comments. I am 51 years old and I was raised in a home where if you did something wrong, Dad or mom sat down explained why it was wrong, and then punished me accordingly. I didn't get many spankings, but when I did get one, I remembered it. Child abuse - no! I also lost privileges. Many (not all) of todays parents are so scared to discipline or say the word no. They want to be the child's friend. But guess what - you are not their friend. God made you the parent and expects you to teach right from wrong, and to discipline. Let's stop making excuses for bad behavior and call it what it is. People making foolish and sometimes dangerous decisions to do what they want to do. Bring back good parenting! The rewards will be wonderful!

I hope he is put under the

I hope he is put under the jail.